Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Like I have said before, I would rather be late on the story and be right than rush and be wrong.  Erasmo Castro has never posted anything which was not stolen, or relied on the posts of others.  He could not research his own name and get it right.  His claims against Mike Hernandez are all pure bullshit and reflect his classic style - throw mud to appear he cares when in fact he has zero evidence to support his claims.

Now, I am still on the fence about Mike Hernandez, but not because I do not think he is a nice person.  I think he is.  The basic fundamental problem right now is, he started out by associating with some of the wrong people.  Second, the trash incompetent social media in Brownsville is trashing him even though they have done no research as to the truth or have access to anyone who would know.

I have been on the phone with a lot of people and actually had a 2 hour meeting with people who know Michael Hernandez.  I can tell you there is friction in his organization OP1033.  There is no unity.  There are forces which are slowly trying to move United Brownsville out of OP1033.  If Michael  Hernandez wants to succeed he better listen to the forces which are pushing against United Brownsville.

But here is the problem - here is a man who is from Brownsville who has made good and all he wants to do is give back. For this sin he is being trashed.  He is running a million dollar corporation and does not have time to micro manage what is happening on the ground in Brownsville.  He spoke with the people he knows in Brownsville and they sent him in the wrong direction.  Some people who are working with him are from Dallas and California and he trusts them because he has seen their community activism in Dallas an California.  Sorry guys, but you go with what you know works.

But in Brownsville he was dependent on the opinions of other people - I can assure you he is becoming aware of the fact he is going to fail if he does not reorganize his organization.


Instead of Social Media in Brownsville trashing a man they know nothing about and have never met, how about trying to offer him an alternative.  I was told he was trying to encourage young people to organize some type music festival.  I thought about this but forgot my idea before I raised it.  I will bet the farm we can get Mike Hernandez to help organize music festivals at the amphitheater in Lincoln Park.  We have local theater in Brownsville.  Mike just may be the person who can help us bring it to Lincoln Park.  How about the Lincoln Park groups try and access Mike Hernandez and see what he is willing to do to help them make Lincoln Park a more integral part of Brownsville?  Is this not the best way to permanently save Lincoln Park?

We have to give him an alternative to United Brownsville.  Trust me sooner than later he is going to have to decide to stay with United Brownsville and lose a lot of his support or dump United Brownsville. 

As to Carlos Marin -the man is nothing more than a stump waiting to fall over if directly confronted.  he is smart - be sure of that.  Do not under estimate his politics.  But his Achilles heal is insecurity which is why he will back candidates you would never think he would back.  He has lost control over city hall.  He cannot stand the idea of having no influence.  So he will back candidates who he thinks are most likely to win.  In many cases it may shock you.  He has been reduced to wanting to be relevant instead of being a real maker and mover.


I have heard the same story now from two different sources.  Mike Hernandez was at a meeting and doing what I think any responsible activist would do.  He was telling the young people to get involved and run for office.  That is all he did.  There was no directive for anyone to run for any particular office.  Betty Hockaday will tell you she chose Trey Mendez as her opponent just because he was the only one unopposed.  It was nothing personal.  I am supporting unequivocally Trey Mendez, but if Betty Hockaday runs a fair and honest election I can see her holding office in another capacity.  She might start thinking about BISD.  She has a strong interest in education. In fact she would do herself a favor by dropping out and working with those who want change at TSC to get support to put together a political machine now for the BISD election.

She knows what happened under the partnership between TSC and UTB.  She is one of its victims.  Trey Mendez was and is a leader for those victims.  This is what makes Betty's challenge odd. Trashing Betty does nothing to help Trey Mendez.  Trey Mendez is a gentleman and Betty Hockaday is a lady.  I feel confident both will run honest elections.  My fear is the filth and nonsense which might come from their respective supporters.

Betty, you get the education issue.  Look to BISD - make political connections now which can help you launch a successful BISD election.  Make the right friends now, not the wrong enemies.  Betty we met and you know I like you, but Trey earned his place at TSC in the war against U.T.  Take the time to find out if you pull out of TSC if machines will come together to back you for BISD.  You cannot win without machines.  You do not enter an election without a machine in place.  Jose Angel will tell you this is basic. 


I have not hidden my support for Dan Sanchez.  I do not deny such as Eddie Treviño he is at times ethically challenged.  But I know for a fact, Dan Sanchez is thinking globally for the county and region while Eddie Treviño is going to the small minded voter who wants bike trails.  I support the bike trails.  It will be a great day for Brownsville when they are all linked.

But traffic congestion is a problem.  The rail line needs to be a new road.  It will develop the Amigoland area which helps TSC.  I was in Houston when the area around loop 8 was all farm land.  People ranted and raved they did not want a toll road.  Today loop 8 is endless new development.  Billions have been invested and made.  Tax revenues went through the ceiling.  Eddie Treviño thinks you plan for new roads the day before construction.  It can take 5 years or longer from the commitment to the idea to bring it to fruition.  We have to plan today for tomorrow.


