Saturday, April 30, 2016


To those offended.  Trump will be the nominee.   Because there is no possibility of Trump losing Texas, he will get all 38 Electoral College votes.  So all of the anti-Trump campaigning in Texas, will be for naught.  

While I do not like this inevitability of Trump getting all 38 Texas Electoral College votes, it means I do not have to vote for Hillary Clinton.  I just cannot do it.  Now I will say if the October polls have Hillary within the margin of error in Texas, then I will have no choice but to vote for her.  But for now, I see her numbers never reaching more than 43%.  Even 45% with a margin of error of 3% will not be enough to get me to change my mind.  If Hillary hits 47% in October Texas polling, I will have to vote for her, no matter how sick it makes me.


I will say to Anderson's supporters, you have a good candidate.  I think it is wrong to punish incumbents over something they had no control over.  Yes, the port will grow a lot faster once this technology workforce training center is in place.  But it was not during the last 4 years.  Ed Rivera and Raul Villanueva could have been on the Commission the last four years and the numbers would be the same as they are now.  You cannot grow without trained workers.  Cowen, Lopez, and Anderson I am sure will be 100% behind the workforce training center and its contributions to the port once it is up an running.  

You need to look to how it has been 12 years I have been pushing for this.  I have made it clear many times it was going to take a private individual to get things going.  Mike Hernandez did that for us.  It is now a project so big. no one person is controlling it.  There are far too many federal, state and private entities involved.  I believe all players agree the center has to be part of an institution of higher education which is tied to the state, either through TSC, BISD, or a univerity.  My prediction and that is all it is, is TSC will operate the facility with a cooperation agreement with a state engineering school.  I could be wrong, but this appears to be the most cost effective way to create the center.  And while I cannot say who, the engineering part is already being donated by a university. Carlos Marin and his engineering firm are not involved.

With a poorly trained workforce the port continued to grow.  But once we have trained workers and the port commissioners cannot still turn a profit, then I will say it is time to reconsider who is running the port.  It would be nice if we can end the taxing and use the profits to increase technical training thereby expanding manufacturing and the port.

This bright future was brought to us by Mike Hernandez getting the conversation going.  He is using his money to get the project off the ground.  Yes the feds and the state will pick up most of the bill in the end, but if it is a state institution, then that is how it should be.   No private individual should be funding a state institution.  

We all fumble along the way - if you believe Mike has fumbled a ball or two does not mean you destroy his idea of the work training facility.  And the reality is, given the number of institutions involved at this point - it is going to happen no matter what ignorant people have to say about it.  I wonder how many of the opponents will be the first in line for the job training for high paying jobs?


In Dallas I use to donate a lot of hardcover books to a small public library in a poor area of Dallas. They always took my name, and would place my name in the book as the donor.  My books are always new - direct from Amazon.

About 5-6 months ago I donated an important book well researched on religious intolerance in Massachusetts and its origins in England.  The book outlined the history of the founding of Rhode Island based on true freedom of religion and the interaction between the settlers and the indigenous people of New England.

Today I found out that the library rejected the book and trashed it.  If they had a program to indicate the donor's name they could have contacted me and I could have given it to TSC which might have a better appreciation of the truth about religious intolerance in New England in the early days of settlement, than the Brownsville library.

When the Southmost library opened up I donated a lot of books which were considered classics.  All of the books were hardcover and new right from Amazon.  I never thought to investigate.  Well this time I investigated, when the book never showed up in the card catalog.

My recommendation to everyone in Brownsville is do not donate to the Brownsville library. Censorship is not an option.  The truth about the lack of religious freedom in New England is an important part of our history.

I understand people in good faith donate used books.  This is not the same as donating a new hardcover book right out of the Amazon box.

Does anything in Brownsville work?  If they simply had a system where the donor puts their name and number on a piece of paper to go with the book, if it is rejected it can be recovered by the donor and donated elsewhere - but disposing of the book is criminal.  History and reading are too important for any library to dump new books in the trash. I am  told it might have been donated to a group which would have sold it.  Great I pay for the book and a private organization gets to sell it and make a profit on my donation while the people are denied the opportunity to learn the truth about religious freedom in New England during the early days of settlement.

Never again will I donate anything to Brownsville.  The city is broken beyond repair.  I always say I prefer my private donations.


Based on what I have seen in Dallas, Brownsville, and East Texas the Texas legislature must ban judicial candidates from soliciting funds for their campaigns.  The Supreme Court has found judges have no First Amendment Right to solicit campaign funds.  Texas must adopt the same rule as other states.

Does the Abel Limas case teach us differently?

"In an effort to preserve public confidence in the integrity of their judiciaries, many of those States prohibit judges and judicial candidates from personally soliciting funds for their campaigns. We must decide whether the First Amendment permits such restrictions on speech. We hold that it does. Judges are not politicians, even when they come to the bench by way of the ballot. And a State’s decision to elect its judiciary does not compel it to treat judicial candidates like campaigners for political office. A State may assure its people that judges will apply the law without fear or favor—and without having personally asked anyone for money."

The appearance of justice:

"But “[e]ven if judges were able to refrain from favoring donors, the mere possibility that judges’ decisions may be motivated by the desire to repay campaign contributions is likely to undermine the public’s confidence in the judiciary.”

