Thursday, May 19, 2016


Ed Rivera chose to not show at his last TSC Board of Trustees meeting.  This left Art Rendon without the 4 votes needed to name the REK center after Rene Torres.  Whatever good will Rene Torres earned over the years as an instructor and TSC Trustee he lost the day he conspired with Art Rendon to insure Art would be the only person on the ballot to replace Rene.  Rene's legacy at TSC will rightfully so be the fraud he put into getting Art Rendon elected.  The votes do not exist to ever name a building after Rene Torres.  Art Rendon will spend the next two years sulking over having no say in the direction of TSC, and his actions will only serve to further damage Rene Torres actions.

The new Board president will not be chosen until after the run-off.  Multiple sources have told me the new Board president will be Adela Garza as the senior member of the Board.  It is no great secret Adela and Rene were on opposite ends when it came to the management of TSC.  Considering the failure of the nursing program Adela has the upper hand against Lily Tercero.  This could get interesting.  How the two play together could impact the new Texas AM TSC relationship.  Caution by both sides is essential.

Adela is going to have to change how she does business if she expects to last as the Board President. She may have a majority of votes now, but if she continues to undermine TSC when she does not get what she wants, the new Board will have no problem removing her as its president,

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