Monday, May 30, 2016


There have been occasions Bela gets tired of me trying to do something on my phone and she takes it and just does it for me and then smiles.  This generation is going to blow us away.  I watch Bela doing basic math, spelling words off the top of her head and it blows my mind.  Last week in the pool I would give her simple words and she would sound them out and spell them right every time.  She is so excited that starting next week we have a library date every week.  She promises to read three books a week all summer.  I bought her math cards.  The goal is to have her done with first grade math by the end of the summer and reading at a third grade level.  She will be in first grade next year. She is an October baby so if she skips a year it will not be so bad.  Also she is very tall.  Even if she skips a year she will be taller than other kids in her class.  She loves school, especially the social part.

Bela is smart because she is genetically smart.  But from the time she was born I only bought educational and developmental gifts for her.  This last year she has been getting more traditional children's gifts - for her birthday her grandpa and I did her room and bathroom with the "Frozen."  theme.  We promised if she did well well in school.  By Christmas she was doing so well she got her second tablet, a TV and DVD player from Santa.  The funny thing is the other day she asked me if I could buy her some princess books to read.  Bela will be fine - now we need to worry about the special needs children.

Oh, she loves when she gets her National Geographic in the mail.  It is never too early to start children on National Geographic.  They have different magazines based on the age of the child.


Daniel Montes was my brother in law - he served in the Pacific Theater during WWII. 

There are some great pictures of his 50th wedding anniversary with my late sister Caroline. There is a great picture of Danny and Caroline at the 50th with me, Mary, Clinton, Betty and Dorothy. It was the first time since 1963 when Daddy died that Caroline, Betty, Dorothy, Clinton, Betty. Mary, and myself were all together at one time.  

The greatest gift ever given to me was when Danny asked that I direct the doctors to end his life support. If you have faith is it very beautiful to watch a 94 year old pass into eternal peace. I will always be thankful for that gift and being with him along with many of his children, family and grandchildren when the moment came.


On this day I personally give pause to think about those who have died in service to this country who are not military. My father  as a merchant marine made many an Atlantic crossing before we entered WWII. He saw a lot of his friends and peers die as their ships went down after being hit by a German U-Boat.  He had 5 children at home and after one too many merchant marine ships went down he took a radio operator job with Pan Am - hence how the Wightmans first came to Brownsville.  It is sad Hollywood has never done justice to those whose bodies lie at the bottom of the sea because they were working to bring military supplies, food and medicine to the UK.

There are also the first responders.  We learned the danger they face on 9/11.  But law enforcement and firefighters die all of the time.  They also have served this country.

In this part of the US many may not like the Border Patrol but many of them have also died in service to this county.  I hate the job they have to do, but in the end without them terrorist would be flowing in on both borders.  The Press does not like covering it, but Swiss cheese has fewer holes than the U.S. Canadian border.  There are actually cities where the rule is when you cross the street to your neighbor you are leaving Canada and entering the U.S.  It is an honor system wherein the Canadian is to call in and tell border security they entered the U.S., by crossing a residential street - no wall - no port of entry - just crossing the street.  And in case you did not know it is a lot easier for a radical Muslim to enter Canada than Mexico - legally.

So I say while we remember those who died in service to our country let's not forget all groups who have died in service to our country,

While I like the graphic of the different wars, remember there were many more wars, such as the Spanish American war, the Civil War, the war with Mexico, the war of 1812, and of course the Revolutionary war.  I am certain I forgot some war, just post politely and I will ad it.  Before the Revolution there were many wars with the French and indigenous people.  And of course after the founding of the U.S. there was the war against the indigenous Americans in the west. Such as the civil war I remember with respect the sacrifices of both sides in the war against the indigenous people of the Americas.

Friday, May 27, 2016


Here is the basic law, if you have windstorm insurance and after the year 2000 you installed new windows or glass doors which are not windstorm certified, the adjuster can deny your claim.  Now to deal in reality, if we are dealing with a major storm, the inspectors/adjusters are not going to have the time to verify who complied with the law and who did not.

Click for a list by the Texas Department of Insurance of all Windstorm approve doors.  There is now a new policy that private insurance companies are selling Windstorm insurance in competition with the Texas Department of Insurance.  Their adjusters are going to be more inclined to verify the windows or doors are in fact certified.  If they are not they do not have to pay for the damage.

None of the home improvement vendors use the list in ordering doors if you want a certified door, which is mandatory in all of Brownsville.  It is so simple - just click on the list and the door will pass certification.

I have now learned the three doors I ordered are being returned to the vendor for a door on the list. TDI told me the doors are not approved in Texas and will not be certified. The vendor the local home improvement store bought them from has agreed to provide certified doors at no additional cost.  It could be weeks.   There was no arguing - they admitted their sales person messed up and they are going to make good on the agreement. 

The city of Brownsville inspectors issue permits and then  approve the doors, without concern with whether or not they are in compliance with Texas law.  I think it is fair to say as a resident of Brownsville I should be allowed to rely on the inspectors that work which requires a permit is done properly and within state and local code.  According to Mr. Gamez, you are not allowed to make that assumption.