Friday, April 29, 2016


I am about to give into the fatigue.  It has me and I am off to bed.  For the most part the remodeling is done.

I highly recommend Owen roofing.  My neighbor to the right hired I do not know who but it was a disaster all over my yard, backyard and pool.  The workmanship is horrible.  Owen showed with a dumpster and kept everything very, very clean.

My roof got two layers before the shingles.  The first was a black layer and then a cellophane type layer..  The price included all rotting wood which was related in any way to the roof including the eaves.  They had to take down the gutters and did an excellent job in putting them back.

When the shingles were delivered they were raised to the roof by the company doing the delivery. The workers just had to unload them from the pallets.  Another neighbor doing his roof right now, has the workers carrying the packets of shingles up the ladder, one by one.  Also they only put the black layer.  While they did not have a dumpster they did not have shingles flying everywhere.

You get what you pay for.


I will not name the corporation I hired.  But they were a nightmare.  The supervisor did not copy the estimate contract properly onto the work order.  This caused problems.  The lead plumber spent more time spewing his racism and homophobia than doing his job, which was shitty.  Unfortunately the law requires you let him sign off on his work before you withhold payment.  You do not want to allow him to say you forced him to stop before he was done.

The following day it took another plumber the entire day to clean up the mess made by the first plumber.  He had in some cases the new pipes sticking out 6 " from the wall with the valve at the end. They fixed all of those except forgot one bathroom.  I am waiting for them to schedule another plumber to finish the job.

I was specifically told a cabinet would not have to be damaged for the repair.  The plumber tore it apart and then left it.  Yesterday they sent a carpenter to fix all of those repairs.  My contract says all sheet rock will be cut straight.  There were places it looked like he was drunk when he cut the sheet rock thereby making my work a lot harder.  They replaced all of the sheet rock yesterday - I just have to do the mud.

A misunderstanding required the electrician come back today for a 5 minute repair.  That was fine.  I really liked the electricians, but now I am not so sure.  Today I used my coffee pot the first time.  The coffee came out clear.  I then learned an entire section of the house was without electricity.  Rather than create a new junction box for the new plugs and switches they linked into the junction box for the GFCI plugs near the kitchen sink.  Until I agree to pay $320 to create a new junction box, I cannot use my kitchen plugs.  He should have handled it today.

I withheld payments until yesterday with only $100 still due.  They will never see that.  My house based on its size and the AC size will never cool lower than 74.  The plumber kept on putting it on 60.  No matter how many times I proved to him the house would not cool lover than 74 he kept on putting it on 60.  The withheld $100 will be for the increase in my electric bill.  Three days of running the AC at 60 will be costly.

I had the AC raised about 7-8 inches off the ground.  It is leaking something.  I cannot get a commitment when they intend to send the AC guy out to fix the problem.

This company simply does not care.  You would think when you give them a job of more than $10,000, they would care but they do not.


I am no closer to get doors today than I was two months ago.  The local company I bought them from has been paid in full because they are custom doors.  They gave me a contract from the manufacturer of the doors that the doors are TDI Windstorm Zone 1 certified.  I contacted the company for the Texas verification sheet.  The sheet tells the installer what hardware to use including the doorknobs.  Plus the sheet is needed by the state engineer to certify the doors.

I learned from the manufacture that the doors they ordered designed are not wind impact designed. The sheet from the state of Texas specifically states they do not meet Texas requirements.  I am getting a run around.

The local person I bought them from did nothing wrong.  They got a written contract from the manufacturer that the doors met TDI Zone One requirements.  At this point we do not even know when the doors will be ready.  The company is scrambling to comply with TDI requirements.

For now I sit and wait on the doors.  The manufacturer representative always says he will follow-up and never does.  You have to stay on him and all I get is, "I will check on it."

The worst of it is over with.

On the electrician, I will get an estimate to fix the problem they left behind, and then give them a choice to fix it or I will pay someone else to fix it and then take them to small claims court.  I was pissed this morning when the electrician told me about his mistake in overloading the junction box and then demanding money to fix it.

If the AC guy is not here tomorrow along with another plumber I will pay to have those repairs done also and then bill the company.  It is sad the owner does not understand an unsatisfied customer means no referrals.

Owens roofing is different,  I will always recommend them.  The engineer has already been here for the windstorm certification certificate which means I will save on my insurance.  Mr. Owen personally brought me the permit to do the job.  The electrician plumbing company got sanctioned for not having a permit, although they eventually got one.  That is the difference between the two companies.

Okay, I am nearly asleep.

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Trey does have an opponent, but she is not running a campaign.  This is not only about Trey winning. It is about sending a very strong message of support for Trey to those who attacked him during the separation.  We cannot chance not turning out to vote because his opponent is not running a campaign.  Go Vote and get it done.  No excuses


While I still believe the Offensive Use Doctrine will decide this case, Sossi and the city are correct in blocking all discovery at this time.  Montoya has a SLAPP Motion to Dismiss pending.  The law is clear on this issue, unit the court denies the motion no discovery is allowed.

