Wednesday, March 16, 2016

From the journalist who never learned the value of research and honesty - Juanito.
"Despite this denial by OP-1033's Marketing Director, it's hard to convince someone like Trey Mendez, the trustee of Texas Southmost College running for reelection that Beatriz Hockaday – a receptionist at the OP-1033 office there – was not encouraged to run against him this May 7.

Now how do I know he never even got Trey Mendez's opinion?  The first two big donors to Trey Mendez's campaign to the tune of thousands of dollars were Mike Hernandez of OP-1033 and Carlos Marin.

Like I have said, my readership is targeted to the people who matter.  Those who can change things.  I meet with these people.  Mike Hernandez is learning a lot about Brownsville and its problems and liars real fast.  Original commitments may have changed as he got educated.

So now what, is Juanito and McHale going to pull their support from Trey Mendez because the first two largest contributors to Trey's campaign were Mike Hernandez and Carlos Marin?

People there is a movement and understanding among a growing number of people in power and who have money to influence who gets elected that we must start training people in robotics manufacturing.  OP-1033 understands this.  The battle for the Port is about manufacturing vs. LNG.  Before you continue to believe the endless lies ask the candidates do they support manufacturing over LNG.

So what will be Juanito's spin on reality be when he sees the campaign finance reports?

Another lie - without trolls Juanito would not have readership.

This battle is about jobs.  Think about this for a second.  Mike Hernandez a Republican millionaire, have socialist Jose Angel Gutierrez and capitalist Carlos Marin meeting on a regular basis to discuss moving Brownsville and the county forward.  They are of course not the only voices involved in what is happening.  But the fact Mike Hernandez was able to get a socialist and capitalist to sit down at the table and discuss options speaks volumes about Mike Hernandez's mediation skills and business acumen.  Juanito and others are obsessed with bringing down anyone who is successful or has ideas which will move us forward.


BobbyWC said...

Your comment is rejected because it reflects you are a moronic troll. I said look to the campaign finance reports. They will be out soon enough. When you see Mike Hernandez and Carlos Marin's names as donating thousands to Trey what will you say then.

Nothing. When the reports come out and their names are not there you can say see, Bobby lied. But you will not because their names are their. What you will not do is call out Juanito for his lies.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Jose Angel is a well known community organizer and has a history of doing so. In your opinion, given the time period and not being from this community, how effective can Jose Angel be in this situation. Remember his success in organizing the community has been in situations where racism and discrimination were the leading issues of the time period of those communities. Few in this area know who Jose Angel is and what he has done in his life time. A good reason for schools to offer Mexican American Studies in their curriculum.

BobbyWC said...

Your point is well taken except for a fact which is not common knowledge. Mike Hernandez worked with Jose Angel in Dallas and brought him out of retirement in California based on his one on one experience as to his skill set, and not on racial issues.

There is more to community organizing these days than race. The educated understand that you have to create new tax base. It is so much more complex than race in today's world.

If his skill set worked in Dallas it can work here. But I agree a lot of people are going to need time to see him in action before they decide they can trust him.

But the fact Jose Angel and Carlos Marin are meeting and putting aside political differences should tell you something about how you move forward with a consensus. Carlos Marin has a reputation problem over Imagine and United Brownsville. He needs to overcome the negative image. But if they manage to pull off the manufacturing corridor along with job training no one will remember the mistakes of the past. Such is life whether we like it or not

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

There is undeniable proof that Juan Montoya will sell his literal soul to anyone that will give him beer money. This money is given to him by anonymous cowards who actually believe that enabling him to post such rhetoric actually makes a difference in our voting process. It just goes to show how stupid the people that give him money are. He will post half truths and downright lies to pay for his vices. It's really a shame on two fronts: his obvious lack of self-worth and waste of writing talents for a buzz. His supporters and enablers are advertised on his blogs. Juan Montoya is nothing more that a sheepish pathetic coward, hiding under the influence of a pen and who will never amount to anything but a hopeless want-to-be. He will someday be forgotten and have nothing worthwhile to show for existence unlike the heroes he writes about on occasion. At least Bobby has the integrity of not getting paid for his posts...objectionable or not.