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Jerry has a penchant for vulgarities when he speaks of Julieta Garcia for her failure at UT Brownsville.  But when it comes to Rene Oliviera who wrote the partnership agreement which allowed UT to not pay rent to TCS to the tune of $12 million dollars he praises the misogynistic philanderer   The bottom line is McHale writes for chump change while refusing to even pretend to research his facts, or even care for that matter - well what can we say he learned his craft at the Herald..


I have not hidden my support for Dan Sanchez. Sunday's Herald proved the money is going to Dan Sanchez and not Eddie Treviño.

McHale lambasts Carlos Marin and Mike Hernandez nearly daily while promoting Dan Sanchez, but as the Herald pointed out Carlos Marin and Mike Hernandez are big donors to Dan Sanchez.  So where is McHale's outrage against Dan Sanchez?  He continues to push Dan Sanchez even though he is backed by the very people McHale claims are conning Brownsville.  Why? Money

I tell every political candidate the same thing - including everyone I have met who are tied to Mike Hernandez - ignore the blogs - they are bought and paid for and run by failed journalists.  I know the true numbers of the readership, and for all practical purposes we do not exist.  And that goes for Castro's con page also. 

Google Statistics are designed to be manipulated. If I were so inclined to be bored and hit on my web page 10,000 times a day I would show well over 10,000 hits.  It is a con. Also there is a difference between individual hits and total hits.  The latter only measures the first time a particular IP address has clicked on the blog, during a predefined 24 hours.  Total hits measures if the same IP address clicked on your blog 5 times in one day.  That is still one person hitting on the page 5 times.  The individual hits cannot tell you if the same person hit on the blog from work, their phone, and home.  Those three individual IP hits would still be only one person.  No one has honest numbers - so again I tell people all of the time to stay away from blogs they are trash. 

The BV has always had a specific target audience which understands the importance of documents and supporting links.  If I could block all of the trolls somehow I would.  But I am very happy with my numbers and targeted readership because these are the people who can change  things.  They are the people who meet with me.


Based on meetings I have had with numerous people who are tied to Mike Hernandez, he is doing his due diligence before he gives out money.  He knows Dan Sanchez has done his research into making Cameron county into a metroplex and is thinking globally.  This is an integral part of OP10.33's mission.

Ed Rivera and Raul Villanueva are key parts to the plan to bring manufacturing to the Port of Brownsville, instead of LNG's, and the 550 corridor.  Everyone involved knows we must find a way now to develop job training for robotics manufacturing. Dan Sanchez has announced he will work with any entity willing to work with him as the County Judge to find the grant money to make the job training program a reality.

A part of the problem is we have far too many small minded elected officials who cannot think globally.  I personally oppose a nickel going to BISD, but it is not my money - more and that infra.

There is a debate should the job manufacturing facility go to BISD or TSC.  I can assure Mike not one special needs child will ever get near the job training program if it goes to BISD.  This must be a joint venture between the county, TSC and the COB.

Initially we may all think build the facility near Amigoland Mall.  There is a plausible argument that if we are going to start from scratch it is best to build it off of I69/SH550.  This is the area being marketed for manufacturing.  If we are to get the manufacturing jobs it makes sense to have the training facility near and interactive with the manufacturing plants.  It will make internships a lot easier, which will please the employers.  But we need to get out of this small mindedness of "I want it and you cannot have it."

What the different political entities fail to understand is, if we begin by changing the management at the Port by adding Ed Rivera and Raul Villanueva who will push for the manufacturing model over LNG, we begin the process of bringing in manufacturing jobs.  You couple this with Dan Sanchez working with other entities to bring in the grant money for a robotics training manufacturing center, Brownsville will be able to start recruiting manufacturing jobs.

If this works the tax revenues for BISD, the COB and everyone else will go up.  By creating the manufacturing corridor what in fact we are doing is creating jobs and more tax revenue.  Just giving money to BISD does nothing to accomplish this.  But creating new manufacturing facilities creates new tax revenues for BISD and everyone else.  So in the end the project nets BISD and others more money.


I have asked this be forwarded to him, but I will now also write it here.

Do an Open Records Request to BISD asking in the last 12 months how much they have paid attorneys to defend matters related to special needs children to include Due Process violations.  When you see the number Mike you will know special needs children at BISD are disposable.  They will never see any job training no matter how much money you give BISD.

Ask how much money has been spent in legal fees for all other matters in the last 12 months?  The number will shock you.

Ask how much money was paid out by BISD to settle lawsuits over the last 5 years and then tie the names to the trustees - you will puke.  There is not an honest Board member at the BISD, and it would be sad if you only learn that after giving them money.

BISD is hopeless - so long as Joe Rodriguez is running the Board there is no chance for meaningful change - none.  Desesperanza Zendejas was hired as a broken promise to the teachers and the students.  There was no vetting other than a promise she would do Joe Rdoriguez's dirty work and she has.  Sylvia Atkinson was the first person in over a decade to take serious the issue of special needs children. She crossed Rita Hernandez and was moved out of BISD.  For Years Rita Hernandez protected the principal at Stell Middle school which the TEA marked as a failed school  - meaning parents were allowed to move their children out of Stell.  Nothing was going to get Rita to fire her friends.  Pace has seen endless problems with its principal.,  When Sylvia Atkinson tried to expose the problems at Pace in the area of special needs, Rita Hernandez played her cards to protect her friend Principal Rose Longoria and the first person in a decade who was trying to help special needs children was sent packing.

NO MIKE - NOT ONE PENNY TO BISD - It is your money to throw away - but when you see it disappear into rigged contracts, and special needs children receive no benefit - you will know you were played.

BISD has no solution - the candidates up for reelection in November are all anti-Joe Rodriguez Board Members, but to a person they have been part of the endless corruption.  Do an open records request to find out how much Carlos Marin's buddy Cata Presas-Garcia has cost the school district over her frivolous lawsuit claiming her rights were being violated because the Board would not vote her way.  It took a year and over $200,000 of our taxpayer money before Judge Hanen threw that part of the lawsuit out.  And there is Carlos Marin encouraging her to waste money needed for the children.

I sponsor a little girl.  I want her to have everything she needs for school.  Each year I spend about $80 to buy everything on the teacher's list - that was for pre-k and kinder.  God knows what it will be next year for first grade. Most of what  I buy are school supplies for the teachers.  BISD has money for every rigged contract and their buddies but nothing for the teachers.

Mike we are another two and half years away before we can vote out Joe Rodriguez and his cronies.  Mike do your due diligence and learn the truth about BISD and not one penny to BISD, unless it is scholarship money targeted to help BISD special needs children to get into meaningful job training programs after they graduate BISD.

Private money will never fix a hopelessly corrupt school Board.  Parents will continue to move their kids to Charter schools.  The problem is not a lack of money at BISD - the problem is the corruption and the misappropriation of the money.  Not one penny from you or anyone else will change the way BISD does business.  It's a fool's game to give a penny to BISD.

I want you to succeed Mike.  You are good for Brownsville - but not if those who are stealing from us are the ones with your ear. 

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