Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Click for pics of inside and backyard.  It blows my mind that the trolls are so bored with their life they need to know where the bloggers live.  In late June it will make 5 years since I paid $123,900, for the home.  At the time the appraised value was $139,000.  The sellers were in a rush to leave Brownsville.

I have invested about $28,000 in improvements.  The roof is new, the old copper pipes have been removed, the breaker box has been upgraded to a 200 from a 150, and I just added 4 new outlets and two new light switches.  The inside of the house is now fully upgraded, and highly energy and water efficient.  The BPUB bill I just got was $20.00 less than last year.  I had all of my windows resealed.

Next week those three set of sliding glass doors will be replaced with three French doors certified to take a 160 mph hit directly to the glass and energy efficient.  This will help keep my electric bill down even more as we enter June through September.

I chose this house for many things.  It is a split house.  I almost never go to the east side of the house.  The living room is the front room on the east side.  I added French doors and made it into a very large bedroom for my roommate.  There is a bathroom and two more guest bedrooms on the east side.  Twice a month I go over to the east side to change out the AC filter and that is it.

The dinning room is in the front middle of the house.  Other than to dust the hardwood floors or periodically dust the furniture or oil the wood floors I never go into the dining room.  I enter and exist the house through the garage.  Behind the dining room is a very large eat in kitchen which looks over the pool deck and patio.

I live on the west side of the house.  From the garage you enter a utility room which includes a half bath and a closet for the hot water heater and water softener.  There is big mop sink - which I love and plenty of room for the washer and dryer.  You then enter a huge family room with access to the pool deck and a big opening to the kitchen.  You then enter the master bedroom, which also has access to the pool deck, a walk in closet, and a large bath with a huge walk in shower which can easily hold 3-4 people. I hate enclosed showers so this was a huge selling point.

So are you happy now troll - yea probably not.

My assessment of the neighborhood and the amount of remodeling going on, the house is now worth somewhere between $155-165 thousand.  The problem with appraisals is they are based on the purchase price of the home which needs remodeling including a roof and removal of the copper pipers.  When the state sends a professional appraiser to your home if your are trying to sell it, you better have proof of all of the remodeling ready if you want a proper appraisal..

All I have left to do is resurface the pool and I am done with all of the major repairs.  The small ones will always be there.  It took a lot of loving care, but the front yard and backyard are finally thick St. Augustine.  A lawn cannot be neglected.  It takes a lot of work, water, and fertilizer.


Anonymous said...

Nice house.

Anonymous said...

I was close to buying this house as an investment from Ted Daniels before he auctioned it off. Nice home,