Saturday, May 7, 2016


It is one big riddle to understand Mike Hernandez's true intent.  The only explanation for his team of advisers is he did nothing to vet them, especially Carlos Marin, or he intentionally put together a team he believed would be able to force himself upon Brownsville with the help of his money.

All of Mike's candidates can win tonight and he still will be the biggest loser because in social media he will always be known as a con artist trying to use his money to take control of Brownsville, while lying at every turn.  His team claimed to not be supporting anyone while the donations had already gone out.  He posted signs demanding an end to corruption while claiming he never meant to say anyone was corrupt. 

In round one of the primaries Eddie Treviño proved money cannot buy an election.  I called that a victory for democracy.  Let's hope tonight brings us the same result.  But I will tell you, Carlos Marin owns Mike Hernandez and will use his bag of tricks to keep on getting Mike to use his money to do Marin's bidding.

The last time I saw Cati Presas-Garcia and Carlos Marin together, her head was so far up his butt I was ready to call the paramedics.  She is such a bore - how Carlos just did not kill himself right there is beyond me.  But here is the deal, will Marin betray Cati in favor of the candidate chosen to challenge her in November?  We shall see, will Mike Hernandez back Marin's choice of Cati, or go with what Mike admits himself everyone tells him - Cati must go.

I have no idea who is using the mail ballots to influence the election.  I have equally credible evidence that it is OP10.33 and not OP10.33.  Only tonight's results will tell us.

I wish I could predict Trey Mendez will have an easy win, but that blind latina vote can change even the most predictable elections.

I no longer believe the decision of Hockaday and Pizaña to run was just two people deciding to get involved without prodding.  Below is a picture of Pizaña with Kiko Rendon outside OP10.33's offices before he announced he would run.  Sorry the pic will not load.

Allowing two corporate millionaires to take control of Brownsville will only make things worse in Brownsville while increasing corruption.  You must say no to Mike Hernandez and Carlos Marin tonight by voting against, Ed Rivera, Raul Villanueva, and Pizaña.

Brownsville's future is in your hands.

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