It does not end their, I have had the plumbing and electrical work checked and have been told there are code violations.  I called the city to do the post completion of work inspection so that if in fact there are code violations I have proof.  I have pipes on the outside of the sheet rock instead of inside the walls.  My home is prefire wall.  Fire wall means 18" 2x4 are placed between the taller 2x4 to slow a fire if one breaks out.  Prefire wall means they can drop new pipes through the wall with no obstruction.  It also means there should be small sheet rock cuts to make the new connections.  They leave the cut copper pipes in the wall.  

In the case of my home every location where pipe had to be dropped down inside the wall the roof is at a peak.  This means it is easy for the worker to just drill a new hole through the wood into the wall and drop the flexible pipe down the wall.

The new breaker box was set in crooked which means I cannot put in the sheet rock which was cut out for the larger 200 box over the 150.  The six new plugs and light switches were added to an existing junction box instead of adding them to the new larger breaker box, which was the entire point of going with the larger breaker box.

The city tells me only the vendor can call and ask for a final inspection.  The vendor refuses.  It is a great little scam, the vendor can ignore the code and then not be cited by refusing to call for a final inspection.

After being played around with for a few days, and no one returning phone calls and me being told the same thing that their hands are tied until the vendor calls for the inspection, I called Charlie Cabler's office.  Within minutes all of a sudden a supervisor was available to speak with me.

I was told they are not sure what they can do because what the companies do is say they were not done so there are no code violations.  I have the emails with my demand an inspected be called.  No response.  I have a paid in full invoice - albeit wrong as to the numbers - which says the job is complete.  But the vendor is allowed to say since they did not call for the inspection code violations cannot issue.

Great - Mikes Plumbing and Electrical is a shit company which does not care about its work or following the rules.  He defers everything to his son who does nothing.  The fact Gamez is allowing the companies to pull this game should be all it takes to remove him from office.

I was finally told a plumbing and electrical inspector will be sent Tuesday, but from there they do not know what they can do because Mikes Plumbing and Electrical have not called them to tell them they have completed the job.  Mind you the job started with the city issuing a $40.00 fine because they did not have a permit to do the work. 

None of this would be happening if we had a competent director of permits.  What is the point of permits and inspection if the vendors are free to ignore federal, state, and local codes?


It is your simple slip and fall at HEB.  Then as luck would have it, at later date it appears a Sams worker may have dropped some artificial turf on the mans head.

The HEB medical expert wants to do a physical exam of the plaintiff to determine the accuracy of the plaintiff's medical expert's report.  To be true the law does not allow HEB to demand a medical exam based on a fishing expedition.

This is an interesting mandamus because it open the door wide open to mandamus relief on just about every type of legal question - It also required the Texas Supreme Court to imply findings as to the existing medical reports in order to get to its ruling.  A basis rule in mandamus relief is the Court never gets to factual disputes.

Judge David Sanchez was ordered to allow for the medical exam of the plaintiff.

So while it is true Judge David Sanchez was hit with a mandamus this morning, it is also true the Texas Supreme Court just made it a lot easier to seek mandamus relief.

This is one of those cases which has a new approach.  The Texas Supreme Court making findings about the medical reports is something rarely done in a mandamus.  This is something left to the discretion of the trial judge.  But in this case they found the jury could not do its job as a fact finder without the medical exam of the plaintiff.

Texas law is like Texas weather, if you do not like it wait a minute and it will change.  I am happy with the opinion because it just made getting a mandamus a lot easier.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


I lost over over an hour at the store buying windstorm certified locks for the new French doors to be installed on Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Such as BISD, every sitting city commissioner needs to be voted out of office the next time they are up for reelection.


In the language used in the Motion to dismiss, all it says is money would be paid - but not by whom. Since we all known Montoya has no money, I am hard pressed to believe he paid Mark Sossi for a settlement.

Although provided the time to inform the city commission the city had been sued by Montoya, Mark Sossi never informed the city commission by putting same on the city agenda.  Mark Sossi then hired Navarro to defend the city and in effect himself, although Sossi filed the original lawsuit against Montoya.

The city then settled the lawsuit without still informing the city commission that it had been sued, or ot was now settling the lawsuit. Trust me no city commissioner will call for an investigation.  Mark Sossi is locked in for life because he owes every city commissioner for his existence and they know it.  This is beyond dangerous.  These are the non-corrupt people Mike Hernandez will back for office so long as they play along.

The federal courts have found settlement agreements with the city must be disclosed if requested.   Don't bother asking.  Mark Sossi will object and given the fact our current AG, Ken Paxton has abolished the Open Records Act, you will never see the settlement agreement.  Click for federal opinion.

So Brownsville's new reality is the city attorney can get the city sued, and he is allowed to hide it from the city commission because he knows they are all too corrupt to care they are being kept in the dark.

Taxpayer money was expended and we have no right to know why.  We also have no right to know the terms of settlement with  the city.



We have known this now for several elections.  When a female candidate is competing one on one with a male candidate the odds are the female will win.  The closeness of the Vasquez Garcia race reflects the fact Estela Vasquez did have a percentage of people from Brownsville not liking her from her days on the city commission.  But the people in the county probably had no idea who she was - hence the blind female vote.

