Friday, May 20, 2016


Is OP10.33 an organization of stupid people or are they engaged in political extortion.  You cannot mix politics while trying to create educational opportunities which require you work with local political entities.

From OP10.33 web page 

"We will Vet any and all candidates running for office in Cameron County. Ensure that every candidate we support follows our ethical standards and not waver from them."

From OP10.33's FB page:

"OP10.33 in conjunction with the Hernandez Foundation and Texas A&M University is honored to announce BROWNSVILLE SCHOLARS PROGRAM FUND.
With the goal of attracting low-income students from Brownsville to Texas A&M, the Brownsville Scholars Program will offer a competitive financial aid package and an essential array of academic and social supports that lead to successful learning, personal growth and degree completion."
OP10.33 at its core fails to understand legal relationships when dealing with public entities.  I can create a scholarship fund with any university while defining who qualifies and does not qualify for the scholarship.  There are limitations.  I cannot tell a public university or private university which receives federal or state financial aid for its students that it cannot use the money for blacks, for example.
So there is no issue, with the scholarship program.
For OP10.33 to accomplish its goal, which is not new - almost all universities have financial aid scholarships based on the student's income - it must be able to work with BISD.
But what if as some have complained that the scholarship will not help the middle class which is also struggling to access higher education, causes some BISD Trustees to demand that the scholarships be available to any student in need including the middle class?  Mind you the proposal as is, is not unusual.  I donate to a financial aid scholarship fund at UTEP.  
But what happens to the BISD Trustee who says, BISD will not cooperate with the program unless it is open to every student in need, including the middle class who are currently locked out?
OP10.33 decides the Trustee does not meet their standards and try and silence them by running a candidate against them?
The program to help the poor is good.  But by also having an arm which runs candidates for public office, OP10.33 is telling every elected official that if they try and speak for those whose voices are not being heard by OP10.33, as an elected official they could find themselves with a well funded opponent.

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