Monday, February 1, 2016

Now mind you for most high dollar items I have leaned the internet is cheaper, so the loss of the Walmart on SPI Hwy is no great loss.  But groceries is another issue.
East of the HEB on Boca Chica and Paredes Line Rd, all we have are a few high dollar Lopez grocery stories, and a low dollar HEB on Southmost.  I do buy some meat at the Lopez because they have a good meat market on some items.  But the other day I needed a bell pepper and I paid $1.58 for one, whereas the HEB is 3 for a dollar and Walmart is $.58 per pepper.  The HEB on Southmost lacks what I would call many basic items, and have a lower quality of meat than the HEB on Boca Chica and Paredes.  The reality is for quality meat and a lot of products I go to the HEB on Ruben Torres.

Each store caters to a different group of shopper.

I know Alberton's and Fiesta in the past failed in Brownsville.  But Brownsville has changed since those days.  My choice would be a Fiesta store.  They are known for their large selection of Central American and in fact foods from all over the world. 

On balance HEB delivers a better product than Walmart when it comes to groceries.  I believe this contributed to the failure of the Walmart on the SPI hwy.  Walmart is too mechanical in their approach. 

But now East Brownsville has no large grocery shopping store.  A large part of Brownsville's population is now without a grocery store.

The closing of the Walmarts was a major surprise to everyone all over the country.  Fine - so there was no advanced warning.  But now I want to know that our county commissioner will work day and night to bring in an Albertson or Fiesta grocery story.  They all talk jobs - here is your chance. Lets see who can get into the corporate offices of Albertson or Fiesta first and bring in a new grocery store.  Walmart and HEB need a new strong competition.


Anonymous said...

Here you go again Bobby....making stupid issues of something county commissioners have no control of. Wal-Mart is in the city limits....isn't that your buddy Jessica tetreau's area? She should be the one to worry of filling that void....she is on GIBIC you know. If they would stop throwing money away at Imagine Brownsville....but that is not going to happen.

Anonymous said...

You are way out on a limb to think that Albertson's or Fiesta will come to our area. They tried it and lost because they are so far from their distribution centers to justify 2 or even 5 stores in the Valley. They simply cannot compete, no matter who from our area gets into their corporate offices to talk location in the valley.Mechanics are important, you said it yourself by talking about Walmart's mechanical approach and HEB's methos of catering to the neighborhood any particular store serves.

BobbyWC said...

You trolls who have nothing better to do than attack people with ideas need to get a life.

All I did was raise an idea for the space. I tried to start a conversation. I made it clear the Wal-Mart closings were a shock to everyone nationwide so it had nothing to do with local politics.

I made it clear Fiesta and Albertson's failed in the past. I did a full disclosure on the issue.

I went out of my way to praise HEB. I would be happy as can be if HEB were to use the Wal-Mart space for a new Super Store. There are a lot of wealthy people on this side of town.

You trolls never learned the process of starting a helpful conversation which can lead to something good.

As to the Commissioners - you are so far off the mark it tells me you have no idea what they do. First the time to pressure an elected official is when they are asking for your vote. Jessica is not running so it would do not good to pressure her at this time.

The county commissioners are to work for everyone in their district regardless of whether they are in a city limits or only live in the county. Benavides and Rosenbaum right now are the ones promising jobs and development as a way to get our votes.

Why would you trolls have a hard time with us demanding since they are asking for our vote, we the voters asking them to tell us what they are prepared to do to fill that space?

Again I would be very happy with a new HEB in that space. It would mean I do not have to drive all the way to Ruben Torres for what I consider basic things, I cannot get at the other HEBs.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"East of the HEB on Boca Chica and Paredes Line Rd, all we have are a few high dollar Lopez grocery stories, and a low dollar HEB on Southmost"
I call bullshit on this. You live 1.9 miles from a Walmart that was open as of this morning. The recently closed Walmart was over 3 miles from your house. The Walmart on Boca Chica was well east of Paredes this morning and I suspect it will remain east of Paredes.

Anonymous said...

Wal Mart just moved west down 802. Not too far but you point is well taken. If Lopez was smart, they'd set up shop in that area abandoned by WalMart..

BobbyWC said...

to the Internet Troll so desperate to trash the BV, you actually took the time to google the distance from my house to Walmart. Does that not sound a bit psychotic?

Now pay attention, I realize you believe I am the only one who shopped at the Walmart on the SPI hwy - probably 1,000's of people lost their grocery store of choice and must now travel a greater distance. In this post and in others I have made clear I prefer HEB over Walmart. In fact when you posted our comment I was in the HEB on Boca Chica and Paredes - which meant I drove past the Walmart. I know the butcher at HEB will cut the kind of meat I wanted fresh and how I want it.

All I did was start a conversation as to what can be done with this space. It does not serve the city to have this kind of space empty and not generating sales taxes. But I guess your solution to Brownsville growing is trolling the internet and trashing anyone who tries to start a conversation on how we might grow.

There is a need in East Brownsville for a major grocery store. Walmart does not cater to its customers' specific needs. This is why I prefer HEB. I like the fact I can ask the butcher to give me a specific cut of meat the way I want it.

Nothing would please me more than if HEB were to open another super store where the Walmart was.

And for the record, I maybe in all of the years that Walmart was there went three times. This is not about me - it is about Brownsville and everyone East of the Four Corners.

Bobby WC