Tuesday, May 10, 2016


OP10.33 by all standards is a bad political machine.  They seek to take the entire county.  I am baffled how Mike Hernandez ever made a penny in business.  I have been in corporate meetings, while working on all 100 B-1B Bombers.  You advance when you have diverse voices at the table instead of an iron fist demanding my way or the highway.  Mike was so determined to take the county it never even occurred to him to sit down with the candidates he wanted to target and find out who they are or what they believe in.  If we play smart, within a year OP10.33 within a year will be a thing of the past.

I have always opposed the uniting of social media because one voice limits options.  Competition of ideas is always good.  But sometimes we have united to the benefit of the community.  Social media with a lot of community groups united and we won the Lincoln Park issue.  We united and sent packing those from the TSC Board who wanted to destroy TSC.  We united and defeated OP10.33.

I am still determined to keep the BV independent - diversity of ideas and opinions is good.  But there is a big difference between a group of small political machines working together on different elections, and a political machine which seeks to take control of the entire county.  OP10.33 seeks to stifle all speech and diversity of ideas in favor of the superior views of Mike Hernandez III.

Now some will say Hernandez seeks to unite diverse voices - he has a self proclaimed socialist in Jose Angel Gutierrez, and a corporatist who seeks to use public funds to make money for his corporation - namely Carlos Marin.  But this is one big myth. Gutierrez is not a socialist - he is a politician who uses La Raza to unite poorly educated people against a greater good for the community. In this context his target group is the opposite of Marin's.

I am a classically trained socialist and know the difference,  I also know the importance of good corporate neighbors and the small family business to help move us towards a true socialist model.  A true socialist would never belong to a group know as La Raza - true socialists unite not divide. Nothing would make me happier than to help a classically trained conservative to start a successful blog.  I have spoken frequently about a stronger Republican Party as key to making the Democratic Party less corrupt.  It is when you have only one view or approach that corruption thrives and diversity dies.


This is a one time deal.  We need to unite to stop OP10.33.  Some elected officials have already taken sides.  Jessica Tetreau has already taken sides.  She has a Treviño sign nearly the size of her yard out front.  To prevent her from reporting me to the FBI I have passed her house once when heading to the back entrance to the alley behind my house to leave some palm brush for pick up.  There are two entrances - one on her street and one on Boca Chica - you enter one and exit the other.  Further she is good friends with Carlos Marin,  The funny thing is Hernandez has been told she has to be replaced next time she is up for reelection.  She has nothing to fear - Carlito will protect her.  Carlito loves Martinez and Martinez loves to use the bitch word to describe Jessica.

But we need to get every elected official to take sides now - all elected officials needs to meet without creating a walking quorum and take a stand - to oppose OP10.33, or take their money.  I am convinced Dan Sanchez can get the majority of elected officials to united with him.  Their smaller machines will insure his election. The only ones who will not are those who will run to Hernandez for money.  We will handled them.

I am not proposing a long term political machine which is anti-OP10.33.  We just need to win the Sanchez-Trevino election and then the BISD elections, and I think OP10.33 will be dead.  They may carry over to the next May elections.

Mike Hernandez has already told me Cata Presas-Garcia must go.  This will be interesting since she is aligned with Carlos Marin.  My position is clear - If OP10.33 targets Presas-Garcia for the greater good of our community I will support Presas-Garcia - all past differences aside.  It is a simple choice - to make OP10.33 the only political machine in town, or support a system of small groups of political machines.  I prefer the small groups.

Social media needs to start calling out all elected officials to take sides now - they will use their political machines to back Dan Sanchez, or face the opposition of the people.  I do not care if they kill each other in other elections - this is the one where we must stand to protect Cameron county.  In the primary run-off's we must vehemently oppose anyone supported by OP10.33.  After OP10.33 is defeated then all of the small political machines can go back to supporting their groups,  Their diversity is important to our community and I support all political machine groupings.  This is not to say I support their choices in candidates, it just means I support their existence as necessary for our community.

NOW OP10.33

Mike needs to reorganize and look local to rebuild his reputation.  I know he cares about the older people who never succeeded in obtaining their GED's because they could not learn how they were being taught.  Mike fails to understand how small things can bring about great results,

OP10.33 needs to put all of its energy into creating a free GED program for those who learn differently,  Helping these people not only changes their lives, but changes the lives of their children and so on. People who need to start big tend to fail.  The GED program can change many lives.


Anonymous said...

Data Presas will run to take the money of Hernandez. She is a political whore.

Anonymous said...

How do you know that Dan Sanchez is not an OP candidate and that Eddie Trevino is? Have you looked at the campaign reports?

BobbyWC said...

