Thursday, March 3, 2016

Well weather delayed the Houston flight - which was fine because by the  time I got to terminal C the flight would have already been gone.  United could not get me a ride between terminals and I could not breath and walk so I had to keep on sitting.
Just as my older brother got to LaGuardia to pick me up, he got a text, my brother 18 months older than me was in an ambulance to the hospital.  Twice in the last two weeks the doctors told him he had bad indigestion.  Yesterday, they placed one stent, and will do the other on Friday.
My sister in beyond strong.  Boy I thought mom was strong, but Mary is something else.  Her husband and her were both going through chemo at the same time.  This is her second cancer.  The new one is easy and the hospital stay should only be two days.  her surgery is at the end of the month.
Her husband's recovery is not going well.  A month later he is still in the hospital on oxygen, and cannot so much as have water.  She is basically living at Sloan Keating in Manhattan.  I have no idea how she is doing it while still doing her own chemo.
The good side is we are all united.  Yesterday on our way to out east on Long Island we visited our cousin who is a big part of the family.  The day before she got back from Columbia so that visit was fun.  Then we met another brother at a restaurant on the Great South bay for a late lunch.  I do not drink, but they do.  We ended up at another bar after lunch which is also on the water and down the block from my younger brother's house.  We had a lot of fun, but just waited for news on the brother in the hospital.
Family is the best medicine.
At 2:30 I am heading to Sloan Keating in Manhattan to be with my sister and then bring her home tonight.  She needs time away from the hospital.
We all decided on Sunday that we just have to do an early dinner at the same place we had lunch yesterday. By all being together it will make us as a whole stronger.  My cousin Franny will come from Freeport about  20 minutes away.
Basically it is nice being with family - but with so much illness you have to stay tight to keep everyone strong.
I will blog Brownsville tomorrow.  Right now I am tired.  My sinuses finally resolved themselves.  Right now I have a headache which will not quit
I am looking forward to the snow tonight - that will be fun.
Play nice Brownsville - there is more to life than politics - family is always a great reprieve

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