Friday, February 26, 2016


I need to eat something first.  But basically, he controls the money which means he controls anyone who wants access to it.  He is a very successful businessman who can balance many entities and not be played, while helping many entities which help the people.  He is going to make Brownsville a better place.  I think he will also make United Brownsville better - it's called balance.  They want the money so they have to listen.  Control is not do as I say - it is prove you are using the money to accomplish the mission of OP1033, which is his baby and not Carlos Marin's such as the lying social media is reporting. 

While eating breakfast I thought, yea the term local yokel may not be helpful, but decided it is - so I am keeping it.


I have said this so many times, once you get out of Brownsville, reality changes - in fact there is a reality.  People are different - in many cases actually honest and try to do their best.

I have spoken to many sources and Mike is going to work with United Brownsville.  But it is at a substantive level.  In fact I think he will probably make them a real functioning entity which works for Brownsville.  Yes, Imagine Brownsville was a million dollar rip-off.  United Brownsville has been a failure because its budget allows it to exist in name only.  It has accomplished nothing because it has no money.  What they tell you on their web page is all hype.


If Mike wants to help the UB meetings is where he can go and listen to their needs, and if those needs comport with his mission and they can prove the money will be used for something which comports with his mission, they will get the money.  This is what I mean by control.  Mike has learned enough, that regardless with whom he works, he must make sure they are working towards his mission, and have a game plan to use the money in a way which accomplishes his mission.

By having access to all of these entities his mission may become a bit more fluid as he learns the specific needs of the community.  So in the end because I know he is not just going to start writing large checks without proof the entity will move forward on his mission, and they know how to move forward on his mission, I am fine with Mike working with UB.  UB wants the money and Mike is the only one offering it up.  Mike will make UB into a more effective entity.  If they fight him and say their way or the highway, Mike will leave them.  All of my sources have been clear he is going to insure his money is used for the betterment of Brownsville, Further nothing under UB rules requires he give them the money. While he sits and listens he can decide to write a check directly to TSC for a grant writer, for example.  But he will have learned of the need by being at the UB meeting. 


Mike is not Brownsville.  He made his millions in Dallas where you succeed on hard work.  He is not part of the small minded local yokels who cannot think beyond their own narrow minded agenda.  Mike has a global agenda for Brownsville and I believe he will unite competing forces towards that end.

While I have never met Mike, many sources are telling me his is a listener.  This is why I think parts of his mission may become fluid to make it easier to work with competing entities.

Whether we like it or not UB has most of the entities at one meeting.  They want the money.  Mike has the money.  If they want they money they are going to have to change.  This is all good.

So instead of continuing with the lies, how about social media leave their bars or big chairs and seek out people who have met and worked with Mike, such as I have and print the truth.

As to Jose Angel Mike knows Jose Angel knows how to work with community entities.  They have a successful history on this level.  Does it not make perfect sense that his man on the ground is someone with whom he has a successful history?


Anonymous said...

*Pied Piper

BobbyWC said...

First to the above thanks for the professional correction - always welcomed

As to the post I rejected - you would be amazed the number of people who speak with me who are elected and who are power brokers.

Like I have said a million times - even though based on the service I pay for in terms of IP address clicks the BV out passes everyone - but that is not what I look for in my readership.

I look for the right people to read the BV.

I would love to buy my own meal in a sit down lunch with Mike so I can do a face to face. But I know for a fact because I have spoken with many of them - some of the people who were originally claiming the end of humanity because OP1033 is Carlos Marin and Mike Hernandez is Marin's puppet are now the same people meeting with me, promoting OP1033. I do not need to speak with Mike Hernandez and in fact if I ever did in the past or in the future I would consider the conversation 100% confidential.

Mike is the real deal.

Think about it, he has a left wing socialist Raza member working on policy issues with die hard capitalist Carlos Marin. My dear that takes skills.

The key to everything which is happening is a mediator to get all sides to focus in on a handful of key issues.

BISD needs to understand if at the end of the day it ends up getting no money it is because many sources are telling Mike to investigate BISD and how they do business before he gives them a penny. My source is telling he is doing exactly that. In fact he is doing that with everyone. My sources have told me his organization will have oversight to insure the money is used as directed bids for contracts are done on the up and up.

Again - think - he has Jose Angel Gutierrez sitting in policy sessions with Carlos Marin. That is someone who knows how to work with diverse people.

If you are not the type person to put the past in the past, you will never get what is happening. What we have is money on the table and if people want access to it they are going to have to change their ways.

BISD the COB and everyone else needs to understand even if they do not directly get the money, if manufacturing is brought to Brownsville because of OP1033, each entity will benefit through higher tax revenues. Every entity has to think globally and not just thing about what they want now. They need to think, increased tax revenues is better than a one time donation.

Bobby WC

Bobby WC