Saturday, February 13, 2016


Associate Justice Antonin Scalia said more or less he does not understand how the American people constantly complain about their privacy rights while constantly posting every private thing they do all day long on FB and Twitter.

Well if you choose to protect your privacy and act responsibly FB can actually be fun and informative.  For example, when my brother in law was passing a link was created for the family where they could read updates.  This became a useful tool with limited access.

When my sister had lung cancer her surgery updates were done the same way, and the same for her husband who is now recovering after successful esophageal cancer surgery.

But there is more, using the privacy options, I have linked close friends and family which allow us to share a lot of funny stories and opinions without it going national.  It has become quite useful for communicating with family without texting.

I have two nephews who are brothers debating the merits of men using toilet stalls when urinals are available.  It is actually quite funny.  Both have valid points.  But it is still funny as hell.  I can relate to what both are saying. 

I have a lot of UTEP friends with whom we are constantly sharing stories.  We are all over the country but yet very connected.  I am hoping sometime in the Spring or Summer we can hook up in Austin for Las Vegas. 

The best posts are really the caption posts with quotes.  The ones I have been posting are all from my FB family and friends.  I do reject a lot of people - but that is the point.  I am very cautious as to who gets in.

Now that I understand how to use FB in a responsible manner, I feel so much more connected to my friends and family.

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