Sec. 27.006. EVIDENCE. (a) In determining whether a legal action should be dismissed under this chapter, the court shall consider the pleadings and supporting and opposing affidavits stating the facts on which the liability or defense is based.
(b) On a motion by a party or on the court's own motion and on a showing of good cause, the court may allow specified and limited discovery relevant to the motion.
But in the end with this morning's Herald article on the issue, Sossi has lost his reputation. In this town the people will believe to be true all of the allegations as printed in the paper. Sossi on this one should have just ignored it. The city commission is looking real bad for not acting.
Concerning open records requests, once litigation is initiated you cannot use open records requests to get documents.  You must serve the party with the documents with the subpoena to get the evidence.  At this time all subpoenas are in violation of the law, such as all discovery on Sossi.  Sorola should have first sought leave of court to do limited discovery, he did not.

It is any one's guess what Judge Bañales will do.  But I know this - today's Herald article forever tainted Mark Sossi's reputation while giving a lot of free advertising to Montoya.  Those additional hits are going to do injury to Mike Hernandez and OP10.33.  This is fact.


OP10.33 has many parts.  On the issue of running candidates it is done all over the country.  But if you do it you better be thick skinned enough to take the criticism.  On the Port Ed Rivera and Raul Villanueva could have been on the Commission for the last 4 years and the numbers at the port would be about what they are now.  There was no support for the workforce training center which is now going to be a reality and change the port.  I have no doubt that once Ralph Cowen is reelected he will be part of the movement to make the workforce training center a reality.  

My recollection is all of social media supported Ed Rivera for TSC.  His background gave us hope he would be a voice of reason on the issue of job training in manufacturing.  It turned out he was not, so he failed us.  It is really that simple.  

Raul Villanueva would not even respond to outside pressure to answer my questions.  He had a media person send me his ads with a request I post them.  That is not how it works Raul.  You have made it clear you will not answer our questions before the election. That is a strong message as to the type person you will be once elected.  

As you can tell I am not happy with OP10.33's candidates for the Port.  It showed a complete failure to understand why the Port is struggling to be even better, or that OP10.33 just wanted candidates who they know will do as they are told.  I say the latter because everyone familiar with the Port knows the problem has always been a lack of local job training.  The idea of a local work force training center is not new.  The BV has been pushing for it for nearly 12 years.  It took Mike Hernandez to turn it into a reality.


Until the Cameron County Education Initiative formally announces what is happening my hands are tied on what I can say.  

But I will say this, the person Montoya profiled and trashed yesterday, will have nothing and I mean nothing to do with the management of the work force training center.  There are at least two and maybe three public institutions of education already highly involved in the project.  Based on what I know I suspect TSC will be the anchor with support from other institutions of higher education.  I could be wrong.  This is all still being worked out.  But in the end money will drive this and there will be only so much money.  TSC at ITECC already has the space for the training center. 

Federal, state and local officials are already very involved in developing the direct needs and accessing both federal and state grant money.  This person profiled by Juanito is not even involved beyond being told what is happening.  

To date federal, state, and local officials both public and private have met with the manufacturers who already exist in Brownsville and Matamoros to identify the specific areas of job training which are needed to be able to expand manufacturing.  This list is impressive and it came from the manufacturers themselves.

So while Montoya is out there creating his conspiracy theories, all of the many players, of which United Brownsville is not one of them, will continue to move forward.

Mike Hernandez got this going with all of the right people.  This is now bigger than any one person. But I can see the next avenue of attack.  Once all of the players making this happen are identified Montoya will write a piece "here we go again, TSC making a partnership agreement with xyz to give away TSC."  Nope not even on the table.  First, TSC's part is not even well defined yet. All of that is being worked on and meetings are being held.  But the players understand the work force center must be tied to an institution of higher education.  They also understand that major engineering support is needed from an engineering school.  An agreement of cooperation is not the same as a partnership.

Mike Hernandez is in a learning curve concerning Brownsville and how things are done.  He will adjust and be just fine.  He will keep things moving along to make Cameron county a better place.

But we shall wait to see the next trash piece. 


The picture is from the internet and not the cemetery.  I did not take any pictures.  Click for their FB Page.  This is a family business with the owner there the entire time.  You have to stay on Boca  Chica past 511.  Eventually on the right you will see a sign for Browne rd.  Just after that you turn left between two two story houses.  The cemetery is in the back.

I am not a designer jean person.  This is a beautiful country setting.  The kids were distracted with the goats along the fence. Trust me the parents like this and it make it more enjoyable for what is a very sad moment.  They have an infant section.  I chose this picture because at this time all markers must be flat in the ground.

I had never been to a child or infant's funeral so I had no idea what to expect.  The law required only a three foot hole which works out.  They gave the father the choice of a worker or the father placing the coffin in the ground.  The father got on his knees and they handed him the coffin.  He placed the coffin in the ground with such care.  The same care you would see a father place a baby in the crib.  It was very beautiful.

HEB did a wonderful job of a flat white roses display for the top of the coffin.  The guests placed 20 white carnations on top of the coffin before each guest place a handful of dirt in the hole. I believe two bears were also added.  It was a beautiful send off.  For me the father placing the coffin in the earth was amazing.  All I saw was a father placing his sleeping daughter in her crib.

I do not wish burying a new born on anyone.  It is hard.