I have personally spoken with Mike on this issue. He was shocked to learn Dan Sanchez was even aware of the workforce training center. All he knew was how great Eddie Treviño is. Treviño and Marin are tied at the hips. If Marin betrays Cata which is what it appears he is being pressured to do, and also betrays Treviño no politico in this town will ever trust him again.

It never occurred to Mike H. that Marin may be tied to the very people who need to go. Marin either betrays his friends or Mike goes with Marin's corrupt buddies. One of the two or both end up looking real bad.

The campaign finance reports will tell us nothing. They gave to Trey even though they opposed him in favor of Betty. Why? They had no choice if they wanted to avoid a backlash.

We have to look deeper than the campaign finance reports to learn the truth. We need to hear from the candidates themselves say where they stand and for whom they intend to use their political machines. The social media must keep the pressure going.

But the campaign finance reports can to easily be used as a ruse to confuse us. We must demand a statement from every elected official - do they stand with Mike H and his money and big political machine or with the people.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I Do not understand? what does Mr. Hernandez thinks he is that he thinks he can come into this town and say who needs to go and who needs to stay. He doesn't even live here, he has people working for him like soldiers doing his dirty work, for what... For gain for more money for his pocket for Marin, and Jose Angel, Jose Angel isn't here working for Hernandez for free let me just remind you of this. NO ONE WORKS FOR FREE HERE IN BROWNSVILLE.. HE LEFT HIS HOME IN CALIFORNIA TO DO A JOB HERE IN BROWNSVILLE AND IF HE DOESN'T SUCCEED HERNANDEZ WILL EVENTUALLY CUT HIM OFF.. OP 1033 IS UP TO GAIN PERSONAL GAIN OF MONEY TO THE BOARD MEMBERS NOT FOR THE COMMUNITY..

Anonymous said...

" . . creating a free GED program for those who learn differently."

Please explain your comment. Is the present local adult education program serving the community not free to those seventeen and older? Is the present local adult education program not providing services to those with different disadvantages? What GED program needs to be created?

I can see a need for a much improved adult program where an individual can receive his GED, a workforce skills training program in a specific area of employment, and an opportunity to transition into the workforce through an internship or on the job training phase of the program. A total commitment of local agencies working together to bring about a better prepared workforce in our community.

BobbyWC said...

The BISD GED program does nothing to help adults with special needs. Adults who can pass the exam with a little extra attention in how they learn. These people also have a right to a chance at an education and then technical job training. The BISD GED program is a joke

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Passing the GED for those that are identified with special needs is not necessary what those individuals need. The BISD Adult Education Program which is an area educational program serving several communities is not set up for special needs individuals. Special need individuals need workforce training in specific area that lead to the transition of employment. Such program need the cooperative effort of other agencies such as the Texas Workforce; Texas Department of Aging and Disabilities; and other community agencies. Individuals with disabilities are very capable of learning and being successful as members of the workforce if they are properly trained and given the opportunity to succeed.

BobbyWC said...

First, the law provides for special accommodations while taking the GED. BISD refuses to provide same unless the student pays a large sum of money to a specialist to qualify them as needing accommodation. This is why I went to UTB to see if they could use their masters students as part of a clinic to assess these students. UTB had no interest.

I have spent 12 years calling for a workforce training center how long do you thing it will take for these centers to accommodate adults who need extra help.

In many cases all they need is a little additional special attention to learn how to pass the GED, or extra time in taking the exam. Without a specialist stating they need special accommodations that will not happen. So they get nothing.

This is where we need help. There are a lot of adults with special accommodations who can pass the GED. The special accommodation will extend to the job training center. Until we fix this problem none of these people will be given an option at success. And that is just plain wrong

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Accommodation can be provided to an individual with learning disabilities when he has been properly identified as a person with special needs. Such identification may be done by the Texas Department of Aging and disabilities at no cost to the individual or if he has been identified as a student of special needs by a school district. However, an individual cannot present himself to the agency that is providing him with a GED and request for accommodation that are rendered to identified special needs individuals. An adult individual may request to the Texas Department of Aging and Disabilities to accept his application and to do an assessment to see if he qualifies as an individual who has a disability. If the individual qualifies, he will become a client of the Texas Department of Aging and Disabilities who will develop a plan for the individual providing him educational and workforce training based on the special needs of the individual. Such services are provided at no cost to the individual.

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for the helpful post. I will check into it and use it as a resource. i can tell you every time I have raised the issue with BISD and the old TSCUTB I was told we had to pay a professional to assess the individual. At no time did either tell us about this option. It makes sense and I i will get on it and start the profess of helping people to apply to see if they can be tested and then receive special accommodations.

Thanks for being helpful

Bobby WC