Thursday, May 12, 2016


There is no question social media combined with organized groups have been stacking up win after win, thereby changing the landscape of Cameron county politics.  The political flyers used during the early days of American politics are not much different than what we see in social media today.  The only real difference is the mode of delivery.

But the people have changed.  The educated voted knows there are good and bad candidates.  We have been cheated enough that once you are labeled a cheater, you are dead in the water unless you have a good argument against your opponent as a cheater.  Dan Sanchez did immeasurable damage to his campaign over his mishandling of his resignation from Commissioners Court.  He had Eddie TreviƱo on the run and then put himself in the same image as Eddie. It cost him.

Moderating is the hardest part of blogging.  Why the trolls even bother posting their nonsense to the BV is beyond me - it is not going to get through.  I do not have time to show how they are mischaracterizing previous posts and the substance of the post.

The readers are turned off by the same old vulgarities that one or two people seem a need to post over and over again.  It hurts the credibility of the blogger, and helps organizations like OP10.33.  Readers will ask, "why should I trust a blogger who thinks this language or obsession by one reader is acceptable?"  The reader is left to believe the blogger is more about settling a score or a bias than the truth behind their story.  Through moderation of comments we must convince the readers we are serious in our work.

Sometimes no one knows the line of what should or should not get through.  I rejected a comment yesterday that so and so cosigned a loan for a certain candidate.  I rejected it.   If this person knows this to be true then send me the campaign finance report.  Send me something, but these type comments with no proof, but can sway low information overs will never see a place on the BV, when such an allegation is so easily proven if the poster wants to send the proof.

Anony's play an important part in the process.  Many anony's have fed me information asking that I not post their comment.  They know I always respect their requests.  But anony's who post garbage to get the bloggers to attack one another or create a false imagine of someone do not help the process.

I am not going to say I do a perfect job moderating the comments.  I am sure I have approved comments I should not have, and others have been rejected which I should have allowed through.

The other day I almost rejected a comment telling a lie about Pat Ahumada - but then I thought - someone would send me the truth.  They did and it allowed me to call call out the anony as a liar.   

With Pat, I see no reason to lie when there is so much truth out there which can be used to discredit him.  But the BV when it comes to Pat has always stood fast about how hard he worked on the weir dam.  Had he had a less petty city commission it is possible downtown would be seeing a massive redevelopment.  Of course Mexico was a major obstacle - but at least he tried.  Does this excuse his mistakes? nope - But the weir dam was the biggest move any politico ever tried to move Brownsville forward and that credit will always belong to Pat Ahumada - all other actions aside.

My point in the end guys, if as social media we are going to continue to win when aligned with community groups, we need to do a better job in moderating the comments which get posted.

There is too much truth out there for our side to have to lie or spin anything.


Anonymous said...

I have read horrible comments about you in two other blogs, but contrary to some comments I've read, I find your posts very well written and we'll researched. I have NEVER read anything you've written using bad words or unethical insulting comments.
I don't know you, have never met you but I know that I've asked you a couple of times to inform on a subject or clarify a position and you have done it. THANK YOU. I do not write my name because in this town and with some blog posts it is almost a crime to agree, disagree or even say good post and run the risk of being insulted by so called blog readers/followers.

Pat Ahumada said...

I understand your position and reluctance to sign your name when there is no need based on the position you state that is not either for or against anyone for personal reasons. You just seek information and express your appreciation, which is refreshing and good to know that there are people like yourself who do not want to get mixed up in the crossfire with bloggers who spew hate and attack those who disagree with them, which is why they need to hide as Anonymous. These individuals belong to the dark side, because they prefer to blast others than offer solutions or be constructive, or make comments that are in the civil discourse of the issues. Thank you for your kind words and support. I am not perfect, but as God is my witness, I have tried to do what is right for Brownsville. Thank you..