Wednesday, May 25, 2016



We have known this now for several elections.  When a female candidate is competing one on one with a male candidate the odds are the female will win.  The closeness of the Vasquez Garcia race reflects the fact Estela Vasquez did have a percentage of people from Brownsville not liking her from her days on the city commission.  But the people in the county probably had no idea who she was - hence the blind female vote.

The Bence Robles race had a larger win for Bence because Bence had no negatives coupled with the blind female vote, and Robles is still dealing with his resignation.

PAY ATTENTION TONY ZAVALETA - you better target the blind female vote or pay the consequences.


Abel Gomez and Sofia Benavides both had the incumbent advantage.  Neither had any negatives.  In the case of Bea Rosenbaum she could not walk away from her ties to the Port and LNG.  A lot of people know Sofia Benavides favored LNG, but Bea worked for the Port and had to be one of its advocates.


Dan had two major problems - he messed up big time on how he resigned from Commissioners Court. His second problem is, he was not from Brownsville.  Politicians and their lack of knowledge of the process drives me nuts.  The conversation that Brownsville has to think county should have started two years ago, not a few weeks ago with a few flyers.  Brownsville voted against its best interests when it voted for Eddie Treviño.  But it did not know better because no one has opened the conversation about Brownsville needing to join the county to create a metroplex.

Eddie Treviño has two years to become part of the metroplex group or face a challenger.  Unfortunately the issue will die until about a month before the primary for reelection. .

OP10.33 did not win this one.  They did nothing of any significance to openly back Treviño.  The primary beneficiary of the 550 development will be Los Fresnos, and with Brownsville at war with Los Fresnos, OP10.33 is going to find Eddie is going to have to cross Brownsville, or Brownsville will stand in the way of the development of 550.  This is going to be interesting to watch, as Eddie crosses Brownsville, although in the long run Brownsville will benefit the same as Los Fresnos.

We have no newspaper to run editorials to push the idea of a united Cameron county - so the education of the people of Brownsville will never happen.

The war of words should get interesting.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is no one aware that no one has commented on the Republican Ballot. Armando Mora vs Pedro Delgadillo Phat Cat Rodriguez vs Victor Cortez and Ray Wheless. You only post Democrat why?

BobbyWC said...

My readers can read my posts and see your are a liar