Tuesday, February 9, 2016


As a nation we have lost far too many of our fundamental rights to the judiciary and the legislature.  It seems to me you cannot have liberty if you have no right to life or to pass on your terms.

Whether there was ever any rational basis beyond to protect the life of the mother for abortion, that rational has long passed.  The idea a woman can abort an innocent child because an ultrasound shows the child has down syndrome should repulse every human - but it does not.  One time a nurse tried to hire me for legal work.  Her job was to reassemble the aborted baby to insure no parts were left in the mother.  Yea, I sent her packing.  I had no interest in blood money.

People say, what about rape?  What about it?  Today every woman can go to just about any drug store and buy emergency contraception which prevents conception.  The woman no longer even has to report anything to the police or go to the doctor.  The same goes for the woman who has unprotected sex.  There is no justification in the U.S. for unplanned pregnancies.  If you have unprotected sex or are raped you can prevent conception with a simple pill.  If your partner goes flaccid after ejaculation causing the condom to leak, then use a different form of birth control.  The flaccid penis defense no longer flies.


Every time I attend a funeral I check with the director as to the status of cremation in Texas.  Texas provides for a funerary affidavit.  Mine is done and clear.  I am to be taken directly from my home or hospital to the crematorium.  My ashes are to be placed in a container approved by the Secretary of the Navy.  The forms are complete for the crematorium to send my cremains to the Secretary of the Navy requesting burial at sea, save the death certificate.  It is my understanding the Navy does this several times a year and dumps thousands of remains in the ocean every year during mass ceremonies.


In Texas even though my directive is clear, no funeral home will honor it.  Texas law allows any spouse or sibling to sue the funeral home even though I have directed them to cremate me.  Now for sure the funeral home will win.  But like I have said a thousand times, if you have the money I will find you a lawyer to sue God for making you stupid.  The problem is, even though the funeral home will win it will cost them more in attorneys fees than they are paid to do the cremation.  They should not have to track down all of my family to sign authorizing affidavits as legal protection.  Who is to pay to store my body while they wait for all of the authorizing affidavits, which are not required by law.  Further an authorizing affidavit signed today may be found to not be be sufficient 5 years from now. 


We need a law which allows only the spouse to sue for a wrongful cremation.  Siblings should not be allowed to file such a lawsuit.  The law should require the spouse to object to the cremation, if they know of the intent of cremation, before the cremation.  But, if there is a funerary affidavit directing cremation the funeral home should be allowed to overrule the spouse.  If the spouse sues he/she should have to seek permission from the court first.  This would be done by the court after suit is filed asking the funeral home for a copy of the funerary affidavit.  No lawyer would be needed by the funeral home.  Once the judge receives the affidavit by law they should have to dismiss the lawsuit.  If an appeal is taken the funeral home should not have to participate.  The court record should be all that is needed.  It will contain the funerary affidavit, and the court of appeals should sanction the appellant  $1,000, for a frivolous appeal.  This is the only way our right to cremation in a funerary affidavit can be preserved.


If I am ever told I am terminal and meet the requirements for euthanasia, I will immediately relocate to a state which allows for euthanasia.  Why is it I can withhold life support by my choice, but I cannot end my pain and suffering once declared terminal?  Think about it, we in Texas have no right to control our passing on our terms.  The State has declared we are to remain suffering to no end even after three doctors have found passing is a formality.

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