Saturday, February 20, 2016

I did not approve the comment just posted because the online system only allows me to confirm the lawsuit, not the amount.
DefendantMontoya, Juan
  Brownsville, TX 78521
PlaintiffSossi, MarkMARK E SOSSI
  Brownsville, TX 78522

02/12/2016  Original Petition (OCA)
Plaintiff's Original Petition
02/12/2016  Efiled Original Petition Document
Plaintiff's Original Petition
02/12/2016  Citation Issued
Sossi, MarkUnserved
02/12/2016  Exhibits
Exhibit A
02/12/2016  Clerks Journal
Citation PU by Billy -BL

The issue is not money, so the amount sued for is meaningless. But if Sossi were to hire competent counsel he could bring in Alex Begum as the funding behind what Begum knows to be endless defamation per se.  Numerous candidates whose ads appear on Montoya's page have complained that they were placed their by Alex Begum without their consent.  Alex Begum is the money behind Montoya and without Begum Montoya would not be running his business.

All Google requires is the judge issue a partial summary judgment finding defamation and Google will permanently ban Montoya from BlogSpot. 

It blows my mind that anyone ever quotes Montoya but then idiots run this town so where is the surprise?  I have no idea if Montoya's claims which Sossi appears to be claiming are false are in fact false.  If they are true, Sossi will have hung himself, but if they are false it will not take much legal research to add Alex Begum to the lawsuit.

Further, every candidate on his page better demand proof of the claims or suffer at the polls. 

Montoya needs to put up or be shut down.  If he has the proof - let it fly and let the axe fall where it falls.  But given Montoya's penchant as a pathological liar, Sossi for partial summary judgment purposes should be able to produce a good 20 or so affidavits of Montoya's victims claiming defamation with proof of the lies.

If experience teaches us anything from the last rounds, he will get a DWI after he is served.  I wonder if Ben Neece will cross Sossi and run cover for Montoya again?  There will be no getting around the felony charge this time. 

Let's be clear, everyone running an ad on his page supports his endless defamation, and drinking problem.  They are so desperate for power they will give Montoya the money he needs for his beer.  They do not care one bit about his children and the danger their money not only puts Montoya in, but anyone on the road if he is drinking and driving. 

But if Montoya can prove his claims, Sossi is toast and only made his life more difficult.

I cannot get it to post in a clean way - just google Sossi Suicide and you will see a summary of the article Montoya took down. 

The following post has been removed by Montoya.  If the claims were true, why remove the post?
Alex, my contract paralegal rate is $250 an hour- I figure 20 hours to help you set up a preemptive defense to avoid being tied into the litigation.  You see Alex I can typically do in 15 minutes of research what takes an associate all day.

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