Tuesday, March 8, 2016


With the exception of Cesar de Leon there is not an intelligent person on the Brownsville city commission.  If Cesar fails to resign from the commission soon to save his reputation he will end up joining the ranks of morons on the city commission.

We are not going to grow until we think Metroplex and globally.  This is a reality that the COB city commission cannot get through their heads.  The extraterritorial jurisdiction issue was settled.   All the COB had to do was accept the law and no one would have been able to say the city failed to defend a lawsuit, or voted to end the problems with extraterritorial jurisdiction.  But no, they chose to sue the State of Texas over the new law.  Why would any surrounding city impacted by Brownsville's action want to work with us or trust us?

The county and the city are in endless battles.  The COB is my way or the highway and refuses to work for the greater good.  The Brownsville city commission cannot see that what is good for the county in terms of taxes is good for Brownsville.

The new airport runway is a mess.  The infighting on jurisdictional issues will not end.  SpaceX is expecting the new runway to be ready and it will not be.  I can tell you the city commission does not care if SpaceX gets the runway they need.

The entire thing is a sickening mess.  I hate the phone calls with information because they only make me more angry. 

This is the reality, Brownsville will move forward in spite of the morons on the city commission.  But we will move forward a lot slower.

In the immediate near future we are going nowhere.


His idea of Image Brownsville was a good idea because the objective was to move us forward.  But when it comes to execution and public image Carlos Marin is his own worst enemy.  You will never get him to understand that the $900,000 the people paid him for a report which went nowhere, cost him any hope of being a real mover in Brownville.  Carlos Marin knows he is dealing with morons.

United Brownsville has never had the budget to do anything which is why they do nothing.  Its director has now crossed enough people that his resignation is being called for.  Carlos Marin and others know Mike Gonzalez has failed.  But he had no budget, and too many entities to ever agree on anything.  The idea that Carlos Marin ever thought so many entities could ever agree on anything blows my mind.

The business community needs to unite in their own organization and take over. There is no other choice.  I can tell you based on many, many discussions, there is major dissent within United Brownsville and no unity.

Okay back to bed - the sinus infection is back with a vengeance.

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