Friday, April 22, 2016


The cruise will be 7 days with three ports of call in Cuba. These are cultural trips. The price with everything is about $3,000. Cuba is experiencing a hotel shortage so a cruise is the logical alternative. You sleep on the boat.

The cruise ship carnival is using holds about 704 passengers.  It will run every other week.

I do not know if we have enough people in the LRGV to run such a cruise to Cuba, but it is worth looking into.  From Miami, by the time the passengers finish unpacking and have a meal, they will be in Cuba.  The trip would be a bit longer from Brownsville.

But we also have a large gambling community.  Once they are so many miles out the ship can stop to allow for gambling on its way to Cuba and on its return.  The target customers are those interested in visiting Cuba, and those wanting to gamble.

It is something worth looking into.  I would imagine at 704 people we could only make the trip once a month.  But again, a cruise company may be interested.  They will also be making money on the gambling.

Just something to ponder.

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Right now I cannot travel.  I was going to go to San Diego in June, but that is now off the table.  Today is bad, I still have the electricians here, and the AC guy is on his way to lift the AC onto blocks because of constant flooding, so I cannot go back to bed.  It feels like a ton of bricks on my chest with shallow breathing.  I am just waiting on the VA to approve the visit to MD Anderson.  If they finish early I will try and get a friend to take me to Harlingen. 

My doctor has requested some specific medical records which Valley Baptist cannot seem to get to the VA or the VA does not know what to do with them once received.  The problem is simple.  The VA does not tell the private care doctors or hospitals to include the veteran's last four of the SS #, for when they VA receives medical records.  Without the last four the VA cannot file the medical records.


Anyway, BACK TO CUBA,  the overwhelming majority of federal and state courts have found bloggers to be journalists.  Journalists can travel to Cuba.  If I can get well, maybe in the Fall I will apply for a visa.  I would love to do two weeks reporting on social media and how social media is changing Cuba.  I know enough to never get into politics, generally.

I want to know if the people would feel better about some of their speech restrictions if it meant more tourism and more dollars in their pocket.  You see we have been taught it is better to be hungry and be allowed to say screw the government than have a full belly and have to remain silent about how we feel about the government.  This is a discussion we have never had in the US and it is time we have it.

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