Saturday, February 27, 2016


She makes no secret she is opposed to Dan Sanchez for county judge and supports Eddie Treviño who paid $1 million dollars of our money for Imagine Brownsville which morphed into United Brownsville and continues to milk the taxpayers with Carlos Marin's help.  It is also no great secret Jessica Tetreau worships Carlos Marin.

Side note - Carlos Marin's real problem may not be his ideas to move Brownsville forward, it may be he is so desperate to be heard he listens to the Eddie Treviños, Cata Presas-Garcia's and Jessica Tetreaus,  If Carlos Marin could associate with smarter people maybe some of his good ideas would come to fruition, and his public imagine would change for the better.

The picture and following were sent to me from her FB page.
"It annoys me to see such blatant political campaigning during our parades and festivities. This is NOT what Charro Days is about."

First of all floats historically promote companies, organizations, and politicians.  According to the posts of her moronic supporters the flying ad behind the plane is promoting Eddie Treviño's opponent, Dan Sanchez. 

So Jessica try telling the truth - your problem is Dan Sanchez is advertising and not your boy Eddie Treviño.


Erasmo Castros Float promoting himself for County Democratic Party Chair, but not a word from good old honest Jessica.

Now to be fair, based on intercepted messaging between Jessica and Castro which they have shared with many people, one day they hate each other and are blocking one another, and the next day they are metaphoric lovers again. Kind of like her marriage : "he is monster", until the money starts to flow while her workers go without and have to sue to get paid., and then her husband is no longer a monster.

Yes Jessica we all know, and the police chief is waiting for you, you will demand I be arrested immediately and be given a lethal injection without trial, and when you leave, again you will be the laughing stock of the BPD.


Anonymous said...

Jessica is an idiot, she barley fit into the sunroof of her car. What does she think she is doing being in the parade? Promoting your candidacy you are a moron Jessica! When God was passing out stupid, he gave you a triple does by accident because he sneezed.

BobbyWC said...

Sorry for the delay in approving your comment - my issue was and remains it is a bit mean spirited which is sad because it has a really important substantive point to it. This is why I finally agreed to publish the comment.

According to Jessica by having nearly the entire city commission taking pictures with Mr. Amigo, no one could possibly see that as the city commission using Charro Days to promote the city commission.

Yes my readers that is how willing she is to lie. Wells Fargo had a great coach and horses which I am sure the children enjoyed - they were advertising their bank. This why people do floats - they are all promoting something.

But is speak volumes of Tetreau's dishonesty that she complains Dan Sanchez [well her readers are actually claiming the name on the banner is Sanchez] is advertising during Charro Days but remains silent when Erasmo Castro does the same thing, and the entire city commission use their position as commissioners to get a group picture with Mr. Amigo.

Now, that picture truly demeaned Charro Days. The most inept and corrupt city commission in recent history tainting Charro Days by using their elective office to get a group picture with Mr. Amigo. I hate to say it, but the only one on our city commission who I believe is not small minded is Cesar de Leon - the rest should just resign for the benefit of humanity and Brownville.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

How many grown men in Brownsville harbor resentment against Jessica Tetreau? A few come to mind, but there is only one I can think of that can only express himself by resorting to juvenile personal insults and after all these years has still not mastered the ability to write a few sentences without misspelling simple words.

Good point BWC, never would have thought of the hypocrisy issue unless you pointed it out.

Anonymous said...

But did Erasmo Castro's float promote anything other than himself? I did not see anything on his float that stated that he was a candidate for the Democratic Party Chair position or to vote for him. It just had his name, even though we know it was a subliminal message to the people to vote for him.

BobbyWC said...

You are a con artist - it is right in the picture - do you really think my readers will ignore what their own eyes show them just because you say so?

God you trolls need to go away.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

if the banner was Dan Sanchez, from the picture it is clear it was not well seen as opposed to Castro on the street in a float with his name posted right on the back of the float for everyone at street level to see it.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, dirty politics in the RGV. No wonder Donald Trump is at the top of the polls. I am NOT a Trump supporter but I wonder, just wonder what would the local politicians and state representatives (House and Senate) would do if he were the next president .

BobbyWC said...

Ah, great question - thanks - I highly doubt the Senate and House would ever send him anything he would sign. He would be forced to rule through Executive Fiat to the point the Supreme Court would shut him down.

The Senate knows he cannot be the nominee. The Convention floor fight is already on. The real question is when they take the nomination from him, what will Trump do? He cannot win at the convention level or national level.

The only question really is how much damage is he going to do to the Republicans in the Senate races. Will his people stay home in protest thereby delivering the White House and Senate to the Democrats?

That will give a Democratic President three Supreme Court nominations, assuming Scalia's has not been filled. Ruth Bader Ginsburg will resign within two years. Breyer is a toss up and so too is Kennedy. But a two term Democrat will mean a super majority of Dems on the Supreme Court.

Bobby WC