I do highly recommend Guillen Community Cemetery.  They have enough land available to eventually be a huge cemetery.  For now it is small but nice.  There is no corporate representative pushing you along.  Just the owner helping out and making it as easy as possible.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


There are so many talentless hacks in music today, but Cristina Ramos is not one of them. Watch the entire video


Trey does have an opponent, but she is not running a campaign.  This is not only about Trey winning. It is about sending a very strong message of support for Trey to those who attacked him during the separation.  We cannot chance not turning out to vote because his opponent is not running a campaign.  Go Vote and get it done.  No excuses


I wish I could post her picture, but I do not have the permission of the parents.  I do not like all of the picture of her on life support.  Except the one where the father is kissing her.  That is a picture of love and is beautiful.  After she passed they dressed her in the most beautiful outfit with a hat and bow.  For today her grandfather bought her a beautiful white dress.

The family will never forget the anonymous donor who paid for everything.  The cemetery is fairly new.  They do not have a sign outside so I did not know they exist.  They are just past Browne road on the left in between two two story homes.  The funeral was not yesterday because yesterday another baby was buried.  How sad.  In time this will be a big cemetery.  Imani will be under a tree.

BUT A NOTE:  The family members all went to the individual churches they attend in search of a minister, preacher or priest to do a cemetery service.  They were told the story and all demanded money.  If I find out the name of any Catholic priests a very strong letter is going off to the Pope, via the Vatican's Embassy.  The family found someone they could afford.  But how sad a baby born to parents who are penniless had to beg a so called holy-man to over see a service for their daughter. 

Once the parents agree on a marker, the family has already committed the funds to pay for it.  The grandfather and I want a stone Angel, but it is not our choice.  But what ever is chosen the grandparents, and great grand parents will pay for it.  That they can afford, and want to do.

So I have a busy day.  The service is at 3, but there is a lot to do before then.  I am off for flowers.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Trey does have an opponent, but she is not running a campaign.  This is not only about Trey winning. It is about sending a very strong message of support for Trey to those who attacked him during the separation.  We cannot chance not turning out to vote because his opponent is not running a campaign.  Go Vote and get it done.  No excuses

Monday, April 25, 2016


Here is my advice to my readers, consider the known facts and vote what you, not I think is best.  I have written many times we are well past the time when the port should be paying dividends instead of levying taxes.  There are many arguments as to why the port has not moved forward even more than it has.  My opinion is simple - TSC and no one else in the county has ever cared about the kind of job training needed to expand the port.  We have had individuals like Trey Mendez who have supported the job training but one trustee is not enough.

Mike Hernandez will expand the port and there is no stopping it.  Those claiming he is in it for the money, so what? - that is what business does - it makes money.  But he is not in it for the money. To date he has funded his entire operation.

There is amazing news around the corner.  It is killing me to have to hold until given permission.

Here is the deal I am 100% confident that if Ralph Cowen wins he will be a pro and work with Mike if Mike can produce the goods on development.  But good intentions can result in bad impressions.  In Cameron county we all understand corruption.  The OP10.33 signs went up about the time of the indictment of our tax assessor - hence let's end the corruption.  

Rational incumbents targeted by OP10.33 had every right to assume they were being accused of corruption.  OP10.33 is saying it has no reason to believe anyone at the port is corrupt in terms of its elected officials.  The campaign issue is performance, not corruption.  This message got lost in the OP10.33 signs.  In the same ways candidates can fall along the way in their first campaign or while starting off in office so to can organizations like OP10.33.  Their message is mixed - in someways it sends the wrong message and in others they are putting out important information which proves they are real and will change Cameron county for the better.  They are in a learning curve.

So no one is saying Ralph Cowen or Tito Lopez are corrupt.  The issue is can the OP10.33 candidates do a better job. I do not care who you are, until we have in place job training you will not succeed in bringing in the good manufacturing jobs at the port.  Like one person said, "I would rather be building ships at the port instead of being a port of call for cruise ships."  These are debatable issues. You decide.

It is sad the OP10.33 message is sometimes lost in gaffs, but that does not mean OP10.33 is not the real thing.  We all make mistakes.  Ed Rivera and Raul Villanueva need to stop being so stubborn about talking to the people and put out word they are running on port efficiency and not any claim of corruption.  People are not happy with the miscommunication claim of corruption.  I would be mad too.

But I also do not trust people who will not talk with me or I do not know.  This is why so many people stay home.  We must force the candidates to speak with us if they want our votes

It is my job to report and yours to vote.  You have the information - so you decide.

Yes, Ed Rivera and Raul Villanueva have committed to the manufacturing model.  But as to Ralph Cowen I am sure if Mike Hernandez pulls this off Ralph will hold no grudges and be there with Mike - Ralph is a pro and will act accordingly.

You cannot work with nothing.  The only reason we are moving forward with a job training facility is Mike Hernandez.  Regardless of the winner they will benefit from Mike Hernandez's true commitment to Cameron county.

You have to say this, Mike has us talking about the port - how is this bad? - it is all good.  Also I do not have that bad of a memory.  If he were not supporting his candidates, I am not sure social media would be so down on the opposition.  But in the end until there is job training I do not care who wins the port is going nowhere.  It would nice if it could make a profit it could put more into infrastructure and maybe funding for the workforce facility.


I have not actually read any pleadings in this case, but on line I can see the motions filed by the parties.  Sossi never should have sued to begin with because it only put him in more of a negative public light.  Every regular reader knows I am about process.  I am not about the result.

