Thursday, February 4, 2016

Today I am meeting with Mr. Gamez to see if we can work this out.  He claims when city inspectors check doors and windows after installation they meet Zone 1 Windstorm requirements.  My problem with this is, Home Depot, Lowes, and McCoys do not sell glass doors which meet Zone 1 requirements. In my mind there appears to be improper training.  Do not even get me going about McCoys.  They will just call you and lie.  Yesterday they called me and said the Zone 1` and Zone 2 division is Boca Chica blvd.  If this were true, then all of the homes near Boca Chica beach would not need impact resistant glass.  This is the level of stupidity of their employees.

Another issue is Texas does not have any law which requires General Contractors register with the state or seek permission to hold themselves out as General Contractors.  However, the state allows the cities to provide for registration of General Contractors.  The legal meaning is unknown to the permitting department.

The Texas Veteran's Land Board requires that you have a General Contractor go to closing at a Title Company.  The reason stated is the General Contractor will place a mechanic's lien on your home until they are paid in full.  For plumbing and electrical this is not normally done.  It is more common is a general remodel or new home.  But fine  - it is really about making sure the veteran pays for the work and not keep the money.  I am find with this.  It is a good safe guard.  My only issue is the Title Company charges $300 to have notarized the documents the Texas Veteran's Land Board sends them.  There is no title search or title insurance involved.  You simply pay interest on the loan in advance for the month you close.  So I close on the 30th and my interest payment is zero,  Then on the first I make my first payment of $108.00.

The Texas Veteran's Land Board does not require that the person who signs as the General Contractor is actually registered as a General Contractor.  So I asked the Permits department what is the consequence if the company I am hiring to do the plumbing and electrical work signs as the General Contractor, but is not registered as a General Contractor?  They said as far as the city nothing.  So what is the point of the registration if anyone can act as a General Contractor without registering.

What a mess.

I move on.  If the Texas Veterans Land Board requires the mechanics lien be equal to the total amount of the loan - there will be no loan.  I am dealing with 4 separate and distinct entities.  I called one registered General Contractor who will oversee all 4 entities and sign at closing.  But for 5 minutes work he wants $2,500.  That is not going to happen.

Because I am paying the plumbing electrician company nearly $15,000, I am hoping they will just pay the $250.00 registration fee and then submit one mechanics lien for all four entities.  We shall see.


Unknown said...

Why all the focus on safety glass, when your roof will be gone with the wind anyway. The windstorm code has not been met, as the engineers were paid just for their signiture. This has been brought up time and time again but the officials look the other way. Just a lot of bullshit,

BobbyWC said...

So educating people about the problem is bad - okay

Bobby WC

Unknown said...

The Texas windstorm certification has her. Out for years, if the city sours not enforce it then the home owner can go on line and see how their home should be built. First get the City to comply and get the engineer to inspect what they have charged for