Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I do have a great story concerning the Cameron County Education Initiative, which is part of OP10.33.  All I am allowed to say is it is moving forward and the full story will by out by late June.  I cannot wait to read the conspiracy theories - "offering free meaningful job training to control how people vote."

For years the BV has said it has to be the corporate community which leads the change.  You cannot expect a dysfunctional organization like United Brownsville to accomplish anything.  There are too many people with different needs and agendas at the table.  In the CCEI they have one agenda - meaningful job training which will lead to job growth.  How evil can these people get?  Meaningful jobs which gets people off of public assistance - the inhumanity of it all.

I am actually busy, when I can breathe.   The plumbers are on day three, and as they clear an area as done I am doing my own dry wall, which I can do.  They wanted $3,000 to do all of the dry wall and painting.  I can do it for under a $100.  Day one they cut all of the dry wall.  Since then off and on as I can I am prepping the new pieces.  So far I have only done the drywall in the utility closet off of the utility room.  I have lots of sheet rock ready to be placed once I get the go ahead.  Today I expect to dry wall my bathroom, bedroom and closet.  I may even get to the utlity room - they have one small adjustment left, and  part of the kitchen and dinning room.  Everything is cut, I just need the all clear that it is ready for the dry wall.

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