Thursday, February 25, 2016

In the past I represented a John Loza after his residency was challenged as a criminal violation by signing a form claiming residency where he allegedly did not live.  I know the law on this one - it is a joke and our esteemed legislature knows it.  The grand jury no billed John Loza.
In a case involving a primary which I believe will not make a difference in this case, Travis county appraisal district pulled the homestead exemption of a candidate claiming to live in Beaumont.  This is a valid issue if Ed is using his girl friend's address as his primary residence.
But as the above article makes clear the candidate was allowed to remain on the ballot in Beaumont.  The remedy is for the Cameron County Appraisal District to decide if for candidate residency he can claim a different residence from his Homestead.
I have written on this non law of residency for years.  I learned in the John Loza case, duel residency for any number of reasons in Texas is a joke.  It is well past the time for the legislature to fix this problem.
When you do a legal review of the issue, some candidates win and others lose.  One guy voted in Virginia and still one his election in Texas.
Whether the people consider this an issue is their decision not mine. 
This is not the first time Ed faced this issue.  He was on the fence for months considering a run for mayor.  It had been decided he would use his girl friends address.  I do not doubt he lives at his girl friend's house, and uses the other home for recreation purposes.  It is one thing to have a rental home or apartment outside the district, yet another to have a home you list as your Homestead.  The Homestead is more than taxes.
I am moving forward tomorrow or Monday on filing the final paperwork with the Texas Veterans Land Board.  They have approved me for enough money to do a new roof, pull all of the copper pipes out of the house, and upgrade the breaker box from, a 150 to a 200.  My AC will also be lifted off the slab by 6 inches because of ongoing problems with flooding.  I am down to Gloor Lumber doing their part on the three French doors which meet Zone 1 Windstorm compliance.  Sometime after I get back from NY I will be three days without water, but hey I have the pool.  They actually believe that may be able to have one of the bathrooms working after day one.
When a house is homesteaded you can have a billion dollar judgment against me and you cannot touch my home, unless it is for the type home improvements I have listed above.  In fact the TVLB is so serious about the matter, a mechanics lien is placed on my home in favor of the contractors before I even get the check.  It will be lifted after the contractors confirm they were paid the full amount agreed to. 
I have a rule and am not going to change it just because I support someone or do not.  Ed Rivera needs to give up his Homestead and be done with it, or pull out of the race.  It's funny when Cata Presas-Garcia played the same game Juanito was fine with it.  I was not fine then and am not fine now.
Do your job and fix this problem.

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