The Bence Robles race had a larger win for Bence because Bence had no negatives coupled with the blind female vote, and Robles is still dealing with his resignation.

PAY ATTENTION TONY ZAVALETA - you better target the blind female vote or pay the consequences.


Abel Gomez and Sofia Benavides both had the incumbent advantage.  Neither had any negatives.  In the case of Bea Rosenbaum she could not walk away from her ties to the Port and LNG.  A lot of people know Sofia Benavides favored LNG, but Bea worked for the Port and had to be one of its advocates.


Dan had two major problems - he messed up big time on how he resigned from Commissioners Court. His second problem is, he was not from Brownsville.  Politicians and their lack of knowledge of the process drives me nuts.  The conversation that Brownsville has to think county should have started two years ago, not a few weeks ago with a few flyers.  Brownsville voted against its best interests when it voted for Eddie Treviño.  But it did not know better because no one has opened the conversation about Brownsville needing to join the county to create a metroplex.

Eddie Treviño has two years to become part of the metroplex group or face a challenger.  Unfortunately the issue will die until about a month before the primary for reelection. .

OP10.33 did not win this one.  They did nothing of any significance to openly back Treviño.  The primary beneficiary of the 550 development will be Los Fresnos, and with Brownsville at war with Los Fresnos, OP10.33 is going to find Eddie is going to have to cross Brownsville, or Brownsville will stand in the way of the development of 550.  This is going to be interesting to watch, as Eddie crosses Brownsville, although in the long run Brownsville will benefit the same as Los Fresnos.

We have no newspaper to run editorials to push the idea of a united Cameron county - so the education of the people of Brownsville will never happen.

The war of words should get interesting.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


The law requires certain people be present before Remi Garza can release the results of early voting.  So long as there is a 5% margin I believe based on early voting we can call the election.  The percentage of people voting early seems to be increasing, so if someone has a large lead based on early voting it is highly unlikely today's results will change anything.

The blind female vote will impact this race big time.  Until the male candidates figure out how to overcome the blind female vote, they will continue to lose close elections.  If you are supporting the man, you better get out and vote if you have not yet voted.


Click for number of Republicans voting early.  When you consider these numbers, unless Lucio and Rincones are indicted before November there is zero change of a Republican winning in November. The election will end tonight.


Will be posted as soon as they are released.  there are no numbers yet, but once posted you can click here


Eddie Treviño County Judge

Sofia Benavides- County Commissioner

Estela Chavez - Judge County Court at law 5 - blind female vote wins every time

Shiela Garcia Bence Judge County Court at law 4 - 
 blind female vote wins every time

Constable Abel Gomez
Click for Democratic Results

Republican =- Sheriff - Victor Cortez

Click for Republican Results- Notice how low numbers are - Sheriff Lucio will win by a landslide in November

Monday, May 23, 2016



After Tuesday we are down to the TSC run-off which I believe will have a record low turn out. Rumors are already flying about the BISD election.

I have one simple request.  To all of you spoilers who run every time and lose thereby making sure the most corrupt person wins, don't run.  How many times do you people have to be rejected before you get the hint?  Also all you have done is insure time and time again the corrupt candidate wins. Give Brownsville a break and do not run.

BISD is the single most corrupt political institution in Brownsville.  Every sitting trustee must go - no exceptions.  

It is beyond ridiculous we have former teachers running transportation and food services - which explains the disastrous condition of both departments. We need a Board of Trustees which understands you hire a superintendent to run the school district.  

We desperately need to start to hire professionals to run purchasing, transportation,, food services. etc.  There are highly qualified veterans looking for work who can do a better job in running each of these departments than the current leadership.  Nothing in the law requires BISD hire teachers to do these jobs.  It is part of the compadre system.  If you do their dirty work you will eventually get promoted to one of these positions with the privilege of mismanaging each department.


We need people who currently run successful businesses to run for BISD.

We do not need these endless losers running again so as to be the spoiler to help the corrupt incumbent to win. 

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Saturday, May 21, 2016




Friday, May 20, 2016


"“Clearly, there seems to be a lack of knowledge about or adherence to the duties of professional responsibility in the halls of the Justice Department,” Hanen wrote. He also said his court “would be remiss if it left such unseemly and unprofessional conduct unaddressed.”

I have not read the order and really do not have the time to consider the order.  The heart of the problem appears the DOJ lawyers did not inform the plaintiffs that some 100,000 immigrants had already benefited from the program.  I am not sure they had a duty to inform anyone unless asked in discovery or through a proper Open Records Request before the lawsuit.  I have not read the opinion.  Clearly if it was asked for and withheld we have a major breach of ethics.

DOJ lawyers lie and cheat all of the time  I am not siding with Judge Hanen - I am just saying DOJ lawyers seem to think they are above the law sometimes.  Most are honorable and do their job.  If there was an ethical breach, then it needs to be handled. To quote Judge Hanen:

"“Such conduct is certainly not worthy of any department whose name includes the word ‘Justice,’” he wrote."


Is OP10.33 an organization of stupid people or are they engaged in political extortion.  You cannot mix politics while trying to create educational opportunities which require you work with local political entities.

