Friday, February 19, 2016

Why did Saenz take down the list of his fundraisers on the eve of his nephew's bogus plea bargain in Judge Laura Betancourt's court?  Notice the last entry.  Fundraiser by Lari Betancourt.

Judge Betancourt after granting Ed Cyganiewicz an ex part continuance to avoid again proceeding on the motion to adjudicate dismissed the Motion to Adjudicate the same say she accepted the Plea Bargain on the new DWI charge. 
02/08/2016  Journal Entry
Ed Cyganiewicz, Special Prosecutor, contacted the court and requested a one week continuance on this case. He will be out of town. Case reset for Motion to Adjudicate on Feb. 18, 2016
02/11/2016  CANCELED   Motion to Adjudicate  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Betancourt, Laura L.)

Calling the court and asking for a continuance is an ex parte and a violation of the rules of professional conduct for both lawyers and judges.

I was in court twice as Laura Betancourt allowed Ed Cyganiewicz to allow the DPS officer to leave before he could testify on the Motion to Adjudicate.  I have no idea who is paying the drunk on this issue, but Noe Garza lied about the Motion to Adjudicate not being timely filed.  The court documents prove the motion to Adjudicate on the previous charge was filed before the date claimed by Noe Garza.

The FBI needs to put Lari and Laura Betancourt in a small room and get to the truth.  Why did she do this favor for Saenz?  The post Saenz took down from his FB page proves the Betancourt loyalties to Saenz.  In the end justice was denied again and Victor Garcia got another pass.

Here is the BV story with the court documents which show when the Motion to Adjudicate the older charge was filed.  It was not filed late.  All one has to do is look to the file marks to know the truth.  But we know money buys beer so lies will fly to protect Betancourt.

This con job on the people should not be lost on the people the next time Laura Betancourt is up for reelection.  The fundraiser list is what I did not have this morning.  Like I said - until I see it I do not believe it.

If Saenz and Betancourt had nothing to hide, why take it down?

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