Thursday, March 24, 2016

You know when the issue of whether or not Judge Leal had told John Chambers former counsel to withdraw on the eve of trial I defended her because nearly every attorney I called refused to believe she  could have done such a thing.  Now I am not so sure.
Take the case of Bertha Torres who as of this moment remains in Carrizales without bond for arrest on unknown charges.  Surprise, surprise her mug shot is not available.
She was previously arrested for a Class A DWI for blowing a .15.  Judge Gonzalez under agreement from DA Saenz gave her Pretrial Diversion.
01/14/2016  Order to Participate in the Divert Court Program

Several months later Bertha Torres was arrested and charged with felony Possession of a Controlled Substance. Having already received pretrial diversion in her misdemeanor case, Judge Janet Leal at DA Saenz's requests approved a second pretrial diversion which lasted days, on a felony charge of Possession of a Controlled Substance. CORRECTION: TO LAST ABOUT A YEAR - Editors: note - a point is proven in the mistake I found.  With all the BS posts I have rejected praising Janet Leal, not one person bothered to carefully read or consider my words to see the mistake.  If you want to defend her address the issue while defending it and your comment will get through.  I will not allow for conclusory statements which ignore the story while praising her as a judge.  This correction came about by me rereading the story before posting a comment with how to get pro Leal posts through - well now you know the rule.]]

01/22/2016  Order (Judicial Officer: Leal, Janet )
Order to Participate in the Divert Court Program
01/26/2016  Order (Judicial Officer: Leal, Janet )
Order to Abate Proceedings
01/26/2017  Pre-Trial Diversion Completion  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Leal, Janet)

After Bruce Thorpe was initially appointed in the first case, all of a sudden she had the money to retain Robert S. Robertson in both cases.

I know more based on my source but cannot reveal it because if my source is wrong, I would be subject to a defamation per se lawsuit.  But this source has never, ever failed me.  Further Bertha Torres' name is well known in the downtown dives which support what I was told.

But forget about Torres.  Judge Leal had the right to deny the plea bargain offered and approved by Saenz.  Do you feel safe when someone on pretrial diversion for DWI is given a second pretrial diversion for possession of a controlled substance.  Any judge interested in ending the favoritism would have denied the plea, so the question remains - what is Judge Janet Leal's relationship with Luis Saenz.

Does anyone believe that an effectively "unemployed" woman could retain counsel and get this kind of deal without backdoor discussions?

The sad part is the local FBI, DPS and Texas Troopers will never investigate and Saenz knows it.  They are all too colluded with one another so Saenz knows he is 100% untouchable.


Anonymous said...

You know it's odd you post this. I have heard of people who are afraid of her. When I say afraid I mean they actually pray that they don't get her as a judge. At first I thought it was exaggerated but the more I read the more I understand.

Anonymous said...

I am a lawyer who practices before Judge Leal on a regular basis. I can categorically state that she is not only honorable, just and fair, but is knowledgable and has a keen ability to grasp the facts and the law in short order. We don't need to wrongfully attack our good judges, we just need more judges like Judge Leal.

BobbyWC said...

So to be clear you believe the docket entries I provided which prove what I am saying is acceptable conduct by our judges. Because I can tell you no matter what you say my readers are going to be disgusted.

So the question is, are you defending this conduct because your clients are getting similar deals?

You did not help Judge Leal, all you did was tell my readers is she is doing this for other lawyers too - you only hurt her.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Well of course you'd say that. And you would like us to have more like her? I'm sure YOU WOULD. You like her so much TAKE HER TO LUNCH HAVE SLEEP OVER whatever but don't curse us with more like her WE DONT WANT HER but you certainly can keep her. And to be honest I doubt you're even a lawyer but if you are and admire her so much why don't you show loyalty and say who you are and not post anonymous. I mean you have nothing to fear to do you? Course not you're a lawyer and she's the best there is.

Anonymous said...

I need to say this because it needs to be said. To that lawyer who praises Judge Leal;your job in my opinion as a lawyer is not to praise judges but to help the people. The judges do not pay you THE PEOPLE do. The need of the people makes it possible for you to have employment. We are a poor city with not much money but when it comes to necessity we look to you. Who do judges turn to when they run besides already elected officials or lawyers like you? Exactly THE PEOPLE. Who do lawyers turned candidates ask to support them? THE PEOPLE. The fact that you have respect for her doesn't phase me but the fact that you do it, and it's out of the goodness of your heart. That you would go out of your way to do this FOR FREE while I'm sure you charge well for services rendered to a client and I'm sure would not make a post or respond as nicely for them is just one reason PEOPLE DON'T TRUST LAWYERS. Most people of Cameron County don't understand the power we hold. We can break you all in half and send you unemployed after one term. We have that power and if we united we could have just that. You're lucky the people don't care much about politics in Brownsville but you should be careful where your loyalties are.

Anonymous said...

Janet Leal was the judge involved in the big medical malpractice lawsuit of the Cardinal Health. She played a big part in that case along with all our corrupt "dream team" such as Marc Rosenthal, Jim Solis, Abel Limas, Luis Saenz, Chuck Mattingly, Robles, and others. Also, the judge who presided over the Criminal Negligence homicide case where a doctor was official charged after 8 years of having committed the crime. She and others like this so called judge and Luis Saenz have played big parts in corruption. This is my opinion

Anonymous said...

A lot of disgusting and dangerous people have gone to prison because of their work. You all are ignoring that and cherry picking things. And to the lawyer: I don't blame you for posting anonymous. Right now there is a vendetta against private citizens who don't go along with a certain person's agenda. The people involved have no shame.

Anonymous said...

Yep,if Limas,and Alejandro were doing shenanigans while in office what are the odds that the other district judges are doing the same,.yea the woman too