From OP10.33 web page 

"We will Vet any and all candidates running for office in Cameron County. Ensure that every candidate we support follows our ethical standards and not waver from them."

From OP10.33's FB page:

"OP10.33 in conjunction with the Hernandez Foundation and Texas A&M University is honored to announce BROWNSVILLE SCHOLARS PROGRAM FUND.
With the goal of attracting low-income students from Brownsville to Texas A&M, the Brownsville Scholars Program will offer a competitive financial aid package and an essential array of academic and social supports that lead to successful learning, personal growth and degree completion."
OP10.33 at its core fails to understand legal relationships when dealing with public entities.  I can create a scholarship fund with any university while defining who qualifies and does not qualify for the scholarship.  There are limitations.  I cannot tell a public university or private university which receives federal or state financial aid for its students that it cannot use the money for blacks, for example.
So there is no issue, with the scholarship program.
For OP10.33 to accomplish its goal, which is not new - almost all universities have financial aid scholarships based on the student's income - it must be able to work with BISD.
But what if as some have complained that the scholarship will not help the middle class which is also struggling to access higher education, causes some BISD Trustees to demand that the scholarships be available to any student in need including the middle class?  Mind you the proposal as is, is not unusual.  I donate to a financial aid scholarship fund at UTEP.  
But what happens to the BISD Trustee who says, BISD will not cooperate with the program unless it is open to every student in need, including the middle class who are currently locked out?
OP10.33 decides the Trustee does not meet their standards and try and silence them by running a candidate against them?
The program to help the poor is good.  But by also having an arm which runs candidates for public office, OP10.33 is telling every elected official that if they try and speak for those whose voices are not being heard by OP10.33, as an elected official they could find themselves with a well funded opponent.

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Ed Rivera chose to not show at his last TSC Board of Trustees meeting.  This left Art Rendon without the 4 votes needed to name the REK center after Rene Torres.  Whatever good will Rene Torres earned over the years as an instructor and TSC Trustee he lost the day he conspired with Art Rendon to insure Art would be the only person on the ballot to replace Rene.  Rene's legacy at TSC will rightfully so be the fraud he put into getting Art Rendon elected.  The votes do not exist to ever name a building after Rene Torres.  Art Rendon will spend the next two years sulking over having no say in the direction of TSC, and his actions will only serve to further damage Rene Torres actions.

The new Board president will not be chosen until after the run-off.  Multiple sources have told me the new Board president will be Adela Garza as the senior member of the Board.  It is no great secret Adela and Rene were on opposite ends when it came to the management of TSC.  Considering the failure of the nursing program Adela has the upper hand against Lily Tercero.  This could get interesting.  How the two play together could impact the new Texas AM TSC relationship.  Caution by both sides is essential.

Adela is going to have to change how she does business if she expects to last as the Board President. She may have a majority of votes now, but if she continues to undermine TSC when she does not get what she wants, the new Board will have no problem removing her as its president,

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


 Editing is difficult because your brain is ahead of what you are reading and reading substantively, while not paying attention to what you are writing. But taking a grammar test one sentence at a time is a lot easier, because your objective is to focus on the grammar and not the substance of your writing.


There is a lot of confusion as to what really happened in Nevada.  But the press and Bernie Sanders people seem to agree in the middle of the caucus process the rules were changed by the Nevada Democratic Party Chair and her lemministic followers to favor Hillary Clinton. 

Two months ago, the press and Democrats were convinced a Republican convention floor fight was going to destroy the Republican Party.  Today Donald Trump has the party slowly uniting behind him, while the Democrats are engaged in a self destruction mode.

The superdelegate numbers in the Democratic Party corrupted this primary from day one,  This never sat well with the Bernie Sanders supporters.  

I can tell you as a Bernie Sanders supporter and someone who demands meaningful change within the Democratic Party, I hope Donald Trump wins the White House.  His win will finally rid this country of the Clintons, and for that we will be a better nation once the Clintons are made a footnote in history.

The post Nevada fiasco got real nasty.  To Bernie Sanders' credit he denounced all of the threats of violence and vulgarities thrown at the Nevada Democratic Party Chair.  While I also denounce it, it tells us that many Bernie Sanders supporters will never, ever vote for Hillary Clinton.

So how the tides have turned - we went from a meltdown at the Republican Party convention which now seems to be under control to a war if words and allegations of corruption which Hillary Clinton may never be able to overcome with the Bernie Sanders supporters.

To be sure many Bernie supporters in the end will vote for Hillary, but the question is will enough stay home or vote for Trump thereby changing the election results?



Click for pics of inside and backyard.  It blows my mind that the trolls are so bored with their life they need to know where the bloggers live.  In late June it will make 5 years since I paid $123,900, for the home.  At the time the appraised value was $139,000.  The sellers were in a rush to leave Brownsville.

I have invested about $28,000 in improvements.  The roof is new, the old copper pipes have been removed, the breaker box has been upgraded to a 200 from a 150, and I just added 4 new outlets and two new light switches.  The inside of the house is now fully upgraded, and highly energy and water efficient.  The BPUB bill I just got was $20.00 less than last year.  I had all of my windows resealed.

