Sunday, February 21, 2016


To get my endorsement you do not have to agree with me.  I am looking for people who can work together and then maybe they can work out the kinks.  TSC is in a rebirth.  But it is time they move forward.

The TCS candidates need to approach the County Judge candidates and the city to see what help they can provide to immediately start construction on a robotics manufacturing training facility.  I do not want to hear a word about jobs creation unless the person has an idea of where the money is going to come from for such a facility.

I do not understand how there are millions in tax abatements and financial incentives to bring small time employers to Brownsville, but not a penny of county or city money to build a job training facility.

We are a town of incredible potential.  We just need to learn to harness that potential.

As the bitching and complaining about the Casa del Nylon continues, our inept city commission refused a vote to hire independent counsel to try and reverse the con job, or to find alternative uses for the building.

The customs problems with filling it with Mexican vendors selling their souvenirs is not insurmountable.  What appears to be insurmountable is the incompetence of the leadership at city hall.  One good man cannot move the insurmountable.

If we want to move forward we must back candidates who can work together, while respecting each other when they disagree.

The late Associate Justice Antonin Scalia explained how it was he could have such a great friendship with liberals like Elena Kagan and Ruth Bader Ginsburg when they threw such seething dissents at one another. He said if you cannot handle disagreement with friends you are in the wrong business when you are a judge or a lawyer.   Justice Scalia and I agreed on very little.  But I loved the fact he was so friendly with all of his peers and could go out to the opera with Ruth Bader Ginsburg right after they exchanged harsh differing opinions on the constitution.  This is what we need locally.

I believe Ruben Herrera and Trey Mendez will bring this to the TSC Board, which means they may not always agree and may at times have different agendas.  But the fact they can go for cocktails afterword's means a lot to me.  The United Brownsville candidates do not seem to understand this simple concept and must be opposed with every bit of force we can muster.


Mike said...

Who are the "United Brownsville candidates"?

BobbyWC said...

I'm not going on the rumors of other social media. I am trying to get a meeting with someone who will know for sure. That will be a big story because it is actually many stories in one.

As soon as I confirm I will post their names

But if we hold on to these two things will be fine at TSC

Bobby WC

Mike said...

There is also no organized group opposing your two favored candidates in the TSC race. Just two young people who want to get involved in local races that did so on their own. No reason to circle the wagons.

The Port elections will be different.

BobbyWC said...

Mike I appreciate your input. I can read a lot of the conspiracy theories coming out are bogus, but I do have inside information I cannot go public with yet. I have an interview I need to do. I have inquiries out to people I trust.

Once I have the picture I will go with the story.

Bobby WC