Saturday, February 27, 2016

For all practical purpose in 2012, we did not have a truly contested Democratic presidential race.  As of yesterday, 16,748 people voted in the Democratic primary.  This is up from 13,948, in 2012.  Not much of a spike but still a spike.  State wide spikes are being reported.
I cannot find the 2012, numbers, but in this Primary only 5,235 Republicans voted.  This does not bode well for any Republican to win county wide office. 
The DA race appears too close to call.  I will be damned if I can find anyone voting for Saenz, but I know the power of being the incumbent.  So the race is anyone's case.  In fact I know of people who have complained to friends for tagging pro Saenz campaign material to their FB page. 
But with such a small number of Republicans voting even with people like me prepared to vote for Jeremy SoRelle in the event Saenz wins, those of us changing party for that one race will never be enough to allow for a Republican win.
PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE - I got on someone yesterday who bad mouths Saenz 24/7, and guess what?  He did not vote and will not vote on Tuesday.  He said he did not know Saenz had an opponent.
You have to vote.  There is an organization by the name of E3 pushing the vote.  Their volunteers are barred from pushing for anyone in particular.  Their mission is to solely push people to vote.
But if you have been bad mouthing Saenz and did not vote early - you are the problem.  Get you arse out on Tuesday and take your lazy arse friends with you.
A Masso wins shakes up Cameron county - Let's shake this town on Tuesday


Anonymous said...

Let's vote for Mr. Carlos Masso it's the change that Cameron County needs..

Anonymous said...

....the change....yup all that change that'll be going into the countless illegal 8 liner game rooms that will undoubtedly pop up under 4 years of Masso as DA. He should've been in a court room prosecuting cases throughout his legal career and not aligning himself with ILLEGAL ENTERPRISES all over the Rio Grande Valley. How the voting public does not see Masso as anything but a common crook is beyond me. Saenz or not Masso is about as crooked as they come. Why does an Attorney with zero to no courtroom experience on one hand and a known direct link to ILLEGAL ENTERPRISES on the other seek to be the top prosecuting attorney in the County? A valid question he has yet to ever answer.

BobbyWC said...

I understand your frustration, but your entire comment is based on you believing the lie which has been post in the blogs over and over again.

Saenz had nothing to do with the 8 Liner Raids. He had to break his promises to the owners because the Texas Rangers, DPS, and the FBI has already been working the cases for 18 months before he even took office.

Saenz was ordered to prosecute. Masso will be ordered to prosecute. Neither have any say in the matter since they have nothing to do with the formal investigations.

Bobby WC