Next week those three set of sliding glass doors will be replaced with three French doors certified to take a 160 mph hit directly to the glass and energy efficient.  This will help keep my electric bill down even more as we enter June through September.

I chose this house for many things.  It is a split house.  I almost never go to the east side of the house.  The living room is the front room on the east side.  I added French doors and made it into a very large bedroom for my roommate.  There is a bathroom and two more guest bedrooms on the east side.  Twice a month I go over to the east side to change out the AC filter and that is it.

The dinning room is in the front middle of the house.  Other than to dust the hardwood floors or periodically dust the furniture or oil the wood floors I never go into the dining room.  I enter and exist the house through the garage.  Behind the dining room is a very large eat in kitchen which looks over the pool deck and patio.

I live on the west side of the house.  From the garage you enter a utility room which includes a half bath and a closet for the hot water heater and water softener.  There is big mop sink - which I love and plenty of room for the washer and dryer.  You then enter a huge family room with access to the pool deck and a big opening to the kitchen.  You then enter the master bedroom, which also has access to the pool deck, a walk in closet, and a large bath with a huge walk in shower which can easily hold 3-4 people. I hate enclosed showers so this was a huge selling point.

So are you happy now troll - yea probably not.

My assessment of the neighborhood and the amount of remodeling going on, the house is now worth somewhere between $155-165 thousand.  The problem with appraisals is they are based on the purchase price of the home which needs remodeling including a roof and removal of the copper pipers.  When the state sends a professional appraiser to your home if your are trying to sell it, you better have proof of all of the remodeling ready if you want a proper appraisal..

All I have left to do is resurface the pool and I am done with all of the major repairs.  The small ones will always be there.  It took a lot of loving care, but the front yard and backyard are finally thick St. Augustine.  A lawn cannot be neglected.  It takes a lot of work, water, and fertilizer.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


"Donald Trump has actually won more raw votes from 18-29 year olds during the primaries so far than Clinton, according to exit poll estimates from CIRCLE."

The BV has noted the old guard are dying out and the millennials are moving in.  Now if you read the entire article it does get to the truth of the matter, Donald Trump is beating Hillary with millennials, but Bernie Sanders is beating Hillary also, and millennials as a group vote Democrat.

You have to be careful in reading these type articles.  I am hard pressed to believe the Bernie Sanders' millennials are going to stay home in swing states.  They will vote Democrat.  This presents a problem for Trump who is just way too disconnected from the majority of millennials.

In two years as the millennials realize their power I see Texas electing its first statewide Democrats in over twenty years.  It is time for viable candidates to get ready.  Hopefully the Democratic Party will see the advantage in running a moderate Democrat instead of a left wing Democrat for governor.


Because of my parents and  in my early years we were raised with great respect for the indigenous people of our lands, I continue to have extraordinary respect for the rights of the indigenous people of our lands..  Having lived in the Salt Lake area for nearly 5 years we spent a lot of time visiting reservations in the west and learning respect for the first people to occupy our lands.

It would do this country a great service if we were to mandate an entire year in our schools studying the indigenous people of what is known as the Americas.  As a people they were diverse.  Yes there was  ritual violence, but there was also rules of respect.  Even in war many groups decided victory with small battles and then moved on, instead of protracted engagement in war.  They were not a perfect people, but they were in many ways more advanced than the Europeans who conquered through disease.

Monday, May 16, 2016


I am the first to support the protest idea of not voting at all when you have two bad candidates who have nothing to offer.

Politics is politics, whether it is in Cameron county or Minnesota.  Friday's mailers by both candidates for county judge turned me off big time.  Normally they would have been enough to keep me home.

Brownsville will not move forward until we are a metroplex.   I have interviewed Dan Sanchez many times and I can tell you he has a plan to make Cameron county into a metroplex.  

Only a complete fool is waiting on even the semblance of leadership from the City of Brownsville. They have sued the state over the issue of extra territorial jurisdictional.  This only further angered surrounding cities.  The COB has declared war on Commissioners court.  When we think of the COB all we should care about is to make sure every sitting commissioner has an opponent the next time they are up for reelection.  Such as BISD the COB needs a complete house cleaning when it comes to its elected officials.

 We know for sure well over a million dollars has been wasted on Imagine Brownsville and United Brownsville - a con job executed by Carlos Marin and Eddie Treviño.  I will not say Dan Sanchez is clean - which is my point.  All we have to go on is who has the vision and has been talking about it for years?



"She points out that between 2004 and 2014 the number of law school applicants dropped from about 100,000 to roughly 55,000."