Due to the unavailability of Judge Bañales, the case has been put off until May 4, 2016.  Texas has a rule known as the Offensive Use Doctrine.  It even applies to attorney client privilege.  In fact all privileges can be waived under the Offensive Use Doctrine.

In a nutshell you cannot sue someone and then use privilege from disclosing documents which show your case has no merit.  If documents are requested which will prove your case has no merit and you claim privilege to avoid production of those documents the judge can dismiss your lawsuit or first order you to produce the documents before dismissing your lawsuit.  The above is a nutshell explanation - it can get more complex.

Based on the online docket sheet it appears Mark Sossi is blocking all discovery of documents which could show Montoya's claims were at least substantially true.  If the judge agrees he will give Sossi the choice of producing the documents or having his lawsuit dismissed.

Sossi is playing with fire.  He is using his office to get government records suppressed. Now I have not read anything but the online filings by title.  The city could find itself dragged into this mess at great expense.  Do not expect our inept city commission to protect the city.  They will just hire outside counsel to protect Sossi.  Remember one or even three good commissioners are not enough to protect the people.  

The other side is you cannot use discovery as a fishing expedition in hopes of proving your claims.  Montoya is going to have to come up with some evidence he is on more than a fishing expedition.

Finally he cannot use privilege any more so than Sossi to protect his sources.  This is what Sossi is really after - the so called source.  It is not a defense to say a source told you.  The judge can bar any testimony that a reliable source told Montoya.

The Offensive Use Doctrine will guide this case, which is kind of poetic - don't you think?


Trey does have an opponent, but she is not running a campaign.  This is not only about Trey winning. It is about sending a very strong message of support for Trey to those who attacked him during the separation.  We cannot chance not turning out to vote because his opponent is not running a campaign.  Go Vote and get it done.  No excuses


There is an old adage - you go with what you know.  I do not care who wins the Port Elections, if Mike Hernandez pulls off this work force facility of manufacturing, anyone elected to the Port will be working with Mike Hernandez.  If he manages to get manufacturers to look at the Port, no one at the port is going to turn them away.  So as to Mike Hernandez, in the end who ever wins, they will still be accepting his help.

I have left messages at Raul Villanueva's place of employment to no avail.  I have posted comments on his FB seeking information, and he has not approved them or bothered to get back with me.  He clearly does not want my vote or the vote of anyone who reads the BV..  He likes to make a stink about transparency, and then refuses to communicate with the voters or answer our questions.  If he is this arrogant while seeking our votes, what do you expect of him once elected?

I have been pondering this post for about two weeks.  I like Mike Hernandez and what he is trying to do with OP10.33.  To compare him to Carlos Quintanilla is an act of sheer desperation.  Mike has already spent a ton of his own money, and asked for not one public penny.  Carlos Quintanilla showed up demanding millions in public monies.  It is that simple.

I am never comfortable with a group funding any group of candidates, but it is done all of the time. Carlos Quintanilla did it with BISD to protect Healthsmart from a $10 million lawsuit.  BISD and Brownsville lost big time on that one. 

The BV has opined that Ed Rivera with all of his education failed big time at TSC.  Lily Tecero was hurt because he gave her a free hand resulting in needless conflicts with staff and other Board Members.  Mike Hernandez gets an "F" in vetting Ed Rivera.  Ed stood with the insiders at TSC who pushed Lily Tecero to ignore new job training programs in favor of more medical training.  This is the exact opposite of what Mike Hernandez stands for.  I have no idea who turned Mike on to Ed - but they played him.  I could not think of a worse choice for the Port.

Ralph Cowen may have made some mistakes along the way, but we know him.  I have no doubt that if Mike Hernandez succeeds in bringing manufacturing training and jobs to the Port Ralph will have no problem working with Mike.  Again I have no idea what Mike could have been thinking in recruiting an arrogant person like Raul Villanueva.

I want to be clear, I stand with OP10.33, but in the same way Mike Hernandez may have made some mistakes in getting his organization going, so to has Ralph Cowen.  This does not mean you dump them.

Mike Hernandez has needlessly made enemies by getting involved in this election.  I can only hope it does not hurt his greater initiative.  The work force training center if it comes off will be a great victory for Brownsville and Cameron county.

Failure comes from bad advice.  Mike really needs to sit back and ponder has he gotten some bad advice.  But then good advice may be hard to come by in Brownsville.  You can differ on ideas without having to imply someone is part of some greater corruption.  This was a really bad message.


I know how the trolls work - this changes nothing about my support for OP10.33.  Mike came in too fast and made a big mistake in who he chose to back in the Port election.  We all make mistakes.  On matters which involve just Mike and working with people outside the LRGV he seems to be doing fine, but the second he seeks the advice of locals he seems to fall flat on his face.  Ponder this Mike.

Saturday, April 23, 2016



Like I have said I have targeted readers.  A reader donated the entire amount for the funeral.  The person will remain anony by choice. I did not know but in the end all of the funeral homes said viewings are not good for infants - so the price came down.

The family has no idea who the donor is, but they told me to say - God Bless You.  This person needs to know the father has always been jaded about people.  I think he is cured of that problem now and will work even hard to support his family because of this one act of kindness. The anony should know the father cried uncontrollably upon hearing the good news.

Bless all of You.


