Wednesday, May 18, 2016


There is a lot of confusion as to what really happened in Nevada.  But the press and Bernie Sanders people seem to agree in the middle of the caucus process the rules were changed by the Nevada Democratic Party Chair and her lemministic followers to favor Hillary Clinton. 

Two months ago, the press and Democrats were convinced a Republican convention floor fight was going to destroy the Republican Party.  Today Donald Trump has the party slowly uniting behind him, while the Democrats are engaged in a self destruction mode.

The superdelegate numbers in the Democratic Party corrupted this primary from day one,  This never sat well with the Bernie Sanders supporters.  

I can tell you as a Bernie Sanders supporter and someone who demands meaningful change within the Democratic Party, I hope Donald Trump wins the White House.  His win will finally rid this country of the Clintons, and for that we will be a better nation once the Clintons are made a footnote in history.

The post Nevada fiasco got real nasty.  To Bernie Sanders' credit he denounced all of the threats of violence and vulgarities thrown at the Nevada Democratic Party Chair.  While I also denounce it, it tells us that many Bernie Sanders supporters will never, ever vote for Hillary Clinton.

So how the tides have turned - we went from a meltdown at the Republican Party convention which now seems to be under control to a war if words and allegations of corruption which Hillary Clinton may never be able to overcome with the Bernie Sanders supporters.

To be sure many Bernie supporters in the end will vote for Hillary, but the question is will enough stay home or vote for Trump thereby changing the election results?


Anonymous said...

Mainstream media totally misrepresented what happened at the Nevada State Democratic Convention. The DNC set up that woman, Roberta Lange, and are probably the ones who are sending her the threatening messages to discredit the Sanders' Campaign. Both sides need to ask for their supporters to behave in a civilized manner in Phildelphia. It is going to get ugly.

Anonymous said...

I usually agree with everything you write, so I apologize for disagreeing with you twice in about a week's time. Thank you for publishing my opposing viewpoints. However, under no circumstances would I want Donald Trump in the White House. To give credence to the voice of the portion of his supporters who promote Trump's racism, sexism and intolerance is something I cannot stomach. CNN published a story recently about 2 men in Boston who were arrested for beating a homeless Hispanic male and urinating on him. They claimed to be Trump supporters who agreed with his view on immigration. There are enough others that support him and that think the same way, even if they would not act on those beliefs. I will not support Trump or people who think like him. The US has only made limited progress towards racial and gender equality as well as tolerance. I understand you are expressing your disdain for Hillary, but it is a very drastic stance. Trump in the White House could easily undo what little progress has been made as his supporters (and supreme court nominees) promote a backward way of thinking and his policies create more inequality. Our democratic system has its faults, especially with only 2 viable parties, and now we are left with undesirable candidates. However, Trump is hands-down the worst candidate we have seen in a long time from any party, yet he is only slightly worse than Ted Cruz. I cannot envision any circumstance in which I would support Trump.

Anonymous said...

Pissed off Sanders supporters are likely to not vote for Hillary.

BobbyWC said...

You are spot on about Trump - but the Clintons bring out everything bad in Washington.

The good news for me is, short of a miracle, Hillary has no chance of winning Texas so all of the Electoral College votes are going to Trump. So me refusing to vote Hillary will have no impact on what the polls are already telling us.

Also the Dems will take the Senate and Trump will be dead in the water if he wins. The Senate will block him unless they get what they want - so in theend the Dems will still be in control.

I am just so tired of the Clintons and their hold on what should be an open process.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Your correct in this case about a "pissed off Sanders supporter" not likely to vote for Lady Hillary. FWIW, Bernie, Jewish socialist from Brooklyn, Vermont hippie and all, and without the Hillary baggage, would probably have a shot a carrying states like Arizona, Texas, and Georgia which usually vote Republican. What a choice - loud-mouth dirt-bag con-man vs. rotten to the core entitled legacy pseudo feminist, slush funds and all! No, this Bernie supporter will have to punt!

Anonymous said...

What hold do the Clintons have really? Tired of the Clintons, really? How long ago did we have a Clinton in the oval office as president?

If you want to blame Hillary for being in the State Department, the person you should blame is Obama. He did not have to name Hillary for that position but he did.

Hillary did not have to run for President just like Trump did not have to run. Let the process continue but without the violence. If we are going to disrepect, threaten democratic officials because they are following the rules, then we have already lost and look no better than a third world country.

Sanders is not a democrat and I really wonder if he would go third party if he feels like Trump (not getting the respect).

Sanders wants to spearhead a movement, that is fine. Martin Luther King did just that and he was not in the oval office as president. But he did have the people's support to strongly persuade whoever was in the White House. I was hoping Sanders would follow the same path, but I think he likes to tell people what to do instead of strongly persuading them to look at alternatives.

Last thing on Sanders, he stated time and time again about breaking up the big banks. Great. Sounds Good. But when the press asked him how he was going to do that, he did not know. Come on man. You've been stating we need to break up the banks for almost a year and you have no clue how to go about that. That is surprising and insulting.

Times have changes since Clinton was in the oval office and so things would obviously be different. No one can control what comes to the oval office day in and day out. Look at what Obama did as president. You're limited at setting an agenda and mostly reacting to things.

Ideally, Sanders and Clinton should look back at what FDR did when he was dealing with the Great Depression. Happy Days Are Here Again should be the democratic slogan again because we are doing just fine at the moment. But there are things we should do to protect the economy and we need Sanders and Clinton to work together on that front. The democratic debates discussed issues while Republican debates was insufficient in substance (aka "Trump").

So if you want Trump in the oval office, I guess you are really tired.

BobbyWC said...

Sanders has made it clear he wants his supporters heard at the convention. The DNC Chair is already putting out disinformation on Sanders and they have no intentions of allowing agenda to move the Party in the direction of his supporters.

That is the problem.

The DNC and Clintons control the party. Superdelegates look to please the DNC.

And again, in Texas my vote does not matter. No Democrats has won statewide in over 20 years. No matter what I do and all of the Bernie supporters do, Trump will take all 38 of Texas Electoral College votes.

This is reality.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I get that you now support Trump but you really ought to do your homework on that Nevada thing. Check out the PolitiFact website for what appears to be an objective analysis.

BobbyWC said...

It is not that I am supporting Trump. it is that I am done with the Clintons. As to Nevada Like I said there is a lot of disagreement. At this point it does not matter what the facts are because both sides are digging in based on what they believe the facts are. This creates a problem for Hillary.

And like I said in Texas it does not matter because Trump will receive all 38 electoral college votes, so my vote is meaningless.

There is no issue Trump will be a disaster for the county. the good news is the House and Senate will never give him what he wants so he will be a lame duck from day one. But if Hillary loses, it may force the democratic party to be a better party and how is that bad?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I am a Sanders supporter. I wil stay home in Nov.