Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A reader asked about the BISD incident, and I decided I should make my response a free standing post.  Parents and pool employees do not seem to get pool safety.
"Thanks for our question. I read it last night. The basic rule is you do not comment on pending litigation or threatened litigation as a rule. So silence from BISD is not by itself unusual.

A pool is a dangerous place. Everyone knows when they come to my home, children may not be out back without the supervision of an adult. The children all know they go out back without an adult they will be permanently banned from my home.

A pool is not a joke. Many parents think I am too strict. Once I asked a quest to leave with their child because she was on my couch watching TV while her young child was in the pool unsupervised. She was not happy - not my problem.

It seems to me the family is saying they did not have the type supervision I have at my home. Bela's little brother is nuts. He is not even two and will just run right into the pool and go under. He thinks it is funny. Someone grabbed him twice, but that was it. He now must have a life vest on to even get out the door. This kid loves being under water. This summer we will get him where he can swim and float.

We just have to wait for this to play out in court, but the issue seems to be a lack of supervision. I am telling you by experience, you can have the parents in the pool with the kids and they still go under because the parents get distracted.

Bela was all excited she could walk out about two feet from the side and still have her head above water. She did not realize at the head of the steps it was deeper. With people right there sitting on the steps she stepped off and went under. Now she did not panic and came up, but I had a long hard conversation with everyone who was in the pool at the time.

I love having people over, but I hate that I have to be outside every second when there are kids over. When I am working in the kitchen I have two big windows which look over the pool and I can tell you, to enforce the rules I have to go out running before the problem develops. If a child takes off their life vest, they must come in the house - no exceptions.

Parents and pool workers really do not understand the danger a pool presents to children. It is up to the parents and pool workers to keep a strong eye on the children every second they are in the pool or around the pool.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your response. I agree with you 100% in the supervision issue and the dangers that a lot of people don't understand, unfortunately until it happens to them. Your comments hit the nail right on the head.

Anonymous said...

I know Mr. Bob this has nothing to do with this story but I was wondering if you can touch base on Brownsville utility rates and why they haven't gone down, since I've read in the past that you're more knowledgeable than I in regards to municipality in the Valley. I just saw a story on channel 5 today that Harligen rates have gone down substantially in the past months, because of the lower fuel rates. Hopefully this can send a message to the city commission. Thank you