The parents were told over a month ago the baby would probably die inutero.  The baby was born alive last night, but passed a few hours ago.  She had no functioning kidneys.  Here is the problem. The father works for minimum wage for 30 hours a week, and the mother does not work.  The grandparents do not have the money.

I researched the issue, and Texas is one of the states without any assistance.  Do any of my readers have experience with this to help me guide the family.  For now I told the grandparents on both sides, they need to get on the phone with all family members and start to raise money.  But if anyone knows of any organization which can help even with a few dollars it will help.  I told the grandparents they may have to sell chicken plates to help raise money and they are okay with that.  They just want their Angel to have something.

Thanks for reading my request.

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Sunset in a relatively new facility between Morrison and Alton Gloor.  [While I have made arraignments for my cremation at Subset the family chose a different facility because it was a bit cheaper when you included the cost of transporting the coffin to the cemetery.] They have an amazing price.  They recommended a cemetery off of Boca Chica and 511.  The family can do this for about $1,700.  Guys - even $5.00 from enough people can make a difference.  This price gets them an infant coffin, a three hour viewing and burial.  Please help.  The family is on the phone raising money as we speak.


Those demanding people use the restroom or dressing room which aligns with the gender they were assigned at birth are demanding Ian Harvie, pictured here, have to use the lady's bathroom and dressing rooms.  Now as a father when you see him go into the lady's room as mandated by law how is that going to make you feel?  How is it going to make your young daughter feel?  

The lack of interest in facts never ceases to amaze me.  This is why we keep on electing the same ignorant people to public office.  Far too many people refuse to look reality in the face, ignore it, and then vote.

Those opposed to this new reality are going to lose.  The majority of Republicans are first and foremost corporatists.  The corporations are making it clear, including the Chamber of Commerce, they will not tolerate candidates pushing for discrimination.  I do not limit the negative to evangelicals because a lot of the opposition is coming from uninformed parents who just want to make sure their children are safe.  This is perfectly fine.  But get educated, before you demand Ian Harvie should have to use the lady's room.  When he does and you complain, remember you are the one who made that decision. 

Below is Shane Ortega.  He is in the Marines.  In North Carolina he must use the lady's room or dressing room.  Fathers how is it going to make you feel when he follows your daughter into the lady's room because that is the law?

Do you understand the stupidity in the law?  I get the parents concern.  It is very rational.  But the parents need to get educated so they do not force their daughters by law to use the same bathroom as both of these men.


My source has made me promise to limit what I say, but by early Summer there will be an announcement of the job training center which will support the Economic Development Strategy for the Port and 550 Corridor.

Friday, April 22, 2016


The cruise will be 7 days with three ports of call in Cuba. These are cultural trips. The price with everything is about $3,000. Cuba is experiencing a hotel shortage so a cruise is the logical alternative. You sleep on the boat.

The cruise ship carnival is using holds about 704 passengers.  It will run every other week.

I do not know if we have enough people in the LRGV to run such a cruise to Cuba, but it is worth looking into.  From Miami, by the time the passengers finish unpacking and have a meal, they will be in Cuba.  The trip would be a bit longer from Brownsville.

But we also have a large gambling community.  Once they are so many miles out the ship can stop to allow for gambling on its way to Cuba and on its return.  The target customers are those interested in visiting Cuba, and those wanting to gamble.

It is something worth looking into.  I would imagine at 704 people we could only make the trip once a month.  But again, a cruise company may be interested.  They will also be making money on the gambling.

Just something to ponder.

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Right now I cannot travel.  I was going to go to San Diego in June, but that is now off the table.  Today is bad, I still have the electricians here, and the AC guy is on his way to lift the AC onto blocks because of constant flooding, so I cannot go back to bed.  It feels like a ton of bricks on my chest with shallow breathing.  I am just waiting on the VA to approve the visit to MD Anderson.  If they finish early I will try and get a friend to take me to Harlingen. 

My doctor has requested some specific medical records which Valley Baptist cannot seem to get to the VA or the VA does not know what to do with them once received.  The problem is simple.  The VA does not tell the private care doctors or hospitals to include the veteran's last four of the SS #, for when they VA receives medical records.  Without the last four the VA cannot file the medical records.


Anyway, BACK TO CUBA,  the overwhelming majority of federal and state courts have found bloggers to be journalists.  Journalists can travel to Cuba.  If I can get well, maybe in the Fall I will apply for a visa.  I would love to do two weeks reporting on social media and how social media is changing Cuba.  I know enough to never get into politics, generally.

I want to know if the people would feel better about some of their speech restrictions if it meant more tourism and more dollars in their pocket.  You see we have been taught it is better to be hungry and be allowed to say screw the government than have a full belly and have to remain silent about how we feel about the government.  This is a discussion we have never had in the US and it is time we have it.

The other day I failed to mention I am voting with extreme confidence for Jesus Garcia for judge.  He did allow for an extensive interview and clearly has a handle on the problems facing our courts.  Jesus Garcia is an option who will make our judiciary better.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"I am a teacher at Los Fresnos High School. In addition to my service with LFCISD, I serve the community as a member of the Friends of Laguna Atascosa Board, and as an active member of the Lower Rio Grande Sierra Club.
 I am pursuing a spot on the Brownsville Navigation District Board of Commissioners due to growing public concerns and opposition to recent development pursuits to increase exports of fossil fuels to include LNG and condensate by Centurion. I aim to be a voice of the public who have concerns of health, safety, and environment. "


Before I hear it, the first helmets long before 1974, were not hard and  in fact originally made of leather.  Wiki claims the first modern impact helmets came into play in 1971.
I do have a great story concerning the Cameron County Education Initiative, which is part of OP10.33.  All I am allowed to say is it is moving forward and the full story will by out by late June.  I cannot wait to read the conspiracy theories - "offering free meaningful job training to control how people vote."