                  Most working lawyers I know even after 20 years are still working 70 hour weeks if they want to make the money.  Many find themselves spending more time travelling than actually lawyering.  Here in Brownsville there are only two ways to survive, lots of court appointments, or extending your practice to include the entire LRGV, San Antonio and Austin.  Divorce rates are high along with break-ups as significant others grow tired of waiting on their loved ones to have time for them or the family.
                I even know a corporate lawyer who earns good money and only works 50 hours a week.  She wants out.  Her job is mundane.  The legal secretary starts with a template standard contract and fills in some basic information concerning the parties.  The secretary then turns over the contract to my friend who fills in the particulars.  She goes slow so that she gets her 50 hours, but the truth be known she can do her job in 30 hours.  It is the same boring contracts every day.  The negotiations are done by higher ups who often are not even lawyers.  
                 When you are earning $150,000 a year and are struggling to give your kids the life you never had, you find it depressing.  There is a lot of drug abuse. With the job of lawyering comes a sense of entitlement.  When you do not get it you turn to corruption.  You end up spoiling your kids who come to believe you have unlimited funds for the best private schools and the best universities.  
                To be fair there are honest lawyers who earn a respectable living, but do not live beyond their means.  They keep their kids living in the real world and teach them early on to not rely on the parents for their future.  They are a lot happier.  It is hard to be honest in an industry which thrives on corruption and back door deals.  To the honest lawyers my hats off to you - but I also known how hard it is on you to make a living the old fashion way - through honest hard work.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


As the below from the Motion for Extension of Time filed by the COB at taxpayers' expense shows, rather than defend the decision to remove the case to federal court the COB and Sossi have settled with someone getting money.

The document does not say who gets the money or how much, but since Montoya has no money I do not see Montoya paying Sossi or the COB.  The city commission will not do its job and investigate. Further, if the city has to pay out a penny, the city commission should immediately fire Mark Sossi. Do not fret Mark my boy, you have the most inept city commission in history watching your back.

How much will the COB pay lawyers to keep the terms of the settlement agreement secret?  You can bet a lot.  Taxpayer money has been expended - we have a right to know - oh no we don't - Texas AG Paxton has suspended the Open Records Act.


"The reason for this request is that the Parties in the case have been engaged in settlement discussions, the terms of which have been agreed upon, and which has not yet been completed. One of the terms of the settlement agreement is that the claims and causes of action by and between the Parties in this case will be dismissed with prejudice upon payment of the specified sums. However, the documentation of the settlement agreement is in circulation between the Parties and has not yet been completed. It is not going to be possible to have the settlement paperwork completed by the briefing deadline set by the Court in its Order dated May 5, 2016, which falls today, May 12,2 016. See Doc. #4 Order dated May 6, 2016.

However, the Parties anticipate that the circulation and execution of the settlement documents can be completed by the end of this week, and that an appropriate motion and order to dismiss the case can be filed upon delivery of the settlement proceeds, which should be completed by the middle of next week."

French actress Madeleine Lebeau, the last surviving cast member of the classic 1942 film Casablanca, has died at the age of 92

Madeleine Lebeau actually fled France ahead of the Germans, so her scene in Casablanca was very personal.

With the election starting Monday, I thought how timely it would be to remind people what can happen when you stand up against the bad politicos.

We lose 4 years not moving forward as a county into a metroplex, or we chance Dan Sanchez is telling the truth he has a plan.

On Friday both sides sent out flyers I found offensive to my intelligence.  Neither side is 100% clean, but that is not the issue.  Who has the vision and plan to make Cameron county into a metroplex?


Friday, May 13, 2016


People a vote for Dan Sanchez means a united county which helps everyone - the choice is simple - vote Monday - no excuses

Thursday, May 12, 2016


There is no question social media combined with organized groups have been stacking up win after win, thereby changing the landscape of Cameron county politics.  The political flyers used during the early days of American politics are not much different than what we see in social media today.  The only real difference is the mode of delivery.

But the people have changed.  The educated voted knows there are good and bad candidates.  We have been cheated enough that once you are labeled a cheater, you are dead in the water unless you have a good argument against your opponent as a cheater.  Dan Sanchez did immeasurable damage to his campaign over his mishandling of his resignation from Commissioners Court.  He had Eddie Treviño on the run and then put himself in the same image as Eddie. It cost him.

Moderating is the hardest part of blogging.  Why the trolls even bother posting their nonsense to the BV is beyond me - it is not going to get through.  I do not have time to show how they are mischaracterizing previous posts and the substance of the post.

The readers are turned off by the same old vulgarities that one or two people seem a need to post over and over again.  It hurts the credibility of the blogger, and helps organizations like OP10.33.  Readers will ask, "why should I trust a blogger who thinks this language or obsession by one reader is acceptable?"  The reader is left to believe the blogger is more about settling a score or a bias than the truth behind their story.  Through moderation of comments we must convince the readers we are serious in our work.

Sometimes no one knows the line of what should or should not get through.  I rejected a comment yesterday that so and so cosigned a loan for a certain candidate.  I rejected it.   If this person knows this to be true then send me the campaign finance report.  Send me something, but these type comments with no proof, but can sway low information overs will never see a place on the BV, when such an allegation is so easily proven if the poster wants to send the proof.

Anony's play an important part in the process.  Many anony's have fed me information asking that I not post their comment.  They know I always respect their requests.  But anony's who post garbage to get the bloggers to attack one another or create a false imagine of someone do not help the process.

I am not going to say I do a perfect job moderating the comments.  I am sure I have approved comments I should not have, and others have been rejected which I should have allowed through.

