Friday, May 27, 2016


Here is the basic law, if you have windstorm insurance and after the year 2000 you installed new windows or glass doors which are not windstorm certified, the adjuster can deny your claim.  Now to deal in reality, if we are dealing with a major storm, the inspectors/adjusters are not going to have the time to verify who complied with the law and who did not.

Click for a list by the Texas Department of Insurance of all Windstorm approve doors.  There is now a new policy that private insurance companies are selling Windstorm insurance in competition with the Texas Department of Insurance.  Their adjusters are going to be more inclined to verify the windows or doors are in fact certified.  If they are not they do not have to pay for the damage.

None of the home improvement vendors use the list in ordering doors if you want a certified door, which is mandatory in all of Brownsville.  It is so simple - just click on the list and the door will pass certification.

I have now learned the three doors I ordered are being returned to the vendor for a door on the list. TDI told me the doors are not approved in Texas and will not be certified. The vendor the local home improvement store bought them from has agreed to provide certified doors at no additional cost.  It could be weeks.   There was no arguing - they admitted their sales person messed up and they are going to make good on the agreement. 

The city of Brownsville inspectors issue permits and then  approve the doors, without concern with whether or not they are in compliance with Texas law.  I think it is fair to say as a resident of Brownsville I should be allowed to rely on the inspectors that work which requires a permit is done properly and within state and local code.  According to Mr. Gamez, you are not allowed to make that assumption.

It does not end their, I have had the plumbing and electrical work checked and have been told there are code violations.  I called the city to do the post completion of work inspection so that if in fact there are code violations I have proof.  I have pipes on the outside of the sheet rock instead of inside the walls.  My home is prefire wall.  Fire wall means 18" 2x4 are placed between the taller 2x4 to slow a fire if one breaks out.  Prefire wall means they can drop new pipes through the wall with no obstruction.  It also means there should be small sheet rock cuts to make the new connections.  They leave the cut copper pipes in the wall.  

In the case of my home every location where pipe had to be dropped down inside the wall the roof is at a peak.  This means it is easy for the worker to just drill a new hole through the wood into the wall and drop the flexible pipe down the wall.

The new breaker box was set in crooked which means I cannot put in the sheet rock which was cut out for the larger 200 box over the 150.  The six new plugs and light switches were added to an existing junction box instead of adding them to the new larger breaker box, which was the entire point of going with the larger breaker box.

The city tells me only the vendor can call and ask for a final inspection.  The vendor refuses.  It is a great little scam, the vendor can ignore the code and then not be cited by refusing to call for a final inspection.

After being played around with for a few days, and no one returning phone calls and me being told the same thing that their hands are tied until the vendor calls for the inspection, I called Charlie Cabler's office.  Within minutes all of a sudden a supervisor was available to speak with me.

I was told they are not sure what they can do because what the companies do is say they were not done so there are no code violations.  I have the emails with my demand an inspected be called.  No response.  I have a paid in full invoice - albeit wrong as to the numbers - which says the job is complete.  But the vendor is allowed to say since they did not call for the inspection code violations cannot issue.

Great - Mikes Plumbing and Electrical is a shit company which does not care about its work or following the rules.  He defers everything to his son who does nothing.  The fact Gamez is allowing the companies to pull this game should be all it takes to remove him from office.

I was finally told a plumbing and electrical inspector will be sent Tuesday, but from there they do not know what they can do because Mikes Plumbing and Electrical have not called them to tell them they have completed the job.  Mind you the job started with the city issuing a $40.00 fine because they did not have a permit to do the work. 

None of this would be happening if we had a competent director of permits.  What is the point of permits and inspection if the vendors are free to ignore federal, state, and local codes?


Unknown said...

Check how many homes have not got Wind shear certificates, half the inspectors don't know what a wind shear is. It has been required since 2002 but never enforced here in Brownsville. What good are storm proof windows and doors, if your house collapses like a pack of cards.

BobbyWC said...

It means the insurance cannot deny the claim if the doors are broken during a storm. It also means lower insurance rates. My new roof is wind shear certified. Anything before 2000 is grandfathered in. It is only required if you put in new windows of glass doors after 200. My house is fulling covered if it collapses. My insurance rates are going to go down. My old doors were covered but I was losing a lot of energy. So to get new doors I had to comply with winds shear.

My house will be more energy efficient and my insurance will go down. Where is the problem?

Bobby WC

Unknown said...

None you are spending money gettin wind storm doors that the insurance will cover While your house is in a heap of rubble, you are doing the right thing so far, why not wind shear your house the same time. Why don't the City do this on all new homes, their reply in 2010 the builders can't afford the cost.