Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Under the law it should not be a challenge to discover the nut job who did this.  I do not care who they are they should be exposed. There is no excuse.  The following is not an excuse, because I do not care how elevated this has gotten this is way over the line.

I also want to add I do not care if you are a Morgan or John supporter or a Republican or Democrat - you must stand with Morgan in helping her expose this person.  This is something all civilized people should be able to agree on.

I went through this with the Herald. Someone coopted my name and was using it to defame people.  The Herald knew through their information I did not set up the account because it was done through them, but they refused to remove it.  The Herald supports this kind of harassment which is why it is a dying newspaper.

But had Morgan simply said she was acting under legal advice and that John Chambers had a legal right to seek judicial review and she respects that, then everything his supporters are doing would legitimately be seen as harassment.  But she did not take the high road she should have.

But this - no matter how Morgan has mismanaged this matter this is way over the line and not remotely justified.

After this nonsense I understand her frustration.  I hope a lawyer who knows how to get the information on the person who created the account will help her.  This is 100% intolerable and must be stopped.  But it is also intolerable that she blames John Chambers on no evidence.  I do not doubt a supporter of his or someone wanting him to look bad did this, but she has no evidence as to the vulgar pig who did this and she does not get that she is fueling the fire.

But I hope she finds the person and destroys them  - not just for herself but for all of Brownsville.  This type nonsense has to stop.  And I hope when she finds the person she will go public with the name, regardless of who it is. It could have just as easily been one of her supporters who did it to make John Chambers look bad.  If that is the case she needs to say that.  If she can prove it was John Chambers then post the proof and the BV will be the first to express disgust.


Anonymous said...

She didn't say he created it, she said somebody did and that it was done within an hour of him posting her home address on his Facebook page and there are pictures where he did it that somebody else posted on her page. Chambers took a picture of his computer screen with her divorce record and he posted that too and the profile on Ashley Madison was made within an hour of him looking up her information online according to the time his computer screen showed. Nobody posts a public official's home address for good reasons.

BobbyWC said...

I have made it clear I am unhappy with both sides in this tit for tat.

And she did imply John Chambers is responsible for this horrible post. It does not help when she has no proof. But trust me if she gets the proof there will be no strong voice against the person who did it than mine.

Attorneys Republican and Democratic alike need to join forces to help her learn who did this. This is not a partition issue.

The posting of her divorce was as childish as he posting unscientific polls - hence I have condemned both sides. You seem to think posting unscientific polls is not childish.

But this is vile and needs to be punished hard

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I too am appalled by this. No one deserves to go through that. The person who did that does not represent all of John Chambers supporters. There are limits to everything and such lines you just don't cross no matter how upset or hurt you are. I hope she finds out who did that. And I hope the person is exposed. Not sure if there is a way to do that but if there is I hope it's done.