Saturday, March 5, 2016

This was actually yesterday morning.  They say it will snow again tonight.  Nothing like last year.  The other night I had dinner in NYC and such as last year the food was terrible.  Every meal I have eaten on Long Island has been amazing.  Not one bad restaurant.
I spent the last two days helping my brother install a new hot water heater in his basement in his house on Peconic Bay.  It is summer home.  I was having a good time until we had to drag the old one up the basement steps and get it in the back of his truck.  My back may never recover.
Later I am off to dinner at a niece's with her sisters and my sister.  We have lots of March B-Days.  Tonight the adults are getting together for my grand nieces. 
Tomorrow we are going to a restaurant on the South Shore across from Fire Island for my B-Day and my niece Sarah.  That will be a big group. 
I am ready for a good night sleep.
The BV will be back next week with regular blogging.  I am trying to relax and have a good time.  Right now I am waiting on my sister to get home from the city.  She spent the night with her husband at Sloan Keating who is recovering from cancer surgery.   We will enjoy dinner with her daughters and grand children and then have some private time later tonight.

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