Thursday, March 31, 2016

This issue is very hot right now because the public image pushed by the press is cops are shooting up minorities with impunity.  There is no truth to this, but it sells news.  The overwhelming super majority of law enforcement which simply seek to serve and protect us are on the receiving end of insults from the press, frauds trying to make money on the issue, and even we the people.  This is wrong.
I have family in NY who have left law enforcement because they could not longer stand how the administration would turn a blind eye to the bad cops and corruption.  I have others looking to transfer out of NY in hopes it will be better elsewhere.  I think they are in for a rude awakening. 
It is at the point officers on a walking assignment in the city are being video taped just walking.  They hate it.   When they are called into an establishment to stop a fight they have everyone and their brother video taping them in hopes of finding something they can post to YOUTUBE.  As one family member told me he wants out because the video  taping is endangering the officers.  They are in such fear of being accused of excessive force, they hesitate which is when a gun can be pulled on an officer. 
Law enforcement has to get serious about dealing with the bad officers.  It is  wrong what is happening to the good officers.  We need laws which make it  a crime to post video to the internet misrepresenting an incident involving law enforcement,
I was getting off of IH 37 onto the El Paso/Houston IH 10 exit.  Just before the exit two officers came speeding by to block part of the exit.  The sign clearly said Right Hand lane closed Houston - major accident.  I was fine with that because I go west toward El Paso.  But the officers stopped to block the left lane.  Since I was the lead car I was confused.  I stopped
I say to the officer you are blocking the El Paso exit but the sign says the right lane Houston is closed for accident.  He yells at me to move my ass.  So I said you want me to take the right lane Houston - he said"move your ass now."
Because I was the lead car, there was a line of cars and trucks behind me - all in the left lane as we were directed by the sign.
I know this cop does not represent the Honorable Men and Women in Blue - but it is because of men like this all of the rest suffer.  I was so flustered and threaten by this officer I did not think to get his plate number on his car.
The officers themselves have to take the lead to rid law enforcement of men like this or continue to suffer the unfair abuse thrown at them.

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plimano said...

Why would we need laws that make it a crime to post videos to the internet that "misrepresent" an incident involving law enforcement? That is what video is for, to not leave any room for misinterpretation, seen raw and left to people to interpret what they see. There should be no fear at all if you are out doing your job under the letter of the it law enforcement or any other job.