Wednesday, March 9, 2016

No one has gone after federal judge Hanen and his wife more than the BV,  In fact Juanito has attacked the BV for exposing Diane Dillard's part in the questionable real estate dealings involving Tony Martinez.
But people if you believe this - you are just too stupid to be alive.
From Juanito:
""Judge (Andrew) Hanen said the city could expect a federal lawsuit if they went ahead with the project," said a city staffer. "The project is now on hold indefinitely."

If this were true it is sufficiently egregious to lead to the impeachment of federal Judge Hanen.  As a federal judge or any judge he must remain impartial.  The idea that a sitting federal judge would threaten a federal lawsuit over the city using its own lands as it pleases is beyond bizarre.

This is why I hate blogging.  You trolls sit and salivate for this garbage - the internet trolls are everything wrong with Brownsville.

If Juanito is so certain of his source all he has to do is file a complaint against Judge Hanen and watch the system work towards impeachment.  Juanito will not file such a complaint.  He is all trash and never any action.

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