The area around the port and the new toll road are the natural area for manufacturing development.  This is what the Port election is about.  I grow so bored with these same people who are claiming Ed Rivera is part of some big Mike Hernandez conspiracy and then bitch and complain the Port is a failure.  The anti Ed Rivera people want to keep the same people on the Port who have failed to develop it.  They want to complain that the Port still taxes us, but then oppose anyone who wants to bring change.  If you are listening to these voices you are the problem. Ed made mistakes in his unequivocal support of Lily Tecero. These last few years were impossible for Lily Tecero and TSC Board.  I have no hard feelings towards any of the TSC board members.  Ed's background is made more for the Port than TSC.

You know, I have friends I do not support politically.  But we are friends because friends can agree to disagree. 

Dan Sanchez has already committed to work with TSC or anyone else to find the money to build a work force training center.  I believe with Dan Sanchez and people like Trey Mendez working on the issue, we will have a work force training center which will train our workers in robotics manufacturing. This is an area where Mike Hernandez can help.  he can hire a top of the line grant writer to help TSC get the money for the workforce center.  He does not have to go through United Brownsville.  With Ed Rivera working towards making the Port more manufacturing friendly we can become a center of manufacturing.  Mike Hernandez can make all of this happen if he just works with the right people.


I am told Mike Hernandez is upset with social media and is reading it.  First of all Mike - our readership is small compared to the total Brownsville population.  People who vote do not consider the words of vulgar pigs.  Everyone in town knows Montoya is a pathological liar.  Erasmo Castro is a joke with no support other than in his head.  You will see that on election night as Amber Medina crushes him. If on the off chance he wins, a decision has already been made to reinstate his felony conviction and he will be dead politically in Brownsville, and removed from office.

BUT, Mike heed my words - consider who is really trying to help you give back to Brownsville (which many people believe is your true goal) and who is using you for your money.  There is nothing wrong with faith - Jesuits are faith based and as Pope Francis has proven are all about the people.  Stay focused on the people  and you will win us over.  You need to define what you mean by faith based, because in today's politics it can be viewed as an improper invasion in our lives.

But ignore us and believe the lies and deception of United Brownsville and you will be throwing your money away.  There are good people in this town who want to work with you.  The choice is yours.


Anonymous said...

Two good people running for the same office, not a good idea. Politics is a strange intriguing process that in some way make winners of losers in the political arena. Trey has proven to the community that his heart is in the right place for the sole purpose of improving our community. Not knowing Ms. Hockaday, if she is in the same category as Trey, her future in politics will be bright in the future but not in this election.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Eddie Trevino because of the bike trail. I live near the old railroad and do not want a road and the congestion, noise and traffic that comes with it. Sure there are traffic problems in Brownsville, but most of the problems are east and west, not north and south. The old railroad ran parallel to the expressway which provides sufficient traffic flow. Central Blvd and Palm Blvd handle the rest of the north and south traffic well enough in my opinion (and I used to travel central Blvd to work and once lived in an apartment on Palm Blvd.). The problems are with Boca Chica, Price road, 802, and Alton Gloor. If we need more roads, build an east/west corridor. Opening up Morrison road to Alton Gloor will help. The residents of west Brownsville that put up with the train for decades deserve better than a noisy road. And having more people on bikes reduces traffic on the roads. Anyone wanting a new road is free to offer up his or her own backyard. For those of us whose backyard is near the proposed road, we don't want it. This is a chance for Brownsville to continue becoming more progressive like Austin. And yes, we already have bike lanes on some of our roads. But they are along busy roads like Alton Gloor and 802 which are not biker friendly with drivers traveling at 50 mph or faster. Most drivers use bike lanes for turn lanes as well. I have nothing against Dan Sanchez except that he opposes the bike trail. For me, and other residents, this is a significant issue, more so than promises of business and revenue etc. At some point we have to look at quality of life projects, not simply what could be financially beneficial. Manhattan seems to do well with the Highline that was converted from and elevated train and they have traffic problems galore.

BobbyWC said...

When I bought my house I knew I would hear the planes. I hate the Air Show. The noise is terrible. But I am not going to start a petition to stop the Air Show when I know I bought my home knowing about the noise.

While I doubt it will ever happen and it was just another endless lie by the city and Airport Board, a 12,000 runway will increase the noise significantly. But you know what I support it with the noise and all because I know it is needed for growth.

I can sense the frustration of living for years with the noise of the trains, and then silence to only be told now you are going to have the noise of cars.

Look I like bike paths. I think we need more. I truly want safe bike paths connecting all of Brownsville. The 6th street path has to be the most dangerous bike path in the U.S. It was the dumbest idea I can thing of.

I will always support funding for safe bike paths and trails. This is one of Brownsville's strengths.

But I also have to support progress.

