Tuesday, April 19, 2016

OP10.33 has a very successful voter registration project going.  Apparently this is one of their evil dastardly deeds.  I support the voter registration project.  We need to improve voter turnout.  The problem remains we have candidates who  do not want to speak with the people about the issues.  You can register the entire county to vote, but until We the People feel informed about the candidates we are not going to vote.  The people do not feel engaged.
FACEBOOK gives every candidate a free forum to educate the voters.  Instead of using this forum for education, they instead just post pictures of themselves campaigning.  Sorry guys this does not fly with voters who want to be educated about the candidates.
I have tried my best to get the candidates to work with me on educating the people.  The candidates simply have no interest. 
As a reward for trying to help educate the voters based on actually speaking with the candidates I will be voting for Dan Sanchez, with confidence, Abel Gomez, with confidence, Bea Rosenbaum, Trey Mendez with confidence, and Patrick Anderson, with confidence. 
I can only make an informed decision if the candidates are willing to answer questions.  It is this endless blind voting which keeps on getting us bad elected officials.  If they are unwilling to address our concerns before they are elected why would be believe they will care about our concerns once elected?


Unknown said...

Pat Anderson will beat the Wanabee Rockerfella👍

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stating who you'really going to vote for, helps me decide. What about the port commissioner positions and the other TSC Board of Trustees positions that are up election, Places 3 and 5?

BobbyWC said...

I cannnot make an informed decision until people are willing to answer questions. there is no way I will vote for Tony Zavaleta or Antonio Juarez.

I did forget I will be voting for Chuey - a lot of good lawyers are give him good reviews

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Well, the Port of Brownsville candidates that OP10.33 is supporting, Rivera and Villanueva, have come forward with a statement regarding LNG. It is on the top of the OP10.33 FACEBOOK page. Their opponents, Lopez and Cowen, have no statement on their FACEBOOK political page that I know of pertaining to LNG. What do you think about that?

Anonymous said...

I think it's a little late in the game to post a statement NOW. He has deliberately ignored questions and messages on the issue at hand. What do YOU think about that?

Anonymous said...

My apologies but I just cannot vote for someone who is ignoring my questions. It shows total lack of respect for the voters. Does he think he does not have to answer to the ppl? If this is how it is now I'M A GONE if he's elected. No thank you.