Saturday, February 27, 2016


Sanchez got lucky when the judge chose to suspend the sentence.  Part of the contempt involved the trash peace Montoya posted as a letter from Sanchez trashing his wife. Of course Juanito tried to claim the accusation really came from other blogs, but no blog other than Juanito's posted comments trashing Lorrie Sanchez with vulgarities.

From the court:

"02/23/2016 Journal Entry Petitioner Lorrie Ann Sanchez motion for enforcement by contempt was called for hearing, and after considering the same, it is the Court's opinion that Respondent Roberto Alejandro Sanchez be and is hereby found to be in contempt of the Court's prior temporary orders that among other things restrained the parties from communicating as an offensive manner and from making disparaging remarks regarding the opposing party. The Court hereby orders that Mr. Sanchez be confieed for a period of 3 months in the Cameron County Joil however, the court will suspend the same and place Mr. Sanchez under the Court's supervision for 3 months. Further, the court orders that Mr. Sanchez become current with his other monetary responsiblities under the Temporary Orders wthin 14 days. Mr. Sanchez is also ordered to pay attorney fees in the amount of $500 directly to attorney Valery Garcia. Parties ordered to attend mediation within 30 days and Final Hearing 4/25/16 @ 9:00 a.m. Older child to continue therapy under Dr. Villanueva's care. Xochitl Llamas appointed as Facilitator Visitation to start supervised by Ms. Llamas. Orders pertaining to this hearing to be submitted. REDC/sm "

The good news is Sanchez got supervised visitation back. There has to be healing for the kids - no matter how bad it is between the parents. But based on the letter Sanchez posted on Juanito's blog, it does not seem to be that Sanchez gets this.

Robert Sanchez is toxic and fails to understand that Montoya does not care if he destroys Sanchez so long as he gets beer money.  It is clear Ernesto Gamez has no control over Sanchez. 

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