Monday, May 30, 2016


There have been occasions Bela gets tired of me trying to do something on my phone and she takes it and just does it for me and then smiles.  This generation is going to blow us away.  I watch Bela doing basic math, spelling words off the top of her head and it blows my mind.  Last week in the pool I would give her simple words and she would sound them out and spell them right every time.  She is so excited that starting next week we have a library date every week.  She promises to read three books a week all summer.  I bought her math cards.  The goal is to have her done with first grade math by the end of the summer and reading at a third grade level.  She will be in first grade next year. She is an October baby so if she skips a year it will not be so bad.  Also she is very tall.  Even if she skips a year she will be taller than other kids in her class.  She loves school, especially the social part.

Bela is smart because she is genetically smart.  But from the time she was born I only bought educational and developmental gifts for her.  This last year she has been getting more traditional children's gifts - for her birthday her grandpa and I did her room and bathroom with the "Frozen."  theme.  We promised if she did well well in school.  By Christmas she was doing so well she got her second tablet, a TV and DVD player from Santa.  The funny thing is the other day she asked me if I could buy her some princess books to read.  Bela will be fine - now we need to worry about the special needs children.

Oh, she loves when she gets her National Geographic in the mail.  It is never too early to start children on National Geographic.  They have different magazines based on the age of the child.