Friday, March 11, 2016



"Bexar County First Assistant District Attorney Woodrow Halstead released the following statement this week:

The evidence submitted is insufficient to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. If additional evidence comes to light, we will review the case and decide whether not to move forward with prosecution at that time."

"SAN ANTONIO -- The Bexar County district attorney's office says it will not move forward with criminal charges against the former chief financial officer of South San Independent School District. Dr. Antonio Juarez was fired by the district in early August, days after South San ISD Police obtained surveillance video that, they claim, shows Juarez keying another administrator's car. The video and more than 40 pages of investigative files for the incident were given to the I-Team this week following a ruling from the Texas Attorney General."

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Given Juarez's penchant for suing - oh wait that is when he has a packed school board to pay him off - why did he not sue South San Antonio ISD over these allegations?  The DA found insufficient evidence.

An anony posted this early as a link.  I do not post blind links until I have time to review them.  Well I have reviewed it and see a story.  It blows my mind Juarez thought no one would check on this.


Anonymous said...

Keying a car..... Is this guy seven years old? The man is bad news...from suing BISD to just being a no people person. He has the personality of a wet mop. No thanks to this loser.

Anonymous said...

Bobby do you have any information on the other TSC seats that are up for election?

BobbyWC said...

Well I am supporting Trey and Herrera. But neither of their opponents are bad people. So long as Trey's supporters turn out and do not get lazy it will be an easy win for him - but his supporters must not presume he will win and they must vote.

But both Trey and Herrera have nice opponents who believe they have something to add to the community.

I know in the third race I will never vote for Juarez. I am trying to learn more about the other candidates. There is another I do not see myself voting for but I am not declaring that until I can find someone I can vote for. I may find all of the other candidates are just as bad.

Bobby WC

JJ said...

In Mexico you get caught doing what Juarez did to the mans car, you get your hands cut off.