The other day I almost rejected a comment telling a lie about Pat Ahumada - but then I thought - someone would send me the truth.  They did and it allowed me to call call out the anony as a liar.   

With Pat, I see no reason to lie when there is so much truth out there which can be used to discredit him.  But the BV when it comes to Pat has always stood fast about how hard he worked on the weir dam.  Had he had a less petty city commission it is possible downtown would be seeing a massive redevelopment.  Of course Mexico was a major obstacle - but at least he tried.  Does this excuse his mistakes? nope - But the weir dam was the biggest move any politico ever tried to move Brownsville forward and that credit will always belong to Pat Ahumada - all other actions aside.

My point in the end guys, if as social media we are going to continue to win when aligned with community groups, we need to do a better job in moderating the comments which get posted.

There is too much truth out there for our side to have to lie or spin anything.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


To the trolls whose comments did not get through - just because OP10.33 lost every election, it does not mean all of your called out lies and distractions became truth.  I do not get you trolls, You hate the BV, so why do you read it?  I wish I had that much free time on my hands to read things I believe to always be garbage.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


OP10.33 by all standards is a bad political machine.  They seek to take the entire county.  I am baffled how Mike Hernandez ever made a penny in business.  I have been in corporate meetings, while working on all 100 B-1B Bombers.  You advance when you have diverse voices at the table instead of an iron fist demanding my way or the highway.  Mike was so determined to take the county it never even occurred to him to sit down with the candidates he wanted to target and find out who they are or what they believe in.  If we play smart, within a year OP10.33 within a year will be a thing of the past.

I have always opposed the uniting of social media because one voice limits options.  Competition of ideas is always good.  But sometimes we have united to the benefit of the community.  Social media with a lot of community groups united and we won the Lincoln Park issue.  We united and sent packing those from the TSC Board who wanted to destroy TSC.  We united and defeated OP10.33.

I am still determined to keep the BV independent - diversity of ideas and opinions is good.  But there is a big difference between a group of small political machines working together on different elections, and a political machine which seeks to take control of the entire county.  OP10.33 seeks to stifle all speech and diversity of ideas in favor of the superior views of Mike Hernandez III.

Now some will say Hernandez seeks to unite diverse voices - he has a self proclaimed socialist in Jose Angel Gutierrez, and a corporatist who seeks to use public funds to make money for his corporation - namely Carlos Marin.  But this is one big myth. Gutierrez is not a socialist - he is a politician who uses La Raza to unite poorly educated people against a greater good for the community. In this context his target group is the opposite of Marin's.

I am a classically trained socialist and know the difference,  I also know the importance of good corporate neighbors and the small family business to help move us towards a true socialist model.  A true socialist would never belong to a group know as La Raza - true socialists unite not divide. Nothing would make me happier than to help a classically trained conservative to start a successful blog.  I have spoken frequently about a stronger Republican Party as key to making the Democratic Party less corrupt.  It is when you have only one view or approach that corruption thrives and diversity dies.


This is a one time deal.  We need to unite to stop OP10.33.  Some elected officials have already taken sides.  Jessica Tetreau has already taken sides.  She has a Treviño sign nearly the size of her yard out front.  To prevent her from reporting me to the FBI I have passed her house once when heading to the back entrance to the alley behind my house to leave some palm brush for pick up.  There are two entrances - one on her street and one on Boca Chica - you enter one and exit the other.  Further she is good friends with Carlos Marin,  The funny thing is Hernandez has been told she has to be replaced next time she is up for reelection.  She has nothing to fear - Carlito will protect her.  Carlito loves Martinez and Martinez loves to use the bitch word to describe Jessica.

But we need to get every elected official to take sides now - all elected officials needs to meet without creating a walking quorum and take a stand - to oppose OP10.33, or take their money.  I am convinced Dan Sanchez can get the majority of elected officials to united with him.  Their smaller machines will insure his election. The only ones who will not are those who will run to Hernandez for money.  We will handled them.

I am not proposing a long term political machine which is anti-OP10.33.  We just need to win the Sanchez-Trevino election and then the BISD elections, and I think OP10.33 will be dead.  They may carry over to the next May elections.

Mike Hernandez has already told me Cata Presas-Garcia must go.  This will be interesting since she is aligned with Carlos Marin.  My position is clear - If OP10.33 targets Presas-Garcia for the greater good of our community I will support Presas-Garcia - all past differences aside.  It is a simple choice - to make OP10.33 the only political machine in town, or support a system of small groups of political machines.  I prefer the small groups.

Social media needs to start calling out all elected officials to take sides now - they will use their political machines to back Dan Sanchez, or face the opposition of the people.  I do not care if they kill each other in other elections - this is the one where we must stand to protect Cameron county.  In the primary run-off's we must vehemently oppose anyone supported by OP10.33.  After OP10.33 is defeated then all of the small political machines can go back to supporting their groups,  Their diversity is important to our community and I support all political machine groupings.  This is not to say I support their choices in candidates, it just means I support their existence as necessary for our community.

