Thursday, March 31, 2016


I did not come up with this idea gender is a social construct versus a biological state.  The medical community has been on this for years.  It is now just coming out.  Gender is so, so complex.

This is a great article.  I am posting just part, but if you are so inclined to get educated you can click for the entire article.

People it is time we just embrace one another.  What is our obsession to define other people.  We need to accept how each of us define ourselves..

Oh, if you are shaking your head on the discussion concerning pronouns, join the club.  But the author is correct.  Once someone tells you they are non-binary [meaning they identify as neither male nor female - just ask them the pronoun they prefer and go with it.

I hope all of this discussion throughout the world is helping people better understand who they are.  For years the Dallas Gay Alliance [it took us years of fighting to get them to include the word lesbian] use to call bisexual people just confused.  It was so insulting.  Even bisexuality is complex.  In terms of sex man or woman I love it - but in terms of intimacy and life partner - male is the only option.  You see even that is complex.

"Aren't you just born with your gender?
While gender and sex are frequently used interchangeably, the two do not mean the same thing. Your sex relates to your biology, both physiological and anatomical, which often influences how you're treated in society (example: the enforcing of gender roles), but it is not the same as gender.
According to the World Health Organization, gender is "the socially constructed characteristics of women and men." It goes on to emphasize the importance of sensitivity to "different identities that do not necessarily fit into binary male and female sex categories."

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