Thursday, February 18, 2016


While this is a hard hitting mailer, which is going to hurt Saenz, did getting it out two days into early voting still give Saenz an edge?  On Tuesday a total of 2311 Democrats turned out for early voting, Wednesday's total was 1947.  These numbers are large enough that in a tight race this mailer can be a game changer, but a lot of earlier voters may not have voted for Saenz had this mailer hit on Saturday instead of Wednesday.  If people go to the web page, it will hurt Saenz even more.

Of note, because it is an indicator for November, only 621 Republicans turned out on Tuesday with 425 on Wednesday.  Myself along with many others will be voting for Republican Sorelle if Saenz wins the primaries, but given the low turn out of the Republicans its seems like an impossible battle for a Republican to win in Cameron county during a Presidential election year.

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