For years the BV has said it has to be the corporate community which leads the change.  You cannot expect a dysfunctional organization like United Brownsville to accomplish anything.  There are too many people with different needs and agendas at the table.  In the CCEI they have one agenda - meaningful job training which will lead to job growth.  How evil can these people get?  Meaningful jobs which gets people off of public assistance - the inhumanity of it all.

I am actually busy, when I can breathe.   The plumbers are on day three, and as they clear an area as done I am doing my own dry wall, which I can do.  They wanted $3,000 to do all of the dry wall and painting.  I can do it for under a $100.  Day one they cut all of the dry wall.  Since then off and on as I can I am prepping the new pieces.  So far I have only done the drywall in the utility closet off of the utility room.  I have lots of sheet rock ready to be placed once I get the go ahead.  Today I expect to dry wall my bathroom, bedroom and closet.  I may even get to the utlity room - they have one small adjustment left, and  part of the kitchen and dinning room.  Everything is cut, I just need the all clear that it is ready for the dry wall.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

OP10.33 has a very successful voter registration project going.  Apparently this is one of their evil dastardly deeds.  I support the voter registration project.  We need to improve voter turnout.  The problem remains we have candidates who  do not want to speak with the people about the issues.  You can register the entire county to vote, but until We the People feel informed about the candidates we are not going to vote.  The people do not feel engaged.
FACEBOOK gives every candidate a free forum to educate the voters.  Instead of using this forum for education, they instead just post pictures of themselves campaigning.  Sorry guys this does not fly with voters who want to be educated about the candidates.
I have tried my best to get the candidates to work with me on educating the people.  The candidates simply have no interest. 
As a reward for trying to help educate the voters based on actually speaking with the candidates I will be voting for Dan Sanchez, with confidence, Abel Gomez, with confidence, Bea Rosenbaum, Trey Mendez with confidence, and Patrick Anderson, with confidence. 
I can only make an informed decision if the candidates are willing to answer questions.  It is this endless blind voting which keeps on getting us bad elected officials.  If they are unwilling to address our concerns before they are elected why would be believe they will care about our concerns once elected?

Monday, April 18, 2016


The other day a friend's son asked that I go look at a house he wants to buy.  I learned it was for sale by owner [not a bad thing], but also owner financed at 10% interest.  You never buy an owner financed home.  First of all this young man has great credit and would have no problem securing a mortgage under 4% interest.

The owner financed homes are mostly cons.  They  get you to give you 5-10 thousand dollars down and then you move in and pay them for 30 years.  After you move in you learn the house needs a lot of repairs. 

You see, the owner knew the house could not pass a mortgage inspection so they do an owner finance.  In  time the buyer realizes the repairs are needed and cost more than they can afford, they stop making payments.  The original owner forecloses on the home and keeps the original $10,000 down payment.

Yes, going the mortgage route costs money.  You have to pay a years worth of mortgage insurance unless you put 20% down, and upwards of a year of property taxes.  Then there are more fees than you can image.  Just last week I paid CitiMortgage $120, to set up the home improvement loan the Texas Veterans Land Board approved.  CitiMortgage manages all mortgages and loans for the Texas Veterans Land Board.

If you go the traditional approach yes you have to pay for an appraisal of the home [mostly worthless] and  for an inspection [ semi-worthless].  My inspector missed the fact none of the plugs on the east wall work.  Since I never used the east side of the house I never noticed, until my roommate moved into the livingroom on the east side of the house.  I made it into a suite, by adding French doors.  My family room is all I needed on the west side of the house, which is where I live.

But the inspector did catch a lot of code violations which  the seller had to fix if they wanted to sell the house.  This is why you never buy a house without an inspection. 


It is a never ending expense.  I am waiting on the plumber and electrician to arrive to start their three days of work.  [They are now here] The electrician is going to change out the utility box from a 150 to a 200.  This will allow for them to fix all of the electrical problems on the east side of the house, plus leave me with enough extra spaces for future use.

I am having the roof replaced also.  Since I bought the house because I could not prove the age of the roof I have been paying premium for basic homeowners insurance.  Also because the house still has the original copper pipes in the house I also have been paying extra.  I have had 4 pipes break which has cost me money to repair.  I am grateful I can do drywall and do not have to pay someone to do it for me.  I am also grateful with each break I was home and was able to turn off the main water line immediately.

Once they start I will be three days without water.  All of the copper pipes are being pulled from the home.  I am being told the bathroom on the east side of the house will have at least cold water by the end of the day, assuming they get here in time.  I am still waiting on them, and the roofer.  The rain may delay the start of the new roof.  Yea, just learned no roof until next week.

Finally, because of flooding, the AC is being lifted off of the cement slab and placed on block.

