Friday, February 26, 2016


Do not get bored with this video - the end is very, very funny and heart warming.  And when in life you think you can take no more, think of these kids and the end of the video.

I posted this song because the extended family member who posted it just had her daughter survive cancer for the second time.

My sister is scheduled for her second cancer surgery at the end of March. It is being delayed because her husband's cancer surgery was a lot more complicated. The doctors sent him home too soon and he ended up back in the hospital. He is doing better. He should be home by next week and I hope my sister will allow me to help by running errands and such while I am there.

With her own cancer surgery coming up I can tell you from speaking with her trying to care for her husband post cancer surgery is impossible. Those few days at home before being returned to the hospital she never got more than an hour sleep.

Us Wightmans may be stubborn and hard sometimes, but that is what gets us through the hard times. Giving up is never an option. My sister is one incredibly strong person. If she will let me, I am looking forward to being her gofor. I did it several years when I spent that first week she was out of the hospital with lung cancer.

A funny story - so I have to tell it. When she was on the tread mill and threw up all over me, I laughed and said you never ever get to complain again about changing our diapers when we were younger. We are now even. I got her off the treadmill, clean myself, then cleaned her, and then cleaned the treadmill and the floor. Embracing reality and then laughing about it is all you have. Trust me each time it makes you stronger.


In dealing with my dying brother, at that very moment I am convinced I am too weak to keep going on helping him, someone will post the next post and it reminds me who I am and what I told the VA therapist the day I really needed help in helping my brother.

I was told to selfishly put myself first - but you have to know yourself first - so in the end the advice was good - because being me is best described in the next post.  So by being me I am putting myself first - by being me. This being sick with the sinus and gastrointestinal infections is making it a lot harder - so I will go to the doctor to see if I can get an antibiotic and then work through the night on my brother's issue. 

I need to not be sick while in NY next week.  So you do what you have to do.

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God Bless You & Your Family & Jesus Christ Heal Each & Everyone Of You Completely Of All Types Of Illness And Decease. Amen