Monday, February 22, 2016


McHale uses misogynistic vulgar language to describe Julieta Garcia for her part in the failed UTB/TSC partnership, but when it comes to Rene Oliviera and the theft of millions from TSC he orchestrated McHale calls Oliviera a hero.

The notion his time in Austin gives us power defies reality.  In key legislation he has introduced he could not even get his Republican friends to support his overt support for the insurance industry.


TSC was cheated out of millions of dollars in rent because when Rene Oliviera wrote the legislation creating the partnership it provided UT only had to pay rent provided for in the State budget.  Then he did nothing for years to insure the rent was included in the budget - hence TSC was never paid.

According to McHale this is the type long term power in Austin which serves TSC and Brownsville

During the last legislative session Rene Oliviera promised to back legislation bringing a job creation center to TSC - he did not even show when the Bill was read.  He sat and did nothing.


When Rene tried at the behest of his clients to try and introduce legislation protecting his HMO clients from suit for malpractice not even his Republican movidas would come  his aid.

You cannot keep on complaining about how bad things are and then keep on voting for the same people - it is that simple. 


Anonymous said...

What truth is there regarding Jose Angel and the TSC election as reported (maybe lies) by J. Montoya? Is he here supporting Sander's election or for other purpose according to Montoya?

BobbyWC said...

I have interviewed trey mendez opponent. Everyone knows im with trey and will stay that way. But his opponent is not part of a big bogus conspiracy. This bogyman mentality of research does not help Brownsville.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you are supporting Trey. The gentleman is an asset to the community. However, what's the story on Jose Angel Gutierrez and TSC as commented by J. Montoya in his blog? Is there a big bogus conspiracy to take over TSC and Port Commission?

BobbyWC said...

I am working on it and connecting the dots. I have made progress - but I need time. I am being given a lot of access to get to the truth. Maybe tomorrow. We shall see.

I think Mike Hernandez has good intentions, but got tied to a lot of the wrong people. I do not believe we are going to undo those connections, but before I give up on his good intensions I need to make sure it is hopeless.

But there is a developing story. There are voices in his ear telling him to run from Carlos Marin, and United Brownsville. We shall see what he does.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Great Post. I voted for De Leon.