Thursday, May 5, 2016


As the Herald article makes clear this has been in the works for years.  All Mike Hernandez did is raise an issue which was already under consideration by the state and federal government.  Once I confirmed for sure the center was moving forward without Mike Hernandez as its leader I had no concern of losing the center by going public with his dealings with me.

"North Brownsville Heavy Manufacturing Campus Facts:

• 350-acre development on newly designated Interstate 169
• Will integrate industry via private enterprise, the public sector, the university system, community college and technical training facilities within the campus"
As the BV previously reported TSC and Texas AM will be part of the project.  The article is less forthcoming on the name of the community college and university because specifics are still being worked out.
It is no secret that Texas AM is being brought in to fix TSC nursing program.  UT and TSC have been competing for the largest presence in the LRGV.  Multiple sources confirmed Texas AM has been working on the engineering side of the project.  
As new manufacturer's needs are identified the training available will be expanded.  As the BV previously reported the state and local officials had already met with Brownsville and Matamoros manufacturer's to determine their needs.
Once this new Italian company committed to its plant on 511, the State made its commitment to the technical training center official.
We are far from done.  There is more good news around the corner.  
No one from Dallas will be involved in running this facility.  It will be under TSC along with Texas AM helping on the engineering side.  Now it is possible the TSC Board can mess this up and the state will look to another community college.  We shall see.  TSC should be happy if they are contracted to run the program while the state maintains control over the facility. 


Anonymous said...

You are not going to let Hernandez lll take credit for this Technical Training Center? He might get mad and just take his marbles and go home!

Anonymous said...

For the students of the valley, I really hope this happens. And you are correct, I hope that the TSC board does not ruin a good thing. Thanks for the post. The paper leave a lot out.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting the feeling OP1033 is finished. I for one AM GLAD.

BobbyWC said...

My feeling is they are just getting started. First we have to see how the elections come out. Hernandez has spent a small fortune on Rivera and Villanueva - I am not too worried about TSC, it is the port election which concerns me.

And I do not care where the ax falls, when the mail ballot results come in, if there is a pattern there will be an investigation.

The numbers are way too high

Bobby WC