Saturday, February 20, 2016

The planet is so amazingly beautiful.  I have been blessed with not only having been in all of the lower 48 states, but also a lot of the world.  The Mexican situation is so tragic, because Mexico is endless beauty if you can accept the true meaning of beauty.  My first composition in English at UTEP was a compare and contrast.  I was missing the Fall colors of NY and having a hard time appreciating the El Paso semi-arid desert.  My teacher wrote on my essay, wait until you see a cactus blossom.  Boy was she right.  That day I fell in love with the desert.
The above picture is actually not lava.  In February the sun hits the Yosemite waterfall just a certain way to create this image.  I have not seen this, but I have seen the waterfall and it is magnificent.
I feel bad for the children whose parents do not have the time or money to take a month and drive the country.  We would go for a month from NY to California along the northern route, and return along the southern route.  The beauty never ends.  When I was younger and lived just outside Salt Lake, daddy would drive to Nevada and California all of the time with the 7 of us in tow.  Hell one time he and mom drove us to Brownsville - 62' - we spent a week with my sister and brother in law - Caroline and Danny Montes - and then flew Pan Am to Nicaragua for another week. 
You know it is not always about having the money.  We slept under the stars, or if it rained under the truck.  Every so often we got luck and slept in a hotel bed. 
But enjoy the picture.  Even if you only have two weeks - and you can afford it - fly into Denver and drive north to the Dakotas and then cross over the California and then back to Colorado via Nevada.  Your kids will see a lot.
This week my brother took the ferry across the Long Island Sound to Rhode Island and is showing his grandkids the beauty of New England along the Long Island Sound.  The ferry was important because that is how the indigenous people went back on forth between the New England coast and Long Island - except in canoes.  No history book can teach you this.  No history book can teach you about the whaling industry as you go on the old whaling boats and into the museums.  No history book can teach you the reality of the first settlements.  Many of the ruins are still there.  It gives you a real sense of how the post Columbus settlers lived in the early days.

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