Thursday, April 28, 2016


The picture is from the internet and not the cemetery.  I did not take any pictures.  Click for their FB Page.  This is a family business with the owner there the entire time.  You have to stay on Boca  Chica past 511.  Eventually on the right you will see a sign for Browne rd.  Just after that you turn left between two two story houses.  The cemetery is in the back.

I am not a designer jean person.  This is a beautiful country setting.  The kids were distracted with the goats along the fence. Trust me the parents like this and it make it more enjoyable for what is a very sad moment.  They have an infant section.  I chose this picture because at this time all markers must be flat in the ground.

I had never been to a child or infant's funeral so I had no idea what to expect.  The law required only a three foot hole which works out.  They gave the father the choice of a worker or the father placing the coffin in the ground.  The father got on his knees and they handed him the coffin.  He placed the coffin in the ground with such care.  The same care you would see a father place a baby in the crib.  It was very beautiful.

HEB did a wonderful job of a flat white roses display for the top of the coffin.  The guests placed 20 white carnations on top of the coffin before each guest place a handful of dirt in the hole. I believe two bears were also added.  It was a beautiful send off.  For me the father placing the coffin in the earth was amazing.  All I saw was a father placing his sleeping daughter in her crib.

I do not wish burying a new born on anyone.  It is hard.

I do highly recommend Guillen Community Cemetery.  They have enough land available to eventually be a huge cemetery.  For now it is small but nice.  There is no corporate representative pushing you along.  Just the owner helping out and making it as easy as possible.

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