Wednesday, February 3, 2016


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This morning the vendor Home Depot uses told me they do not manufacture glass doors which comply with Texas law, only Florida law.  Zeus Windows does make the doors which comply with Texas law.  But a questimation of price is about $4,400 a door.  But this guy also gave me an idea.  I have a third sliding glass door in my bedroom, maybe 6 feet from the one in the family room.  For a lot less money he can install a window nearly the same size as the one I already have, thereby leaving me with more wall space.  The impact window will be about a 1/3rd of the price of a third French door.

This guy knew his business.  I now need to find a plumber/electrician company with a contractor's license.  The Texas Veterans Land Board will loan me the money I need to do the doors, replace the copper pipes in my home, and upgrade the breaker box and address some electrical problems.  You cannot hire everyone separately,  TVL requires a contractor to sign at closing and then the contractor pays everyone, and in this case the seller of the doors and installer.  I am still searching for a bonded certified installer for the doors. 

I must say Texas is doing a hell of a job to force people to ignore the law, and install improper widows and doors using less than qualified contractors.  This is way too confusing.  I spoke with another company a few minutes ago in Brownsville and they told me Zone 1 does not require Impact Resistant glass.  The State Inspector told me otherwise and since he is the one who issues the certificate of compliance he is the only opinion which matters.

It is sad that the people of Brownsville are being conned into bad deals and wasting their money because our city commission has failed to keep up with current law.  It is not the permit's office fault.  It is a problem caused by the city commission failing to bring Brownsville's code current and mandating that the permits outline state law so that the consumer knows they are getting the right product.


I called McCoy's and the man was very rude.  He said let me try explaining this to you again, "in Brownsville you do not need impact resistant glass."  I said you do, unless you also install impact resistant shutters.  He said I and the TDI engineer are just wrong.

From the TDI web page.

2. If I replace my window or door, will I be required to install a shutter?

If the windows or doors need to meet TWBC, you may need a shutter. You will need an impact resistant shutter:

 if you install non-impact resistant windows, or non-impact resistant glass doors on a building located in the Inland I area, or

 if you install non-impact resistant windows or non-impact resistant exterior doors (with or without glass in the door) on a building located in the Seaward area."

The city really needs to get on top of this and change its permitting process so the people are protected.  I would go so far as to say the city needs to authorize large financial sanctions against any vendor who does not comply with the new permitting rules, assuming our esteemed city commission considers protecting the people as part of their job.  I am going with Zeus.  The owner is the only person I have spoken with in weeks who knew all of the rules.


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