I get you want the silence. In typing I heard two low flying planes. I hate it. But I knew what I was getting into when I bought here.

For the record, I do not hear the commercial planes. They have a different flight path.

I get you want quite and what makes our country great is, you got to vote for quite. I am glad you posted so people can hear your side.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Mike Hernandez is a self made man who wants to make a difference in this corrupted hell hole. Why all the push back. If I were a millionaire I could go off and spend my time on some beach, but this guy is pushing hard and taking time out of his day to make a difference in Brownsville. Why is Brownsville so scared. Brownsville has 80,000 registered voters yet only 5 to 8 thousand vote. It seems to me that the people that are complaining about Mike are the ones that spend endless hours reading blogs and never voting; cowardly putting down sincere candidates in an anonymous way and telling you about how bad the people are that want to bring change to this city. The reason you live in a city that is qualified as the poorest city in the US is because you don't vote and when you do, you vote for the idiot that promises you everything. So the next time you are picking up your "free" chicken take out plate from the candidate that is promising you the world, do something really smart. Ask them what their platform is.

Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC, I know I should have written an email (don't know where), but just wanted to ask you. I know you have an un bias perspective over our local issues. This morning, on the Brownsville Herald on line, there is an article about a death at the aquatic center and a possible lawsuit by the parents or family of this young woman that was of special needs. Do you know anything about that matter? Nobody in the school district or the aquatic center wants to say anything about it. The BISD aquatic center not only serves students or BISD employees but also community members and Winter Texans (at this time). The online edition of the Herald doesn't say much.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Why is Brownsville so afarid? The word to use should be wary or suspicious. The mission statement of OP1033 sounds exactly like the type of stimulus this area needs. All this is going to cost money. Whose money is going to be spent? That of the board members? I doubt it. Public funds as in state and federal grants? Or will it be through taxes and bonds where the people of Brownsville get the pleasure of getting the shaft yet one more time. Who will get the contracts? Who will profit from this? Who will gain control over the city boards if OP1033 candidates win their respective races for public office? From my viewpoint, it is a scam and nothing more than a conspiracy just like the partnership between TSC and UT-B. OP1033 is United Brownsville all over again. Unoted Brownsville receives public funds and are not accountable to what they do with all that money. Does that sound fair? Does that sound like what you want for Brownsville?

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for our question. I read it last night. The basic rule is you do not comment on pending litigation or threatened litigation as a rule. So silence from BISD is not by itself unusual.

A pool is a dangerous place. Everyone knows when they come to my home, children may not be out back without the supervision of an adult. The children all know they go out back without an adult they will be permanently banned from my home.

A pool is not a joke. Many parents think I am too strict. Once I asked a quest to leave with their child because she was on my couch watching TV while her young child was in the pool unsupervised. She was not happy - not my problem.

It seems to me the family is saying they did not have the type supervision I have at my home. Bela's little brother is nuts. He is not even two and will just run right into the pool and go under. He thinks it is funny. Someone grabbed him twice, but that was it. He now must have a life vest on to even get out the door. This kid loves being under water. This summer we will get him where he can swim and float.

We just have to wait for this to play out in court, but the issue seems to be a lack of supervision. I am telling you by experience, you can have the parents in the pool with the kids and they still go under because the parents get distracted.

Bela was all excited she could walk out about two fee from the side and still have her head above water. She did not realize at the head of the steps it was deeper. With people right there sitting on the steps she stepped off and went under. Now she did not panic and came up, but I had a long hard conversation with everyone who was in the pool at the time.

I love having people over, but I hate that I have to be outside every second when there are kids over. When I am working in the kitchen I have two big windows which look over the pool and I can tell you, to enforce the rules I have to go out running before the problem develops. If a child takes off their life vest, they must come in the house - no exceptions.

Parents and pool workers really do not understand the danger a pool presents to children. It is up to the parents and pool workers to keep a strong eye on the children every second they are in the pool or around the pool.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Carlos Marin did not commit one penny of his own money. From day one he along with Eddie Trevino sought to milk the taxpayers - starting with $1 million dollars.

Mike Hernandez is putting $10 million of his own money on the table. He is helping to fund Guadalupe Middle school which helps poor kids. You have not an ounce of proof to support a thing you said, except the delusions which keep you conspiracy theories going.

Have you spoken to anyone? I doubt it - I have to keep a lot of confidences - but I will say with 100% certainty Carlos Marin is not backing all of these so called OP1033 candidates. Mike Hernandez gave a speech to some young people telling them to get involved and run for office. How the hell is that a conspiracy.

When the campaign finance reports come out and these so called candidates do not have any money from United Brownsville or OP1033, I know what you will say - they are hiding it. When they have no signs because they have no money you will say, "it's magic - only the OP1033 bogymen can see them."

Get your facts straight and stop trashing Brownsville because you are too stupid to get out there and make connections to get to the facts.

Bobby WC