Tuesday, May 10, 2016


This story is still developing, but I am hoping a reader can help fill in the blanks.  The story is Carlos Marin was working with a developer from the Dallas area to help him acquire the old railway switching yard near ITECC [the old Amigoland Mall].  All of the sources agree the land is owned by the Port.  After this point there is some confusion.  The Port was either asking too much for the land or was not willing to do business in the manner the developer wanted to do business.  Somehow the city became a player and that upset the Port. 

So I have 4 sources agreeing there was an effort to acquire the land and Carlos Marin was part of that effort.  But then I have to ask to what end?  Why so much drama over land at this time which seems to have no meaningful use.

It was suggested the weir dam is back on the table, and the property would be used for development of downtown and a riverfront development.  Pat Ahumada busted his chops trying to get Mexico on board to the weir dam before the cartel war and when they had a lot more money before the bust in oil prices.  I do not see Mexico using its limited resources to redo all of the infrastructure along the river which would be needed if we moved forward with the weir dam.

I have tried to no avail to get the city and county to work together to build the weir dam with limited use for Space X.  The money is there because of Space X, so lets build it and hold back just enough water for Space X.  At least it will be built for when Mexico is ready to do their part.  There simply is no interest to build the weir dam even for the limited purpose of providing Space X the massive amounts of water it will need.  

So I ask to what end is there so much drama over this piece of land.  My 4 sources could not arrive at a consensus as to why this land is all of a sudden so important. Maybe one of my readers knows what I and my sources are missing.  You can email me confidentially at bobbywc58@yahoo.com.

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