NOW OP10.33

Mike needs to reorganize and look local to rebuild his reputation.  I know he cares about the older people who never succeeded in obtaining their GED's because they could not learn how they were being taught.  Mike fails to understand how small things can bring about great results,

OP10.33 needs to put all of its energy into creating a free GED program for those who learn differently,  Helping these people not only changes their lives, but changes the lives of their children and so on. People who need to start big tend to fail.  The GED program can change many lives.


This story is still developing, but I am hoping a reader can help fill in the blanks.  The story is Carlos Marin was working with a developer from the Dallas area to help him acquire the old railway switching yard near ITECC [the old Amigoland Mall].  All of the sources agree the land is owned by the Port.  After this point there is some confusion.  The Port was either asking too much for the land or was not willing to do business in the manner the developer wanted to do business.  Somehow the city became a player and that upset the Port. 

So I have 4 sources agreeing there was an effort to acquire the land and Carlos Marin was part of that effort.  But then I have to ask to what end?  Why so much drama over land at this time which seems to have no meaningful use.

It was suggested the weir dam is back on the table, and the property would be used for development of downtown and a riverfront development.  Pat Ahumada busted his chops trying to get Mexico on board to the weir dam before the cartel war and when they had a lot more money before the bust in oil prices.  I do not see Mexico using its limited resources to redo all of the infrastructure along the river which would be needed if we moved forward with the weir dam.

I have tried to no avail to get the city and county to work together to build the weir dam with limited use for Space X.  The money is there because of Space X, so lets build it and hold back just enough water for Space X.  At least it will be built for when Mexico is ready to do their part.  There simply is no interest to build the weir dam even for the limited purpose of providing Space X the massive amounts of water it will need.  

So I ask to what end is there so much drama over this piece of land.  My 4 sources could not arrive at a consensus as to why this land is all of a sudden so important. Maybe one of my readers knows what I and my sources are missing.  You can email me confidentially at

Monday, May 9, 2016


Do I begin with Mike Hernandez taking credit for Trey Mendez's victory, or declaring his confidence in Carlos Marin? You cannot make this stuff up guys. From OP10.33 FB Page.

Unwilling to admit he lost after spending a fortune Mike Hernandez claims the following:

"We supported one candidate from TSC and he won."  

First of all, OP10.33's original candidate was Betty Hockaday.  It was made known to Marin and Hernandez that by challenging Trey Mendez it was going to hurt their run for the Port.  A decision was made, which nearly fractured the Board to pieces to throw Betty Hockaday under the bus and give Trey Mendez money so as not to have an enemy hurting their chances at the run for the Port.  They never supported Trey Mendez, they just used their money to avoid a war declared by the people for attacking one of their own.  The voice of the people effectively blackmailed Marin and Hernandez into giving Mendez money.

Second if you believe Mike's inflated ego the stupid people of Brownsville could not possibly on their own have supported Trey Mendez as a thank you for helping to save TSC from the give away to UT which Marin and his compadres supported.  No Mike my boy, you did not win that one - you were forced to give money you did not want to give to avoid what you believed would be an all out war against OP10.33.  What the following comment shows is you still do not know or understand the second you said hello to Carlos Marin you declared war on the people of Brownsville.

We actually know about the $900,000 reportedly paid to Ambiotec, Marin's company, for nothing with the help of your other buddy Eddie Treviño.  We actually know the more than a million dollars lost at United Brownsville in exchange for nothing because of Carlos Marin and Eddie Treviño.  So when you say you have confidence in Carlos Marin you are telling us you have confidence Carlos Marin can help you in your own scams.  

From OP10.33's FB

""We have total confidence and trust in Dr. Marin. He has volunteered much of his time to help design strategies that will help create good paying jobs for a community who wants them. We feel very fortunate to have him on our team."

First of all, as the Herald has reported the state of Texas has been working on the workforce training center for years - so Carlos Marin and OP10.33 did nothing more than try and coop a plan which had already been on the table for years waiting for the right company to come along to make the training center a necessity in order to get the company to locate in Brownsville.


First let me say, I have no defense for Sanchez's total mishandling of his resignation from Commissioners Court.  It cost him votes.  It may cost him the election.  It is how he and his supporters move forward against Hernandez, Marin and Treviño which will decide the election.

Long before anyone heard of OP10.33, the BV did an article on an interview with Dan Sanchez concerning the issue of the workforce training center.  Dan committed to work with the state and any entity within Cameron county to make it a reality.  You see there were lots of rumblings about the workforce training center but no documents to support the claims.

Just days before the Herald broke the story the BV published that OP10.33 would have nothing to do with it and that it would run under the control of a community college and university.  My documentation showed it would be TSC, unless they totally mess up, and Texas A.M. Just days later the Herald verified the BV's story.

The BV did publish repeatedly that OP10.33 got people talking about it.  My words were careful.  I made it clear it would not be run by OP10.33 and I was right.  OP10.33 got people talking about the Port.  It never hurts to light a fire under the butts of incumbents, but that does not mean you replace them with plants from a political machine which looks to Carlos Marin for guidance.

I have no idea how Dan Sanchez intends to run his campaign - but the people clearly rejected OP10.33 - the question is, is it too late for Dan to convince the people Eddie Treviño is part of the Carlos Marin machine which only takes from Brownsville while delivering reports which gather dust instead of progress.