Once all of this is done, my house will be fully remodelled and highly energy efficient.  My monthly payment will go down starting in July because my insurane premium will go down because of the repairs.  By July 2017, my mortgage insurance will go away leaving me with a monthly payment more or less what I pay right now before the home improvement loan payment.  The improvements will leave me with plenty of equity in the home. 


A home is an endless expense.  But the good news is my mortgage payment will more or less  remain the same within a few dollars for the next 25 years - although I expect to pay it off within the next 10 years.  I committed myself to pay off the mortgage in 15 years by making extra payments on the equity.   BUT HERE IS THE DEAL - If you rent your rent will go up year after year in and in 10 years you will probably being paying twice in rent of what I pay for my mortgage.  Plus when I am ready I will be able to sell my home and use the money for my retirement.  You get nothing back from your rent.


If you are going to buy a home go through the mortgage route.  Find the area where you want to live and learn how much homes are actually selling for, and not what they are selling for as advertised.  This will give you a better appraisal on the home than any appraiser.


Demand to see the utilty bill for June -September.  In the Summer I pay about an average of $300 to $320 for electric, water, sewage, and trash.  My neighbor who has a smaller non energy efficient home pays, over $500.  Your monthly payment is more than your mortgage.  It also includes utilities.  One home may cost more but the utility bill is a lot less.  You must add the two to know how much it is going to cost you to run the house.

Sunday, April 17, 2016


"If anyone thinks that greeting someone is getting involved in politics, I recommend that he look for a psychiatrist," Pope Francis added.

For his part Mr Sanders said it was an "honour" to meet him. "I think he is one of the extraordinary figures not only in the world today but in modern world history," he told Associated Press news agency"

Pope Francis closed out his comments with."When I came down, I greeted him, I shook his hand and nothing more. This is called good manners and it is not getting involved in politics."

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I have said this before, Pope Francis is a miracle.  It amazes me how atheists see him as a breath of fresh air.  Jews and Muslims, along with many other religions all over the world look to him for moral leadership.  It says a lot when the most well known Jew in the U.S. says Pope Francis is "one of the extraordinary figures not only in the world today but in modern world history,"

All of this proves we can come together if we try.  We need to  focus on those trying to bring a positive message of hope instead of doom.

I hope Bernie can pull a miracle on Tuesday in New York.  The numbers do not look good, but we shall see. 

Saturday, April 16, 2016


Thursday, April 14, 2016


I realize Trey has no active opponent, but her name remains on the ballot.  Given the blind female vote things could go bad.  Do not get confident about Trey.  You must still get out and vote for Trey.  Hey if he can win with a 70% victory it will send a strong message to his opponents - he did the right thing is separating TSC from UTB. 

Make sure you get your friends to vote.


Every university should have to publish in a way everyone can see their drop out rate, the level of student debt of the students who drop out, and their student loan default rate. This will get parents and their children thinking about all of their options. If you want medical training - go Air Force - for a year you will never leave Texas. You will be based in San Antonio. They will pay you $1,5660 a month plus feed you, and give you a place to live. When you consider the free rent and food it is like getting paid about $30,000 a year right out of high school, plus your job training is free. Where is there a better deal? Guys you can be a jet mechanic and when you get out go work for the airlines with a life time of free travel. Think - working with your hands and mind together can bring you great benefits.


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I know this is beyond the mental comprehension of the trolls, but the BV always gives all candidates save harbor on these type posts. No comments will be accepted.  Further, it blows my mind how through anony posts the opponents will try and post distractions and lies.  How about this guys, answer the questions and promote yourself by telling people who you are instead of posting anony distractions against your opponent.

From  Patrick Anderson:

My name is Patrick Anderson, candidate for Port Commissioner Place 5. I was forwarded your blog and questions by a colleague, and am happy to answer your questions pertaining to the Port. That said, I hope you reconsider your decision to vote in the BND election. This is the most important election that the public can vote for because what the Port does in terms of development and operations can significantly affect our health, safety, and environment. For more information about my platform please visit

1. Are you for or against LNG at the Port?

I am against LNG at the Port in short because the risk out weighs the benefit and it is not an industry of longevity. More specific reasons include:
a) Minimal jobs (in relation to size of infrastructure and impact, minimal local hires, locally hired likely to be contracted resulting in part time jobs, less jobs due to declining global market of LNG).
b) Pipeline risks
c) Pollution
d) Destruction of wildlife habitat
e) Undermining of Bahia Grande restoration and severing wildlife corridor
f) Negative impact to local economies
g) View shed
h) Ship channel monopolization
i) Closure of Jaime Zapata Boat Ramp
j) Proximity to Space X
k) Proximity to populated areas
l) Security (terrorist targets along an unsecured border)

2. Are you for or against only manufacturing at the Port?

A diversification of industries at the port is a key to sustainability. I would like to see manufacturing at the Port, but not solely manufacturing.

3. Are you for or against a mixture of LNG and manufacturing at the Port?

I am opposed of a mixture of LNG and manufacturing. LNG is an industry that introduces risks to the public and environment far beyond the BND. It is my belief that considerations such as international agreements at COP21, and with Canada regarding methane emissions, should be taken into account in development decisions. With the aforementioned concerns about LNG, I feel it has no place at the Port of Brownsville. Manufacturing however would further diversify the Port and would have much more longevity and benefit to the public (depending on the goods and services of course).