Monday, May 30, 2016


On this day I personally give pause to think about those who have died in service to this country who are not military. My father  as a merchant marine made many an Atlantic crossing before we entered WWII. He saw a lot of his friends and peers die as their ships went down after being hit by a German U-Boat.  He had 5 children at home and after one too many merchant marine ships went down he took a radio operator job with Pan Am - hence how the Wightmans first came to Brownsville.  It is sad Hollywood has never done justice to those whose bodies lie at the bottom of the sea because they were working to bring military supplies, food and medicine to the UK.

There are also the first responders.  We learned the danger they face on 9/11.  But law enforcement and firefighters die all of the time.  They also have served this country.

In this part of the US many may not like the Border Patrol but many of them have also died in service to this county.  I hate the job they have to do, but in the end without them terrorist would be flowing in on both borders.  The Press does not like covering it, but Swiss cheese has fewer holes than the U.S. Canadian border.  There are actually cities where the rule is when you cross the street to your neighbor you are leaving Canada and entering the U.S.  It is an honor system wherein the Canadian is to call in and tell border security they entered the U.S., by crossing a residential street - no wall - no port of entry - just crossing the street.  And in case you did not know it is a lot easier for a radical Muslim to enter Canada than Mexico - legally.

So I say while we remember those who died in service to our country let's not forget all groups who have died in service to our country,

While I like the graphic of the different wars, remember there were many more wars, such as the Spanish American war, the Civil War, the war with Mexico, the war of 1812, and of course the Revolutionary war.  I am certain I forgot some war, just post politely and I will ad it.  Before the Revolution there were many wars with the French and indigenous people.  And of course after the founding of the U.S. there was the war against the indigenous Americans in the west. Such as the civil war I remember with respect the sacrifices of both sides in the war against the indigenous people of the Americas.

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