Monday, February 22, 2016



To answer a readers question Jose Angel Gutierrez and Carlos Marin are on the Board of Directors for OP1033.  If you read the Mission Statement they are Faith based.  This goes against everything I know about Jose Angel Gutierrez - so it gets very confusing.  Also I do not want any Faith based group involved in choosing candidates for Brownsville.  I have no objection with faith - but I do not one person's sense of faith deciding our future.  We are not a theocracy.

I was tired when I wrote this piece - in fact I have been exhausted all day.  Just a bad day which is how I think I accidently signed a pledge to OP1033, when I did not intend to.  This post is making the correction to Hernandez, and removing a reference to a Mike Gonzalez.  I am just tired.  When I woke up from a long nap I had texts and posts pointing out the mistake.  Sorry guys.  The 2005, letter I was referencing I cannot seem to now find so that part of the post is being removed.  Everything else is verified.


I do not play the game of guilt by association, or the bogyman game. I have no real idea who this guy is. I am reading conflicting information.  He is from Brownsville and made good in Dallas.  Now he wants to give back to Brownsville.  This is all good. 

But this is where the story gets real muddy.  I know for a fact - I've seen it with my own eyes - the Sanchez family is part of this group.  Mike Gonzalez edited out of original post for mistakes.

Did I miss part of the story. Since when has Sanchez been aligned with Carlos Marin and United Brownsville? 

But the story is Mike Hernandez is a distant cousin of the Sanchez clan and was introduced to the players in Brownsville by the Sanchez family. I know this because I met Jorge Sanchez, and because it is on the OP1033 page - see above link.

Guys we can take one of two approaches.  Find a way to educate this guy he is in bed with bad people and try and get him to start with new people, or we can just trash him and force him to keep alliance with the people we know want to cheat Brownsville.

I am reserving judgment until I can know for sure - will he listen or will he go down with the Carlos Marin's ship? 

I am a strong Bernie Sanders supporter, but the mixing of the Bernie Sanders campaign with OP1033 is a huge mistake.  But understand people, the local office is about 10 personnel down from Bernie Sanders himself.  He needed someone in Cameron county and went with the advice of people claiming to know who would serve him best.  But I am 100% certain Bernie Sanders would not like the linking of the two.


While over at Bernie Sanders Headquarters I think I accidently signed a pledge to OP1033.  I assumed I was handed a pledge for Bernie Sanders.  But then I realized I was given an OP1033 T-shirt.  I exchanged it for a Bernie Sanders t-shirt only.  Lesson -  fully read what they give you before you sign it.  Also sign nothing while you are falling asleep.

I am working on getting to the truth.  No sacred cows - just the truth.

But know this, I will back Trey Mendez all the way.  His opponent told me she has supported Bernie Sanders since 2006, when she saw a speech of his.  She claims it is by chance that OP1033 is involved in the Sanders campaign building and is not accepting funding from them or has not even asked for any campaign money.  The campaign finance reports will tell the truth.

While I believe it is best we have competition in elections, even when my candidate is being challenged, it is not politically savvy to be working on a presidential election while running for public office.  Running against Trey Mendez is going to turn people off from Bernie Sanders.  You have to choose one or the other. 

I intend to give Trey Mendez and Bernie Sanders everything I have.  Trey Mendez's opponents needs to choose - Bernie Sanders or her own campaign.  But challenging Trey Mendez as a Bernie Sander's campaign worker only serves to hurt Bernie Sanders. 

I will also say given Trey's true stand with the people, he is by actions a Bernie Sanders type person.


Anonymous said...

What is OP1033 and what is the purpose of such organization? Who is locally connected to OP1033? I know you are working on this story but give us what you know about OP1033. I agree with you that mixing Sanders with OP1033 is a big mistake. Montoya claims that Jose Angel is part of OP1033 which I doubt; therefore, please follow up on this story.

?????? said...

The guy you are writing about is not Mike Gonzalez. His name is Mike Hernandez.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. I did some follow-up reading. If the actions of the organization are real and for the benefit of the community, the people stand to be winners especially the children that will benefit from higher standards of education and who are willing to contribute back to the community. It is interesting but confusing especially the connection of Jose Angel with this organization and Sanders in the same office building. There is no better community organizer than Jose Angel. Let's hope that he makes the right connections with individual who are willing to bring about improvement in our community.